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McKenzie Scott Review


After responding to a job search ad on the internet, i recieved two brochures in the mail titled “executive job search-$100,000 to $1,000,000+”. The company name, promoting this venture is “mckenzie scott” and is affiliated, or part of something, called “america”s job network”. A few days later i recieved a call from one of their sales representatives to...

JD Marvel Products St Petersburg Florida Review


My son is almost deaf in one ear and since we could not afford to go to the doctor and get a hearing aid I ordered the hearing aid from the ad in the Sunday Paper. It was 9.95 for one with 3.95 for postage, total of 13.90. I sent them a check on November 20, 2002 and the check cleared my bank on 11/29/02. I have repeatedly tried to call the phone number that the directory assistance gave me 514...

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Leonardtown Maryland


Complaint: I’m not sure why the other person has had such a bad experience. I have been to the facility and found it to be very professional and well run. The staff was very courteous and helpful. They have people you can talk to about the status of your firearms and their delivery. I have received ALL of the firearms I have qualified for and I keep getting MORE through the upgrade process...

Stoneridge Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Review


On 7/1/2016, I received delivery of my brand new 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee. When I arrived to the dealer, they said they had to switch VIN numbers and I had to resign all of my loan documents since my vehicle I originally wanted was not available but had the same features, so I did so. The sales person said the vehicle had just arrived and did not have time to inspect the vehicle, only give it gas... Review


Order clothes for Christmas on Dec 9, 2019 – their website said 10 days for processing – what they didn’t tell you is that it can take up to 3 weeks after processing for delivery. This means it takes a whole month to receive a product. | My son still hasn’t received the gift. The main headquarters is out of California but the clothing is from China. —– Name:...

Unleash Solar Escondido California


Complaint: Unleash Solar installed our system in August 2012. After the first rainstorm that winter, our roof leaked. It took them two calls to come out and fix it. They were a no-show for the first appointment, and very late for the second. Second rainstorm it leaked again.Another couple of calls for them to come out and fix it, same issue, no show the first time, woefully late the second time...

Seascape Hope Town Bahamas pompano beach Florida Review


Seascape in Hopetown Bahamas is a dump My wife and I saved up for several months to rent a small house in the bahamas when we got there we were very disappointed The house was built around 30 years ago and had not been updated since the Power was intermintent and no generator When the power went off the water would not work so no showeres or bathroom fadilities The house was moldy and diry . the...

Mattress Firm Charleston South Carolina Review


They left it with me, I called the store and said that the wrong one was delivered, and that they didn’t have what he sold me in stock,. This is twice that I’ve been lied to. This is my second purchase from them and last, same mistake happened. Bought a model I wanted, settled for something I didn’t t want. They called on the way from the warehouse as it was being delivered and...

Graceland pomeranians


I was interested in purchasing a pet through their website, they contacted me through text and email. they wanted cash sent western union. the name he gave was shaywode stanton which came up empty on all searches. I requested the veterinary name and address where puppies were cleared and microchipped, he stated he would give after payment. He stated he was located in Michigan but his phone comes...

Dashman Delivey


I thought I was working for a legitimate company but I discovered the post alert for Dashman Delivery packaging service on I have wasted almost a month with this company thinking I was working for a legitimate company as I stated before. The scam was hiring me as a Forwarding Courier receiving packages on their site then uploading a picture of the package then they would send me a...

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