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Dressale New Jersey Review


Do not buy from! It is not a reputable company, they claim to provide quality clothing/merchandise with full refund policy for poor workmanship, they do not honor! False Advertising – Poor Quality Merchandise is what you get! The dress they delivered me was of extremely poor quality & workmanship! It had pin holes up & down the front, one shoulder strap did not match...

Kirsten Howery – Wichita, Kansas Kansas


Came home from working 2 jobs, to find messages on my bf of almost 2 years phone from Kirsten Howery. Thanks for tonight, I needed it. Blah blah. Turns out while I was busting my a$$ at work he was taking her to dinner. I caught him talking to Katie Edwards this time last year. He had apparently chose to friend her again and when he would go to his “moms” he’d have them come...

Government impersonation


Left the following message on my phone on April 8, 2019, at 11: 43 a.m.:"Hello we have been trying to reach you. This call is officially a final notice from SSA Social Security Administration. This call is to inform you that we have got an order to suspend your socials immediate within 24 hours basis because we have found suspicious and fraudulent activities on your social to get more...

EPC Heal


They got on my computer, said there was a virus running on it and I needed to call them . I let them in to view remotely and then she said she wanted 5,000 to release my computer. I said I was not paying her that and she said that now I would have to pay 10,000 and then my computer was shut off and locked. I checked them on the website and it said they are an accredited business, so...

Ted Britt Ford Fairfax Virginia


Complaint: Daylight Runnig Light (DRL) in my daughter Taurus refused to turn off when the the key was pulled out. I brought the car to Tedd Britt Ford. Dan Strouth, a service manager, called me late in the afternoon and said the DRL module is broken and needs replacement, and that replacement will cost about $500 (he gave me an exact number, wich was just under $500). Assuming the module is very...

Home Depot mooresville North Carolina Review


In December of 2012 Home Depot intallers layed about $6,000 worth of carpet in a new home we purchased. The installers were very nice and explained everything we needed to know about this carpet, which happened to be one of Home Depot’s best. We were told as long as we cleaned our carpeting once a year we had a life time warranty. November 2013 we had every rug in our home cleaned for the...

New York Spinal Specialists Review


I visited The Spinal Specialist and met with Dr. Lattuga after waiting almost three hours to speak to him. I accompanied my dad to ask a few questions in regard to his surgery. Initially, the doctor walked in and welcome everyone into his office. | He advise everyone that he will tell us about the surgery then open the floor to any questions. The doctor from offset was very arrogant, and kept on...

John Peter McRoberts Mississippi Review


I was looking for a male Golden retriever puppy online. All the other pups were well over a thousand dollars…then I came across a male puppy…beautiful little guy. I was wanting a male to raise and breed with my female who was very expensive…so this deal sort of struck me odd. First this guy says shipping was included in the price…which is only $400. So that was trange...

sam and tamomi Review


We got a post card with an unsolicited offer to purchase our home. It indicated that they have been trying to contact us for months. I remember a handwritten letter placed in our mailbox at one point but threw it away. Don’t remember if it was the same people. We are not interested in selling and have never indicated such interest. This postcard had the name Sam and Tamomi and the address...

Pahrump Best Businesses Review


I received an email telling me that I won the "BEST OF " EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY in my town.then they asked me to purchase a plaque to showcase my award at my place of business.when I "saved" the image as a JPG, it did not contain the information … only the stock lettering.

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