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Avoid Judy Freed at all cost


If you live in Deerfield Beach, Florida …  AVOID Judy Freed. I had a truly horrible experience with Judy Freed. Our already strained relationship was made 100% worse by Judy Freed. What kind of therapist tells my partner and I we shouldn’t be married. Honestly, I still can’t understand how any therapist can be so […] ..... Read the full review for Avoid Judy Freed at all...

Camping World of Little Rock


Camping World of Little Rock Sales department , untrustworthy North Little Rock Arkansas!!. We had been talking with a sales man for a couple of weeks about a used RV at Camping world of Little Rock. We phoned on Saturday morning and and talked to our salesman Tim B. He said come on over I […]

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Purple Mining Review: 7000% ROI crypto mining Ponzi


Purple Mining provides no information on its website about who owns or runs the company. Purple Mining’s website domain (“”) was privately registered on September 29th, 2020. In an attempt to appear legitimate, Purple Mining provides a UK incorporation certificate for “Purple Mining LTD” on its website. UK incorporation is dirt cheap and effectively unregulated. It is a favored...

R&R Electronics Review


They were supposed to come and replace my LG refrigerator compressor in my home and instead told us they would have to take it away. After 3 weeks they brought it back and it was as though they had done nothing. The fridge didn’t cool, just as before. Now there were to long stripes of […]

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Locals4you Review


Mr Findley, Signs up for Pay per call Networks thru useing proxies and different allias of employees. He tells his employees checks will be sent to your house, and you cash um and we will split the money. But what he does not tell his employees is that, the way he does it is […]

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Brett Bernstein Review


Brett Bernstein pretends to be an enourmously sucessful entrepeneur to get investments but is really a con artist and a fake. Brett Bernstein got 50k investments from my three friends for equity in his next startup after telling them he had successful starups in nutrition, shipping, sales training and medical device companies. He’s now disappeared […] ..... Read the full review for...

Federal Transportation Network (USA)


Got you approved for the part time project.Here I attach the manual which explains how to apply for the payment which you will use to purchase the equipment. Please read carefully and let me know if everything is clear.As we start the project, you will receive the payment first and only after that you will […] ..... Read the full review for Federal Transportation Network (USA) published at...

Long PC Expert


Claimed to have my computer for repair. Asked a number of questions regarding the computer that did not make sense to me. I did not allow the call to go on long enough for the person calling to request information. I called back and ask to speak with a supervisor.. I demand I ask to […]

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AutoWorx Charged $2000 and did not fix problem but removed lights on dash cluster to solve issue eagan Minnesota!!. My first Negative review ever left and I have wrote 1000 of good positive reviews when credit is due but when I have a bad experience I just shy away from that business and rather keep […]

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Orion Processing Solutions LLC


Four different people have called me from this company from different numbers threatening me an saying that they are going to serve me papers to go to court over a debt that they will not mail me any proof that I owe said debt. I have tried to file a report through the BBB, but […]

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