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Laptop and Desktop Repair Review


Scam! these guys give you the best quotes in the business ($65 for my unlocked iphone 4 in good condition), then give you a minimum price ($25) without telling you that you only have three days after the phone inspection to request that the device be returned to you. They force you to request returns by phone, even though they've contacted you via email at least a dozen of times by this point...

C9 USA, LLC Review


This is to inform everyone trying to buy a Cloud 9 hair straightener in the USA that this website is FAKE and they are not authorized resellers of Cloud 9. A lady called Gina is running this business form her house in Houston and is selling fake straighteners pretending to be the official USA reseller of Cloud 9. The real website is Please don't fall for this scam!!! This review (C9 USA, LLC...

Hegemon Group International Review


I have known Jody for many years. He is a member of the executive team and does not receive compensation for insurance sales. He is paid a salary like any other executive. You do not need a license to recruit, nor does he have a team... He acts in a different role - this happens all of the time when agents leave the field and move up into management. This is the case with Jody. He proved himself...

IADT Tampa Review


I enrolled in IADT to complete my graphic arts degree in 2015. I feel as though the school is deceptively reassuring throughout the recruiting and courses. Students are made to feel as though they will find work in the graphic design field.I was even offered job opportunities by instructors that were never delivered, even after several attempts on my part to follow up on said opportunities. It...

ROUND TABLE WEALTH MANAGEMENT – Preliminary Investigation into alleged misconduct


Due to the serious nature of allegations against ROUND TABLE WEALTH MANAGEMENT, Skeptic Files has temporarily /redacted/restricted or removed the article and has asked the user to re-submit a more detailed report, backed with more substantial evidence(s). At Skeptic Files, we understand that the user has initiated a collaboration campaign to investigate, research, interview, gather evidence, and...

AIG Warranties Review


I believe the repair people they come out to fix the appliance only gets paid if they side with AIG. We have had the same parts put into the frig 3 to 4 times and yet they will not give us a new refrigerator. They are a rip off company. Do not buy their warranty from Whirlpool. Will never buy an appliance that has AIG as their warranty company. Beware!!!! | Refrigerator purchased and after 3...

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