AccessFXMarket Review: Another Clone Platform


Another clone platform, AccessFXMarket, uses a dark theme website from the other two platforms. The platform is similar to and And this means the same group operates all three platforms. None of them is legit as they fail to provide any license documents. And this is why we have to expose Access FX Market for providing false investment services. We hope you won’t fall for the same trap. Learn more in our detailed ACCESSFXMARKET Review.

A Rundown of AccessFXMarket

AccessFXMarket Review

The words on their about us page are similar to those of HaceTraders and SuperFXNetwork. AccessFXMarket claims to be an innovative platform providing investors with the necessary tools. All these are claims we have seen before on other platforms.

Even the launch date of October 2016 coincides with those on other platforms. And we have to ensure no one else falls for this trap. Different investors will fall for any of the three websites for a reason.

All the websites portray a winning mentality which is what investors are looking for. A naïve investor will easily fall for the industry jargon used in all the platforms. It makes the website looks professional, especially with the imagery.

Far from it, Access FX Market is nothing but a platform looking to swindle investors. Most have learned the hard way and plan to inform regulators. We have seen the same pattern in the other two websites.

What happens is that no one gets to withdraw funds from the platform. The few who do are those close to the people working for the platform. There are a few members who deposit low amounts and still get to withdraw.

For those who deposit more than $2,000, the best they can get to withdraw is $1,000. The platform will outright refuse you to withdraw the whole balance in your account.

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Access FX Market Accounts and plans

Speaking of accounts and plans, you will notice there’s no information on the accounts. That’s because you have to sign up first before getting information on the accounts. According to the chat agent on Whatsapp, there are six account types.

These six accounts include Beginner, Starter, Gold, Gold Plus, Diamond, and Diamond plus. There’s no mention of possible features or minimum account deposit. And that’s how you know the platform is a burst.

Access FX Market should come clean on the available account features. Naïve investors are signing up with a platform with no known features. Nothing is stopping the platform from accepting high deposits for beginner features.

Affiliate and referral commission

You can get a 10 percent commission for every person you refer to the platform. The operative word here is ‘can’ as no one has made it that far. Those who have directed others to the platform end up being on the receiving end of victims.

Imagine convincing your co-workers to invest with the platform and getting a certain commission. After some time, the co-workers notice they can’t withdraw funds. Their next move is to ask you why this isn’t possible.

Access FX Market Features

You end up being blamed for their losses and not only lose their friendship but your reputation as well. There’s no need to invest with a platform that has no legitimacy. You will end up losing more than you can imagine.

Available services

Access FX Market offers four investment services for the taking. These include a crypto exchange, investment, loans, and trading. From what members say, only their trading platform seems to work, at first.

The other services, such as loans, don’t mature, even after following their strict rules. No one has managed to get a loan from the platform. And this changes the perspective we have for this platform.

If offers loans, they become a lender and should follow the banking act. That’s not what is happening here, as the platform fails miserably to inform users of the fact. Access FX Market is misleading investors with their loan services.

Business owner

AccessFxMarket Ltd is the company listed as the owner of this platform. We didn’t see any registration documents from the U.S Company registrar. Even the name itself is not found on any online company listing.

And this points to an anonymous online investment platform dealing a low blow to investors. Those who deposit funds with the platform end up investing with an anonymous platform. Please stay away from anonymous platforms as they might close shop at any given moment.

Compliance, License and Registration AccessFXMarket

Access FX Market is not a US licensed investment platform. Despite claiming to reside in the States, they fail to have any license from authorities. And this makes them a wannabe investment platform targeting American investors.

There’s a reason why they choose this jurisdiction. They know too well that investment platforms in the US have undergone vigorous checks. Those that get the green light are free to engage with investment services.

Access FX Market wants to show investors that they have undergone the checkups. It’s not the case as they fail to produce documents proving it. Please stay away from unlicensed and unregulated investment platforms.

Ensure to check with regulators such as ASIC, CySEC, FCA, FINMA, and SEC for regulated entities. It’s the safest way to confirm a platform’s compliance. Furthermore, fails to provide any documents to back their claim.

Contact and support

AccessFXMarket Deposit and withdrawal table

What’s different with the other two platforms is their contact page. The website fails to have a live chat session instead of preferring to go with a message board. You leave your message and email address and wait for a response.

It might take ages before getting a response, which means you can use their Whatsapp group. The response you get from the platform is slow and irrational. In most cases, you will be redirected to broken links.

Domain visibility ( review)

The name of the person who registered the website has been redacted. We can still note the website is barely a year old. The claim they have been online for six years is clearly false. is not a trustworthy platform without any online presence.

Features of AccessFXMarket

Deposit and withdrawals

At the bottom of their page, there’s a deposit and withdrawal table. If you look closely, you notice their depository option is Bitcoin. However, you can withdraw funds using a bank transfer. On the withdrawal panel, the status of most withdrawals is successful.

If you come back a week from today, the website will still have the same details. They fool investors into believing withdrawing is fast and transparent.

Testimonials from clients

The platform even posts false testimonials to try and win back investors. These positive testimonials are only available on their homepage. No person has done a positive review of the platform outside the website.

Safety of funds with AccessFXMarket Services

Security of funds is out of the question with AccessFXMarket. There’s no license or registration, which makes it a high-risk platform.

Our verdict

Due to the nature of the platform, we have to add to our blacklist.

The best way to invest is using authentic and proven investment platforms.

Feel free to leave a comment or email us with any queries, and we would be happy to respond.

Is a legit platform?

No, this is a clone investment platform.

Can i withdraw funds using other channels other than Bitcoin?

There’s no withdrawal, and no one gets to withdraw funds.

What are the alternatives and proven ways of investing

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