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The only real use of Acri.Pro is to make an example out of it by showing it to a complete novice trader and telling him or her that Acri.Pro is a very smart shady brkoer. Yes, we understand that the visuals are alluring and attractive, and the trading conditions seems superb. But it’s the core of Acri.Pro that matters most, and we fear that many users won’t see further than the website design and false promises. That is the reason why we have delivered the following review. Read it before doing anything that you will regret in the future.

We aim to register in order to get the best out of the broker. In this case “best” stands for most accurate. The account creation process looked quite legit, and so did the user area. It had a simplicity about it that made it both feel calm and professional. We even had access to an equally stylish web trader.

However, the illusion was soon brought to an end by the reveal that the EUR/USD cost of trade is 2.8 pips. The leverage we could use on the web trader was capped at 1:100, and we had no way to change it to the alleged 1:300 that the website promotes. Users can trade with forex currency pairs, equities, and cryptocurrencies. There is a considerable lack of available trading assets, like commodities, shares, and indices!

The website of the broker is available in English only.


And here we come to the main reason why the broker is ultimately not worth the risk- its lack of a license.

Everything seemed to go somewhat smoothly, but for a few crack, most notably the ridiculous spread value. Well, we now have the reason why things go wrong with the broker.

And that is because Acri.Pro is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This is irrelevant to us, because this Caribbean country doe snot have an FX regulator. Therefore, Acri.Pro is not licensed there, even if it is incorporated there.

The broker is content with its useless Saint Vincent and the Grenadines incorporpoaration. We know this because it keeps mentioning the country everywhere, and there is no attempt to mention a different location.

Considering that the broker is located in a country where it is not regulated, and there is no proof that the firm is actually regulated anywhere, we can draw the only logical conclusion: Acri.Pro is NOT LICNESED, making is an obvious risk to all investors and their capital!

We find it completely useless to invest in an unregulated broker. All investments will be lost! Always rely on regulated brokers, either from the FCA or CySEC, or the CFTC/NFA, or any other trustworthy license issuer. All these overseers keep record of the brokers’ activities, demand from them reports, require to keep the market integrity stable, and above all, call for the safety and security of all users, their funds and personal details. The FCA and CySEC are special in that they offer client compensation schemes which are applied to users whose brokers cannot pay them back due to financial predicaments. CySEC offers a €20 000 refund amount per person, while the FCA guarantees up to £85 000.


The trading software here is vary unlike that of your typical scammer, and is the most original thing on this otherwise unregulated broker.

It doesn’t have that many features, and is in fact orientated towards more novice traders than anyone else, but it is still rather decent. However, a good trading platform is not enough to pull out the broker from its unregulated predicament.


We find on the client portal that clients can only invest if they verify their accounts. In other words, we cannot give away any payment details for the user area. We are left to rely on the website, and there really isn’t too much to be said here.

The minimum deposit is $500, and withdrawals are processed within 48 hours. We find no further details, like the payment methods or any withdrawal fees. Even what we have now is not fully error-proof.

Acri.Pro is not special. It’s another unlicensed broker for the pile, making it a risk to all investors! Do not invest here! All personal details are also at a risk of being lost.

How does the scam work?

A fair number of fake online ads lead to scammer brokers, or to intermediary websites that introduce the scheme and its fake benefits.

From these ads users get fooled into entering the broker site, which means that the ads themselves are very tempting, but over-the-top nevertheless.

The next thing that the scammer wants you to do it to give away your phone number or an email address. The idea behind this is for the broker to bridge the distance between itself and the user, in order to keep a closer eye on the user.

Through these contact mediums the scammer broker can easily harass the user and compel him or her to invest. It’s as simple as that.

These reps that keep contacting users are trained to shape the user’s choice and to manipulate. Their one and only goal is to initiate deposits, and to keep the make-believe scheme relevant. This is easily done by revealing profit gains (but never allowing for the user to withdraw it), by promising higher gains, or by simply being too charming to say no to.

We assure our readers that the broker will never allow a withdrawal to process. The client will be left to fend for her own.

What to do if scammed?

The user must rely on the payment systems to eventually get her stolen money back.

The safest bet is a chargeback procedure with the client’s credit/debit card provider. MasterCard and VISA have a chargeback period of 540 days.

If the money was lost through one or multiple bank transfers, users should, first and foremost, change the wire account user name and password. Next, the trader should contact the bank and create a plan of action.

All investments using a crypto wallet are lost. They cannot be traced and are thus the riskiest of all investments!

Users might come across recovery agents, who are nothing more than another brand of scammers. They ask a payment in exchange for returning all of your lost investments! If you pay them, you ill never see your money again!

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