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I am writing this letter to inform other customers to not buy furniture from American Furniture Warehouse; they have horrible customer service, sell defective furniture and have No Return Policy even if the furniture you paid good money for is defective. In May of 2008 my husband and I purchased a sofa set from them. One month later it was caving in. nI called and told them I wanted to return it, Nothey will come out and assess the furniture first. Fine, I cooperated and they came out and repaired the back board they said was faulty. Then another month passes and the cushions are all lumpy and bumpy. I call again and say I just want to return it. No again, they will come out assess it and repair it, so they stuffed more stuffing into the cushions and that was it. nIt was not up to my standards but this takes a huge time out of my day I work and have to make sure some one is home so AFW can come out and assess it so I call back again once again they will come out and assess the problem. So now they are saying the last time they did not put adhesive on some part so they will do that and have to order to more parts from the manufacturer and this will take 6-8 more weeks. nI have now had these sofas for seven months so I call back and say NO I do not want them to fix it I want my money back this has been nothing but a hassle its obvious that the furniture is defective, I want to get a new set I don’t want another repair. I spoke with Heidi in Customer Service, what a ray of sunshine… she was the rudest Customer Service Manager I have ever spoken to (by the way the entire customer service department at AFW say they are the managers). nI asked her why I can’t return it was defective since day one and I have my receipt it has not been a year. She says nope they do not replace, they repair. So then I ask her what is the return policy at AFW? She asks me if I have my receipt, I said yes, she said and I quote well read it then when I kept asking her what was their policy all she would say is It is Reality Based basically they will do nothing for you but keep repairing it until the warranty runs out the receipt state that exchanges are costly to the company so they don’t do them. nI asked to speak with her manager; she would not tell me any managers name only that I should talk to Sarah, another manager in customer service I was then put on eternal hold until Sarah was off of her call. Sarah then gets on the line and basically says the same thing they will not do anything but repair the sofa, which mind you only has a one year warranty from the manufacturer so after they take 6-8 weeks and then take their time out to perform another shoddy repair by the time they are done giving me the run around I will have no warranty and will have spent all this money for a piece of junk. nSarah then informed me that I was more than welcome to contact the Better Business Bureau; she said all they will do is investigate whether or not they tried to resolve the issue which they did with the repair. She also would not let me speak with her manager only told me that I can write a letter the Customer Service Manger named Levena McClay; she said I could not speak with her. nIf anyone is thinking about buying furniture do yourselves a favor and buy it somewhere else that stands behind the products they sell. This sofa is only 7 months old and looks worse than the 25 year old sofa I had before. I will never buy anything from there again. All I want is a new sofa set not a defective one that has been poorly repaired over and over again nRosalienAurora, ColoradoU.S.A.

8501 Grant Street Thornton, Colorado U.S.A.


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