Antis Capital Review: is a Real-Estate and Crypto Scam


Antis Capital is a company that claims to combine the benefits of both real-estate investments and crypto technology. The website of the company,, encourages people to invest in the company and enjoy complete financial freedom.

Most of the marketing of the company revolves around the fact that it has the power to transform your life. However, there are various suspicious aspects of this company that should be discussed in detail before making any investment decision.

Keep reading this thorough review of Antis Capital to determine whether you should invest in it.

What is Antis Capital?

Antis Capital claims to be the only company in the world that combines crypto with real estate to provide financial freedom to people. Moreover, the website also mentions a number of other activities in which the company is involved. invites people to join the platform so that they can easily buy properties, obtain a visa, and get help in other such important processes.

Origin of Antis Capital

A marketing video of the company shows that Philip Belov is the owner of the company. He claims to be living in Dubai. However, Belov does not seem to exist outside the company.

It is possible that Antis Capital has hired an actor to make the marketing video like many other similar scams. The website also does not provide any information about the team behind the company.

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The analysis of shows that the US is contributing the majority of traffic to the website. It is highly possible that the owner of the company also lives in the USA as it seems to be the primary target of the company.

Features of Antis Capital

Antis Capital claims to have many different features that can benefit you and give you financial freedom. Let’s review these features to determine whether you can trust this platform:

Consulting Services is claiming to provide highly reliable and efficient consulting services to help you navigate the real estate industry and make smart investment decisions. The website is mainly targeting the properties in Dubai.

However, you should keep in mind that the background of the company is quite suspicious. It is not clear that whether it is actually operating in Dubai or not. There is a high chance that the company is lying about helping the residents of Dubai to attract more users.

Moreover, there is no information available about the team behind the company. Therefore, it is difficult to believe that the company actually has experts who can offer professional advice.


The company wants you to become a part of the platform because it provides affordable properties and apartments in Dubai. However, the website does not give any further information about these properties.

It is possible that Antis Capital is lying about having access to cost-effective real-estate investments to attract people and make them invest in the company. You should also keep in mind that it is a new company that does not have any significant standing in the highly competitive real estate industry.

There is no proof that you will be able to make any significant profits from Therefore, you should avoid spending your money on it. Instead, use the crypto trading bots that help you in generating huge profits via reliable and effective crypto trading strategies.

Modern Tools states that it has access to modern tools and technology that can help you in investing in profitable assets and profitable. Yet, the website is extremely ambiguous with such claims.

There are no further details about the tools and technology that the company is using. These kinds of claims are often seen in many other scams to attract people. Most of such companies are typically operating with traditional technology, but they make false claims to get attention.


Along with using modern tools for investment, Antis Capital also claims to be having fully safe and secure working procedures. However, achieving maximum safety is very challenging in the crypto industry, especially for a new company like this. There is no proof that the company will actually be able to protect your investment from hackers and cyber attackers.

Minimum Risk

Antis Capital claims that you can fully trust the company to make huge profits because there is minimum risk involved in it. The company is asking users to fully trust it because it uses modern trading tools that provide guaranteed profits. 

However, the website is only claiming to use advanced and reliable trading strategies. It does not provide any believable information about the trading techniques of the company. 

Support also states that it has a highly reliable customer support system that can help you 24/7. However, the website only provides an email through which you can contact the company. There is no way to call customer support or chat with a representative. 

Registration Fee of Antis Capital

The initial affiliate membership of Antis Capital is free. However, you will have to invest at least $50 in the company to get access to the income opportunities. You will have to invest $50 again if you are not able to achieve Rank 4 in the company. 

Income Structure of Antis Capital provides the following breakdown of the income structure of Antis Capital:

  • Standard Capital Package for which you have to invest an amount of $50 to $999 to get 250% ROI. 
  • Mega Capital Package, for which you have to invest an amount of $1000 to $4999 to get 280% ROI. 
  • VIP Capital Package, for which you have to invest an amount of $5000 or more to get 300% ROI. 

The website also states that you will have to make this investment in the form of Antis Coin. 

It is important to note that Antis Coin does not have any value in the crypto market. Therefore, if you get the returns in the form of Antis Coin, they will be insignificant to you as you will not able to trade them. 

The company is offering many other types of commissions and bonuses to attract people. However, there is no proof that you will actually be able to benefit from these bonuses in any way. 

Antis Capital


There are many different red flags about Antis Capital. First of all, it is claiming to be the company that combines the benefits of investment in crypto and real estate. However, the business model of the company is not clear. Instead, it seems to be operating like any other Pyramid scheme. 

Moreover, the company is claiming to be operating from Dubai. Yet, there is no official data to suggest that the company is based in Dubai. The marketing video of the company features a fake CEO.

The income structure of is not sustainable because it is relying on investment from the users. The company can collapse at any time due to a lack of recruitment. Furthermore, the various features of the company are also suspicious as there is no actual evidence to back them up. 

Therefore, Antis Capital is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme that is trying to scam you by targeting people who take an interest in investing in crypto and real estate. In reality, it will not be able to provide you any significant profits. 

You should not invest in Antis Capital because there is no guarantee that you will make profits with it. Instead, use crypto trading bots to generate money, as these bots provide reliable and efficient services for both beginners and experienced crypto traders. 

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