Arisbtcminer Review: An Awful Crypto Investment Scam


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Arisbtcminer claims to be redefining crypto investments. Despite their efforts to sound professional and revolutionary, they are a scam. Aris BTC Miner only takes advantage of naïve investors who deposit funds with them. The empty claims of offering a guaranteed ROI of over 100 percent in less than a day is improbable. They are just enticing investors who want to get rich quickly through crypto investments. We have to expose Learn the whole truth in this detailed ARISBTCMINER Review.

Arisbtcminer Review

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A Brief Overview of Arisbtcminer

The about us page claims Arisbtcminer is founded by expert venture capitalists and skillful cryptocurrency traders. They claim to dedicate all their efforts to providing stable profit margins to investors.

If this were true, we would all join in and profit from their over-the-moon ROI. Sadly, none of it is true, as the platform is now facing huge legal action from victims of the scam. Please find out the truth behind their scandalous website.

Once you land on their website, you can see that this is not well-designed. Their server time is a year old, and the details are found on the banner. This is not to say that the website is a year old; in fact, we have the exact date the website went live.

The developer is trying to use the server uptime as the website’s online presence. These are some of the tricks used to fool investors that this is a legit platform.

Account registration

Registering with Aris BTC Miner is easy, and the process takes less than five minutes to complete. Opening an account is free despite claims of expecting an ROI 100 times the deposit amount.

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If this were true, the platform would charge investors for having an account. Now all you have to do is deposit and wait for the profit to stack up. This is a fairy tale that ends in disaster for anyone who deposits funds.

Another issue to note with the account opening procedure is the verification documents. Instead of sending email links or SMS codes, the platform demands valuable documents. To withdraw funds, you must send bank statements, a copy of your ID, and credit card information.

We are sure they are harvesting banking data from members. They will even charge your card for online purchases.

Affiliate offer

For a referral commission, affiliate members earn 5 percent from each deposit. Before joining their affiliate partners, you need to understand the risk. Victims will solely lay the blame on you for directing them to a scam.

Affiliate marketers have also added this website to their blacklist. None of the members are yet to receive any commissions from the platform. It goes to show how the owners of the platform operate.

Arisbtcminer License and Registration

Arisbtcminer is not a legal platform and does not comply with industry regulations. You can see from the website that there are no documents to prove compliance. Authorities in the UK don’t have any investment company licensed under the above name.

We did a check with the Financial Conduct Authority to try and find out the truth. The FCA is planning to issue an official warning to UK investors relating to Aris BTC Miner. affiliate program

Without any valid documents to prove their compliance, Aris btc miner is a fraud. You will likely lose your money and valuable documents. Some victims are reporting having their bank balance swept clean.

Once you send your documents for withdrawal, they use them to change your credentials. This is the reason the FCA and other European regulators want to expose this platform.

Complaints from users

Victims have been popping up everywhere and sharing their experiences. It all sounds the same, as none of them has access to their accounts. Before joining the platform, they would get calls urging them to deposit and wait for 24 hours.

Once they deposited, there were no calls and withdrawing their initial balance is also a problem. This is the reason why you need to steer clear of this ridiculous platform.

Custodian of the business

Aris Capital Ltd is the name on the website; they claim to own this platform. We did a check using the Company House UK to determine the credibility of the platform. It turns out that there’s no such company exists.

These scam artists are using random names to appear legit. There’s no company registration certificate to show their compliance. Anonymous persons operate the entire platform.

Domain background ( review)

46 is the number of days the website has been active as we publish this post. The website went live on March 13, 2021. On their homepage, they show the server time running from April 28, 2020.

What they intend to do is try and show their online presence for over a year. This is not a reliable website as they use false dates to entice investors. For 46 days running, they have been accepting deposits and refusing withdrawals.

Hallmarks of Arisbtcminer

Accounts and investment plans furnishes users with four plans, all with different ROIs. The first plan comes with a 130 percent ROI, and withdrawal is after 24 hours. 145 percent ROI is the second plan, and withdrawal is after two days.

Arisbtcminer Account and Investment Plans

Plan three comes with 270 percent ROI, and withdrawal is after three days. The final plan comes with 350 percent ROI, and withdrawal is after 96 hours. There’s no such thing as a guaranteed profit margin, and all these plans are traps.

Contact and support

Despite having a chat tab, they use it for harvesting email data. With your email information, they will sell it to affiliate marketers. It’s the reason you find spam mails from products and services you haven’t subscribed to.

The chat tab doesn’t work as the response might take the whole day. Not unless you send an email asking about deposit, any other query will be left unchecked. Please stay away from this dubious crypto investment platform.

Deposit and withdrawal

With Bitcoin being the most sort after coin, they accept e-currencies. We are not sure whether they accept bank and wire transfers. Our question regarding deposit options hasn’t seen any responses.

We know for a fact that withdrawing funds with Aris BTC Miner is next to impossible. None of the users who made contact have withdrawn funds. This is just a crypto investment gimmick website.

Safety of funds with Arisbtcminer

Security of funds is another issue members must face with the platform. Despite using security logos on their website, the site is vulnerable to DDoS attacks. Once you deposit funds, the owner transfers them to an offshore bank account.

Hiring recovery agents won’t do you any good. The banks protect the owner, and no recovery is possible.

Scam or Legit Arisbtcminer

Aris BTC Miner Features

Aris btc miner is a scam waiting to defraud naïve crypto investors. We implore you to stay away and use expert-recommended options.

We have to add this platform to our blacklist for the above reasons. Please stay away from it or any other crypto investment platforms sharing similar qualities.

Use industry-recommended crypto trading bots for all your investment needs. These bots are regarded as the best by crypto experts.

Our team wishes you all the best in your crypto trading venture.

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