AssetsFX Review: An Unregulated Broker


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AssetsFX is one tough nut to crack; the broker won’t give in despite several complaints. For over the years, the broker has seen several complaints lodged against them. The broker has been coming back with the same website design despite the complaints. Assets FX is one of the first online forex trading scams dating back to 2002. Today, the very same platform is blocking withdrawals from investors. Learn more in this detailed and eye-opening ASSETSFX Review as we leave nothing to chance.

AssetsFX Review

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About AssetsFX

All the facts point to another scary trading experience with the platform. Nothing has changed as the broker tries to weave through the online trading world. AssetsFX is yet to make any changes to its website design.

And this is one of the reasons we immediately knew that the scam was back. The number of complaints regarding this broker has been increasing with time. With the Crypto market now booming, this broker is up to no good.

Once you land on their homepage, the broker claims to offer professional trading conditions to all. There’s a part which states that the broker has been a trusted entity since 2013. The broker sells the platform as one that is best suited to guarantee a profitable outcome.

Assets FX is claiming that you will make 10 to 30 percent more than any other broker. With these claims, some investors will fall for it.

Affiliate program

Before joining any of their IB programs, you should know that the broker doesn’t pay. Affiliate partners are yet to receive their commissions from this platform. Since 2013, affiliate members have been lashing out at this broker.

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None of the affiliate members has had the luck to receive payment from the broker. And this is another reason to avoid the platform. It does indicate how the platform treats the marketing team.

An Offshore broker

When you visit the about us page, you will learn that this is an offshore broker. AssetsFX Trading Ltd is the company behind this platform. According to the information, the company is registered in the Marshall Islands.

For those who are new to trading, this is a haven for unregulated brokers. Most brokers prefer this location as it has next to zero trading regulations. There are no strict rules to regulate the broker from taking advantage of investors.

Are funds safe with AssetsFX?

Assets FX Payment Options

With an offshore and unregulated broker, funds are not safe. The broker may decide to shut down without giving members a chance to withdraw. It has happened many times before, and this broker is one of them.

Back in 2002, the broker came under fire for blocking withdrawals. As soon as complaints started flooding in, the website was shut down. It made an appearance back in 2013.

Assets available on the platform

We believe that the broker is now offering five trading instruments. These include commodities, crypto, forex, indices, and stocks. You can get stocks from leading US companies such as the FAANG group.

There’s nothing to show when it comes to leverage and spread of forex assets. Once you click on the Crypto page, you are redirected to the homepage. The broker probably trades Bitcoin and Ethereum under unfair conditions.

AssetsFX License and Registration

AssetsFX is an offshore broker that doesn’t have any valid license. The broker does not comply with industry regulations. Members are left at the mercy of the broker, who will use unfair methods to block withdrawals. The broker does not have a shred of evidence to prove they have complied with set rules.

With this being the case, you will have to stay away from the platform or risk losing your funds. The broker should be transparent and inform users of their non-compliant status. With the broker hiding this from investors, it puts your funds at risk.

This is not the broker you want handling your funds. A genuine broker will post copies of their license certificates for all to see. This helps members to check with regulators and confirm the details. It’s best to stay away from this platform or risk losing your entire funds.

Bonuses and promotions features

There’s a 25 percent deposit bonus available on the platform. If you deposit $1,000, the broker adds $250 to your account. The maximum leverage for accounts with bonuses is set to 1:200. It’s a risk as in the event of a losing trade, and you will lose big.

Bonuses and promotions are now used against investors to try and make them deposit more funds. Industry regulators are against this broker is clearly flaunting the rules.

Demo account

Their demo account is a simulation of what not to expect in a trading environment. We did try it out, and as luck would have it, all our trades were winning trades. A newbie might think that this is ideal, but in reality, this is unheard of.

In any trading environment, you should expect some losing trades. It seems that the broker is rigging the results to conjure investors into believing they are winners.

Domain insights (

Thanks to domain checker tools, we learn when the platform went live. As of publishing this post, the website went live on February 21, 2012. What is weird is the number of IP changes which shows 7 changes in the past 11 years.

This is a clear indication that the website existed before 2012. The registrant’s name is withheld as anonymous scam artists don’t want their names in the open.

Features of AssetsFX

Account Types

AssetsFX seems to have only one account available for users. We don’t get to see the minimum deposit, which is another reason to worry. With each investor, the broker will ask for a different minimum deposit.

One investor will deposit $100 and another $1,000, and both get the same features. This is unacceptable as the broker tries every trick to get as much as they can from naïve investors.

Payment options

The disclaimer at the footer of their homepage shows they accept Bitcoin and Ethereum deposits. You can also deposit with PayPal, which has an advantage. Once you read this review and have already made a deposit with PayPal, go to the resolution center. Request cancellation as PayPal is genuine and will revert funds to your account.

Trading terminal

There’s no mention of the trading terminal, which we believe is custom-built. Such trading platforms lack advanced trading tools that give traders an edge. We recommend the use of MT4, MT5, and SIRIX when trading.

Scam or Legit AssetsFX

AssetsFX History

AssetsFX is a scam that is targeting investors that don’t do their research. Despite having a huge welcome bonus, this is another bane broker. Please stay away from the platform and avoid interacting with their call agents.

We won’t recommend an offshore broker with a history of scamming investors.

Make the informed decision and sign up with formidable and leading brokers. It’s the perfect partnership for success in the trading world.

We wish you the very best.

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