BitGoMiningFirm Review: Beware of this Scam!


A completely overrated platform, BitGoMiningFirm claims to help investors make huge chunks of money. We will straight away tell you that BitGo Mining Firm is a BOGUS platform from the word goes. There’s no evidence to support the claims they make on their homepage. All we have is a platform guaranteeing and promising over 150 percent ROI. From our years of investing and trading, we know for sure has something up its sleeve. Learn more in our detailed BITGOMININGFIRM Review.

BitGoMiningFirm Review

There’s the chance of profiting from crypto investment channels. The only known way is by having a tested and trusted product. Going with platforms with credible reputations and results is what every investor needs. Make the right decision today and sign up with the best crypto investment platforms the industry has to offer. These platforms ensure you make realistic profit margins. It’s what successful investors are using to stay ahead.

A closer look at BitGoMiningFirm

BitGoMiningFirm starts as a platform enabling Ethereum mining. It sells itself as a cloud mining platform specifically dealing with Ethereum. We have our doubts in regards to the productivity of their machines.

The call to action is to sign up, deposit, invest, get profit and withdraw. It seems too good to be true, especially with an unknown mining platform. Chances of losing funds with BitGo Mining Firm increase by the day.

There’s even a promotional video that claims users can start earning immediately after they open an account. Before you commit your funds, there are a few issues we need to iron out. The platform does not in any way have proof of mining Ethereum.

No investor from their list has come out with proof of profiting with the platform. And this makes exposing the platform easier than we thought.

Accounts and plans

BitGoMiningFirm offers four investment plans to choose from. All the plans come with insane profit margins, which makes us doubt the legitimacy of the platform.

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Starter account

The starter account is the most basic account with a minimum deposit of $100 and a maximum of $300. Users can only deposit one amount at a time and expect an ROI of 150 percent.

Silver account

The platform claims to offer an ROI of 200 percent with this account two times a week. The minimum deposit is $550, and the maximum is set at $800.

Gold account

It’s the Gold account that starts the monthly return plan. The gold account comes with 3 times a withdrawal with an ROI of 250 percent. A minimum deposit of $1,000 is required to start investing, with the maximum set at $1,500.

Platinum account

The platinum account is the most exclusive of the four accounts. It has the highest ROI of 300 percent, and investors can withdraw 4 times. To start investing, you must deposit $10,000, which is the minimum, and $15,000, which is the maximum.

These four accounts produce an alluring appeal to investors. Those new to the crypto investment and mining industry will quickly jump in. Before doing so, you need to know the reason behind the high ROI.

BitGo Mining Firm Accounts and Packages

Bitgominingfirm is using high ROI to attract naïve investors into depositing funds. Once you deposit funds, it’s the last you will see or hear from them. Most of the victims are facing withdrawal issues with the platform.

Affiliate program

Another option the platform gives to investors is to affiliate with them. You become part of their team to target investors into depositing with them. There’s a 5 percent referral commission available on the platform.

Before becoming their affiliate partner, you need to understand the risk. Victims will solely lay the blame on you for directing them to a scam. Authorities, on the other hand, will see you as an accomplice to online fraud.

BitGoMiningFirm License and Registration Status

With Cryptocurrency facing legality issues, regulators insist on compliance. The first place for this is to register the company behind the platform. There’s a document claiming to be part of their license. We did a thorough check with The Company House UK to confirm their status.

The Company House UK does not register BitGoMiningFirm. It means the certificate they show is a forged document. From our side, this is a word document converted to PDF. To make it look legit, they have the Company House UK logo on it.

The company number does not match any legal entity in the UK. Those who sign up with the platform should know what they are getting into. It’s funny the platform fails to mention its legal status to investors.

Terms and conditions also favor the Company and not investors. Liability falls on investors making this platform a risky endeavor. We don’t recommend using the platform with false documents.

Customer support

There’s a chat tab at the bottom right-hand side. Members can email or make a call to try and reach support. We did try the three options and only got an email response. As for the call, we were directed to an account manager.

The account manager did nothing but insist we had to deposit funds first. Once we deposit, they claimed to help us profit within a day. Knowing what we were getting into, we refused the offer and hung up.

Deposit and withdrawal BitGoMiningFirm

List of False Investors

Payment options include bank transfers, Bitcoin, PayPal, Perfect Money, and other E-wallets. The people behind the platform make depositing funds easy and hassle-free. Depositing funds will take less than ten minutes to complete.

Withdrawing funds is another red flag we must raise. Apart from failing to help users profit, withdrawing funds is a headache. We haven’t seen anyone withdraw their initial deposits with the platform.

Domain insights ( review)

126 is the number of days the platform has been running. The website went up on January 21, 2020. With their IP location reading California, we did notice they share the same server as other low-ranking websites.

The name of the registrant has been withheld for privacy reasons. Most of the people behind the platform want their names redacted from the registry. It makes it nearly impossible to track them down.

How the BitGoMiningFirm Scam Works

With high ROIs, victims are led to the slaughterhouse once they deposit funds. You will immediately start seeing profits rise in your account dashboard. Members get all excited once this happens, and they may decide to deposit even more.

When the time to withdraw comes, this is when all hell breaks loose. The platform suddenly acts weird and starts sending withdrawal emails. In most cases, they blame your bank for not accepting their transactions.

It’s what has been happening around BitGo Mining Firm.

Is it safe to use BitGoMiningFirm?

BitGoMiningFirm License and Registration

With withdrawing being an issue, the safety of funds is out of the question with the platform. BitGoMiningFirm does not offer any security measures to investors. There’s no insurance to cover the deposits made by investors.

Once you deposit funds, you’re at the mercy of the people behind the platform. We suggest you stay away from the platform and use recommended options.

Scam or Legit BitGoMiningFirm

BitGoMiningFirm is a crypto investment platform offering unimaginable profit margins. With no one yet to profit from it, we have to raise the red flag.

Bottom line

Due to the severity of the complaints, we have to protect our readers. We can’t recommend BitGo Mining Firm and have to add them to our blacklist.

Ensure you make the best investment decision by using tested platforms. It’s the safest and most realistic way of crypto investment.

Feel free to email us or leave a comment, and we will be happy to respond to any queries.

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