BitLocity Review: is a Scam Pyramid Scheme


BitLocity is claiming to be a company made of crypto experts and developers who want to spread essential knowledge and skills among people. According to the website of the company,, users can fully rely on the company to gain knowledge about modern tools and technologies to gain financial freedom.

The company encourages users to invest in the company to enjoy various benefits and bonuses. However, before you make any investment decision, you should read this detailed review of BitLocity to ensure you are making a smart decision.

Overview of BitLocity makes a great number of tall claims to seem like a legitimate platform and make people invest in the company. The website states that the company is the world’s first all in one platform that provides educational material, along with rewards programs.

However, this is not true. There is a long list of other platforms that also provide various features with the help of blockchain technology. The company claims that it wants to improve your life and give you financial freedom with the help of crypto.


Origin of BitLocity

BitLocity does not provide any significant information about the owner of the company or the team running the platform. The website was registered in October 2020, which shows that the company is relatively a new platform.

The analysis of shows that the US (41%), Jersey (12%), and South Africa (5%) are contributing the highest amount of traffic to the website. The company also has an official channel at Vimeo.

In one of the marketing videos of the company, Mark Hamlin appears to promote the company. Hamlin has a very controversial history as he has been involved in a couple of Ponzi schemes like Qtrex. In fact, he is quite known for promoting fraudulent companies.

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These videos do not clearly elaborate on the role of Mark Hamlin in BitLocity. It is possible that he is just promoting the company on someone’s behalf, or he might be the owner of the company as well.

Registration Fee of BitLocity encourages users to invest in the company as much as they can. The initial affiliate membership of the company is called the Bronze Package. You have to pay $25 for this membership.

However, you will not be getting any significant benefits from the membership other than access to some basic educational material. If you want to participate in the entire income structure of BitLocity, you will have to invest $189,000 in the company.

The website provides the cost of these memberships in USD. In reality, you will have to make the payment in BTC to join the company.

It is extremely shocking to see that the company is asking for such a massive amount from the users. Even the most well-established crypto companies do not ask for this kind of large investment.

It is highly possible that BitLocity is asking for such a large amount because it wants to get funds for its survival. The company is working like any other Pyramid scheme. It cannot survive without investment from the users,

However, you should not invest a large amount in BitLocity because there is a high chance that you will not be able to recover it. Instead, there are various other crypto mining companies that provide reliable, efficient, and professional services. You should rely on these companies to make profits in the crypto industry. 

Income Structure of BitLocity

BitLocity is like any other Pyramid scheme that relies on the users to keep investing in the company and hire as many people as they can. Users who buy the Bronze and Silver affiliate memberships participates in the basic gifting scheme. The website states that the first $25 investment you make is kept by the company while another $25 is gifted to another affiliate.

Similarly, the members of other ranks like Gold and higher packages will have the option of making profits via recruiting other members. does not provide any thorough breakdown of the profits you can make by recruiting others. However, it focuses on motivating people to refer and maintain as many affiliates as they can.

The company is also claiming to have a top recruiter pool. The purpose of this pool is to reward the top ten affiliates of BitLocity:

  • top recruiter will get a 20% bonus.
  • Second and third top recruiters will get a 15% bonus.
  • Fourth, five, and sixth top recruiters will get a 10% bonus.
  • Seven to ten top recruiters will get a 15% bonus.

Features of BitLocity is claiming to have many other features to encourage people to invest in the company and hire other affiliates. Let’s review these features one by one:


BitLocity claims to be a fully transparent and fair company that provides all of the essential information to the users. However, the company does not provide any reliable information about the team behind the platform.

In fact, the address provided on the website is also not verifiable by any other external source. These factors contradict the company’s claims of being a transparent platform.

Safe and Secure

Security is a significant aspect to consider in any financial company, including crypto investment companies. In this case, claims to be a fully safe and secure platform. The company claims that no one can attack your wallet and crypto earnings.

However, you should keep in mind that maintaining high security in crypto trading and mining procedures is a challenging task. A lot of well-established companies also face difficulties in this area. Therefore, it is difficult to believe that a new crypto platform like BitLocity can offer 100% safe and secure working procedures.

Profits promises significant profits to the users who will keep recruiting more people. It simply means that the company is a Pyramid scheme that wants you to keep investing in the company and hiring other people.

You cannot expect any good amount of profits from BitLocity because there is no guarantee that it is capable of fulfilling its promise. The company can collapse at any time due to a lack of recruitment and funds.


This entire discussion about BitLocity points to the fact that the company like any other Pyramid scheme. These Pyramid schemes or gifting companies scam people and get their money without providing any benefits. The team behind the company has introduced the cash gifting scheme to seem like a legitimate platform and avoid legal troubles.

Moreover, Mark Hamlin is promoting a company that is known for promoting crypto scams. He has been behind many other crypto scams and Ponzi schemes. You cannot trust a company like that is being promoted by a serial scammer. Otherwise, you will suffer financial losses. does not have any external source of revenue, due to which the company can collapse as soon as recruitment stops. The highest investment package of the company is also quite expensive, so you should keep in mind that you cannot trust a suspicious platform with a large investment.

The bottom line is that BitLocity is not a suitable investment. There is a very high chance that you will end up losing your money if you invest in this platform. Whenever you are looking for a profitable opportunity in crypto, you should use the reliable and genuine services of experienced crypto mining companies. Such companies will help you in making huge profits in the crypto industry.

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