Bitoconnect Review: Beware of this Crypto Scam


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Another Crypto investment scam to watch out for is Bitoconnect. All facts point to this platform being one of the most ruthless cryptos investing websites. Victims from all over the world are fuming after the platform openly shut them from accessing funds. All this is an effort by the people behind it to steal from naïve investors. Bito Connect is one of those websites that entice users using over-the-moon claims. Get to find out more in this vivid BITOCONNECT Review.

Bitoconnect Review

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About Bitoconnect

Bitoconnect gives us no information as to their whereabouts. We have a platform with no known address. Although they have a certificate of incorporation from England, we doubt its credibility. The platform uses two color schemes on the website’s enticing design, to say the least.

Those who know more about crypto investment will do due diligence before signing up. Thanks to our years of experience, we know exactly how best to expose scams.

They claim that the platform has an easy-to-use interface. All these are false claims meant to entice users to sign up. On the homepage, they claim to provide high returns in no time. Claims of being in the market for several years are lies.

We have all the proof you need to convince investors to stay away. There’s nothing good that will come out of investing with Bito connect. Continue reading and find out why is a scary investment platform.

Account opening process

The process of signing up with Bito connect is easy and takes less than five minutes to complete. It’s completely free of charge, which is meant to drive as many users to sign up. The owner wants anyone to deposit funds; you don’t have to have any experience.

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According to the platform, you sign up and wait for the platform to do the rest. As a sane person, you expect the owners to charge investors for opening accounts.

Another issue we have with the platform is the withdrawal process. When withdrawing for the first time, they ask for valuable documents. We don’t see the need to send bank statements and credit card information.

The platform can send an email link or SMS code for verification. We know for a fact that they are harvesting banking information from members. This is why some members find their bank balance reads zero after sending these documents.

Affiliate and referral commissions

If you referral anyone, you earn a 5 percent commission on the money they deposit. Before attracting new investors to the platform, you need to understand the consequences. Referral agents are seen as accomplices to online fraud by the law.

You will be directing investors to a crypto scam. Victims will point the finger at you for directing them to this obvious scam. It’s best to stay away and avoid having a bad reputation over a worthless website.

Bitoconnect License and Registration

Despite their efforts to look and sound professional, Bitoconnect is a huge scam. They have posted a certificate of incorporation that is null and void. The company name on the certificate is Spire Limited.

We did a check with the Company House registry to find the truth. The company does exist but, they don’t engage in investing. Spire Limited deals with business and domestic software development.

Bito connect Affiliate Programs and Features

The people behind this platform are using a certificate from another company. We also checked with the Financial Conduct Authority for confirmation. The FCA does not have a platform licensed under this name.

This means that Bito Connect is an unregulated entity trying to fool investors. The use of falsified documents proves they are online criminals. Such scam artists will try and use every trick in the book to appear legit.

Business holder

Spite Limited is not in any way associated with the platform. Littoconnect is the name of the person who registered the website. We have reason to believe the platform resides in Germany. Bito Connect is an anonymous website that fails to have any proof of ownership.

There’s no contact address on their support page. It seems the owner wants to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. No one wants to see their names on the evening news exposed as a scam operator.

Various comments have surfaced online from members who interacted with the platform. Most share the same story of having their accounts frozen. Clarkson is one victim who deposited $5,000 with the platform.

He used to get numerous calls from different numbers urging him to deposit. Once he made the deposit, the calls went silent, and he has no way of reaching out. It’s now six weeks since he last heard from the team behind

Domain background and history ( review)

As we pointed out earlier, we believe the true residency of the people behind the platform is Germany. The IP location shows Berlin as the address belonging to this platform. They claim to be up and running for 1123 days which is a lie.

The actual date the website went live was on February 10, 2021. This means the platform is 75 days old as we publish this post. It goes to show the lies used to fool investors as to the online reputation of the website.

Features of Bitoconnect

Accounts and investment plans

Bito connect offers four investment plans, and each account comes with a guaranteed daily profit margin. These accounts include Starter, Silver, Bronze, and Gold. The Starter account comes with a 10 percent guaranteed ROI for 24 hours.

Bitoconnect Accounts and Investment Plans

We won’t even go ahead with the other plans. No expert or robot can manage to achieve these numbers. Market prices rise and fall without any warning. Making such claims is dumb and uncalled for.

Contact and support

There’s a chat tab takes a long to respond to chats. When they finally did, a man by the name of Jeff was our representative. He could not answer our queries regarding withdrawal issues. It seems that the agent is one of the shareholders of the scam.

All he did was request we deposit and see for ourselves how the platform works. Jeff was in a hurry to get us to sign up with the platform, which is a classic online scam trick.

Deposit and withdrawal channels

The platform only accepts E-currencies and does not condone any bank transfers. This is a result of fooling investors into giving away their Bitcoin. Withdrawing is the biggest barrier facing anyone who signs up. Please stay away, as no one will make money out of this platform.

Safety of funds with Bito connect

There’s no safety of funds as the platform does not comply with the regulation. Members are at the mercy of the people behind it. Once you send funds, the owner transfers them to a personal bank account. There’s no way of recovering such funds as they are stored in offshore banks.

Scam or Legit Bitoconnect Payment Options

Bitoconnect is a scam waiting to steal from naïve investors. We suggest you stay away and use recommended platforms.

Our Verdict

With all the facts out there, we have to add Bito connect to our scam blacklist.

Make the most out of digital currency investment by signing up with leading tools. Go for the best crypto trading bots the industry has to offer.

Our team wishes you all the best in your crypto investment journey.

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