Bitrixtrade Review: A Crypto-related Investment Scam


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Bitrixtrade claims to be the leading crypto investment agency. After conducting some thorough research, we can conclude Bitrix Trade is a scam. With some members already lodging complaints with authorities, we had to flag them down. Most of the victims have lost all their funds with the platform. There’s no investment taking place as all members are swindled out of their hard-earned money. We have to expose the rot taking place. Please read our detailed BITRIXTRADE Review and get the truth.

Bitrixtrade Review

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About Bitrixtrade

On their about us page, they claim Bitrixtrade is a UK independent firm. According to the homepage, the platform manages approximately $1 Billion in assets. The assets are mainly from individual clients and institutions.

Once you go over the page, you get the feeling Bitrix Trade is a professional firm. This is what the creators want you to believe. The truth is far from what the about us page claims to offer.

A glance of things shows a poorly designed website, something no professional can allow. Navigation is not simple, and they use too much information on one page. Investors will have a difficult time comprehending all data.

And this is done so to help the owner appear professional. They use industry jargon to throw off investors who would want to comprehend things. Thanks to our keen eye, we know how to spot red flags a mile away.

Account opening procedure

When opening an account, the process is straightforward, and no charges for opening an account. You would expect Bitrixtrade to charge users for their ‘groundbreaking’ accounts. The reason they fail to charge opening accounts is to trap as many investors as possible.

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You don’t need to have any experience, just funds to fund the accounts. And this is where the platform takes full advantage of naïve investors.

The minimum investment time to earn profit with the most basic account is 24 hours. Those who choose this plan are the first ones to face the ugly truth. During the withdrawal process, the platform will demand verification documents.

These include bank statements and credit card details. The final document they will ask for is a copy of your ID. Once you send these documents, withdrawal is still on hold.

They fail to release funds and send an email claiming there’s a problem with their systems. The platform fails to inform users of the problem and eventually deletes accounts. We believe the platform is knowingly deleting login credentials.

That’s how members are losing funds with the platform. A cyber expert believes the people behind this platform are harvesting banking data from investors. They will soon start charging these credit cards with online payments for goods and services.

Affiliate and referral programs

Although there’s no information on affiliate partnerships on their homepage, they do offer commissions. The information is found on a member’s dashboard. Before inviting your family and friends to, you need to understand the consequences.

Those who you direct to the platform will lay the blame on you for losing funds. The law will regard you as an accomplice to online fraud.

Bitrixtrade License and Registration

Bitrix Trade Features

Bitrix trade is far from being a legit platform and uses a false certificate of incorporation. They claim to be registered in the UK, which is false. We checked with the Company House UK and found no such entity on the database.

There’s reason to believe the platform is using a word-edited document. They try and pose it as a certificate of incorporation. These are the lengths to which scam artists will go to defraud investors.

The Financial Conduct Authority doesn’t have any platform licensed under the above name. According to the FCA, they are planning to issue a ban on the platform. After receiving dozens of complaints from citizens, they have to act quickly.

With regulators in the greater EU region following suit, we hope to see an end to

Business holder

Before committing to any platform, doing due diligence comes a long way. Members are depositing funds to an unknown platform. No one knows who handles funds at the other end. The about us page fails to give us a credible history of the platform.

We don’t have the names of staff members, which is a huge problem. From what we can see, Bitrixtrade is another anonymous crypto investment platform.

We have been receiving emails from members asking us to investigate the platform. It seems that all of them share the same fate. None of them is in contact with support as all avenues have been blocked.

This is what happens to investors who deposit funds with unknown platforms. We can only feel sorry for them and urge them not to give up. Once authorities track down these culprits, it’s possible to recover funds.

Domain history ( review)

As we publish this post, the website has been active for 214 days. The exact date the website went live was on October 4, 2020. There’s no name of the registrant as it’s redacted for privacy reasons.

We see they use the same server hosting several crypto investment scams. This is a professional scam outfit defrauding millions of crypto investors. We hope authorities will act quickly to stop more victims from falling into this trap.

Investment packages

Bitrixtrade Investment plans

Bitrix trade offers five investment packages, and each comes with guaranteed daily profits. This is why we believe the platform is a sure scam. No one should bother with the platform for obvious reasons.

No expert or robot can guarantee making daily and stable profit margins. The market is volatile, and prices drop and rise without giving any warning. There’s no proprietary software that can maintain these ROIs.

Payment options

The platform only accepts Bitcoin as the currency. Investors don’t need to deposit funds as withdrawing funds is not possible. With no one coming out with proof of withdrawal, the platform is a burst.

Bitrix trade is just another crypto scam trying to take advantage of investors. We hope they will avoid this platform and go for tested alternatives. It’s the only safe way to invest in crypto.

Support from staff

Once you head over to the contact page, you get a physical address and contact information. The phone number rarely goes through, and the email response is slow. We expect a crypto platform to offer live chat support.

Members are having a hard time getting timely responses from the platform.

Safety of funds with Bitrix trade

The entire platform was designed to fool unsuspecting investors into depositing funds. Security of funds is out of the question with Bitrix trade.

Scam or Legit Bitrixtrade Payment Options

Bitrix trade is a scam waiting to pounce on investors. We believe the platform is only interested in your funds and bank details. Avoid sharing any documents with the platform.


With the cat already out of the bag, we must protect our readers by adding to our blacklist.

The best option for investors is to use industry-backed crypto bots.

We wish you all the best.

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