Btcboosts Review: Another Crypto Mining Scam


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Btcboosts has what seems to be a hugely advantageous investment plan. For those new at Crypto mining investing, BTC Boosts is not your cup of tea. All that you see on their homepage is a well-designed plan to fool investors. We won’t stand and watch as more investors fall prey to this scam. With victims sending emails asking us to review, we had to oblige. What we found out will shock you. Learn more in this detailed BTCBOOSTS Review.

Btcboosts Review

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A Brief Overview of Btcboosts claims to be a fast-growing and young company in the crypto mining world. They claim to own two mining data centers all over the world. Once you land on their about us page, you get a feeling of being in the hands of a professional.

We know for a fact that the people behind this platform have experience in the crypto world. What we question is their intent in offering unrealistic profit margins.

The website design and theme offer users a clear picture of what the platform offer. Their homepage goes to the point and points to their plans. The about us page starts to sell the relevancy and reputation of the platform.

These are the tricks they use to fool investors into depositing funds with them. Thanks to our keen eye, we know how to spot scam artists from afar. You need to know the traps set by BTC Boosts and avoid the platform altogether.

Account registration process

Registering an account with Btc Boosts is easy, and the process takes less than ten minutes. There’s no registration fee when opening any of the accounts. And this is done to precisely attract anyone with funds.

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If they actually make members profit, they would charge opening accounts. The platform sets a trap for all classes of investors to sign up and deposit their hard-earned funds.

When sending a withdrawal request for the first time, they have to verify your credentials. This means asking for valuable documents such as bank statements and credit card details. At some point, they will ask for a copy of your ID.

All these are valuable personal documents that are crucial to a person’s livelihood. We know for a fact that these scam artists are harvesting banking data from users.

Affiliate and referral programs

Although the platform does not have any affiliate details on the homepage, the member dashboard does. You can direct users to this platform. Before doing so, you need to understand the consequences of this action.

Victims will point the finger at you for directing them to a scam. Authorities and the law will view you as an accomplice to online fraud. This is why you need to stay away from their affiliate program. At the end of the day, you won’t even get to withdraw the commissions.

Btcboosts License and Registration status

Btcboosts is not a licensed entity despite posting a Certificate of Incorporation. We clicked on the link, and it directed us to the official homepage of Company House. The registration number on their certificate does not exist. License and Registration Status

This goes to show the extent to which scam artists have gone to fool investors. We have to assume that authorities will catch on and shut down the entire operation.

Joining a platform that is using a word-edited document to fool investors is a huge risk. Members don’t enjoy the protection offered by authorities. We did a quick check with the Financial Conduct Authority regarding this platform.

The FCA vehemently denied having any platform licensed with the above name. Once you deposit funds with the platform, you are at the mercy of these scoundrels.

We have been receiving word from members who fail to understand why they can’t withdraw. Ahmed Naaman is one of those who deposited $3,000 with the platform. He was expecting a net income of 50 percent for a period of 24 hours.

This means the plan offers 0.48 percent ROI every hour. After waiting for a day, he waited in vain for the withdrawal process to commence. It has now been five months, and he hasn’t heard from the support team.

Custodian of the business

After searching for who actually owns and runs this site, we hit a wall. The people behind this platform want to remain anonymous as possible. Even the certificates they post don’t belong to the platform.

The address at the disclaimer at the footer of their homepage is from an empty apartment building. We sent someone to check the address only to find an apartment under renovation. Btc boosts is clearly an anonymous website planning to defraud investors.

Domain background ( review)

343 days is the time this platform has been running as we publish this post. The website went live on May 22, 2020. What’s shocking about their IP location is that it shares the same address as other crypto scams.

The people working behind this platform are involved in several other scams. We couldn’t get the name of the registrant as it has been redacted for privacy reasons. It also has a low trust score making it an unworthy investment platform.

Features of Btcboosts

Accounts and investments plans

Btcboosts offers four investment plans, with each having a guaranteed daily ROI margin. These four plans include test, plan, promo plan, and capital plan. The plan ahead comes with a 19.5 guaranteed daily ROI percentage.

Btcboosts Account and Plans

Before we even jump to other plans, this is impossible. There’s no crypto mining robot or expert who can achieve this feat. All these plans are false hopes offered to investors.

Contact and support

There’s a chat tab at the bottom right-hand side of the platform. The chat response is slow, and you can opt to send an email. Sending an email means having to wait for a response that probably won’t come.

You will also notice there’s no phone number listed on the platform. This means we are dealing with an anonymous website. They plan to control communication with messages only. You can’t reach out to any staff, even those who control the entire website.

Deposit and withdrawal options

The platform accepts E-currencies, Payeer, and Perfect money as means of depositing. We did notice that the platform offers an affiliate link to Perfect Money. This means the website earns money by affiliating with Perfect Money.

A huge barrier that no member overcomes is withdrawal. None of the users have had the chance to withdraw funds despite the platform running for almost a year.

Safety of funds with Btc boosts

There’s no safety of funds with an anonymous platform. The platform uses false credentials, and we don’t know who runs the entire operation. Once you deposit funds, the owner transfers them to a private offshore bank.

Scam or Safe Btcboosts

Btc boosts Withdrawals

Btcboosts is a crypto mining investment scam waiting to defraud naïve investors. Beware of this ridiculous website.

After exposing their tricks, we have to add to our blacklist.

Make the right decision today and signup with commendable crypto mining companies. Have the best crypto mining company behind your investment.

Our team wishes you all the best in your Crypto investment journey.

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