Btcswing Review: a Shocking Unregulated Investment Scam


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Btcswing is a company that is allegedly trading stocks, cryptos, currencies, indices, and commodities. The entity states that its aim to exploit the market no matter the current direction. The deposit and withdrawal process is fast.

The platform sends fundamental market analysis and trending financial news, among other features. The broker also has a mobile application. The biggest drawback of this entity is the fact that it is an offshore broker.

Btcswing might exit the market whenever it pleases. Additionally, the venture is not trustworthy as it does not offer fund safety. Trusting this company might end with huge disappointment. They have a favourable opportunity for their clients.

Sadly, this could be another desperate move to lure innocent clients into their dirty schemes. Invest with a legit cryptocurrency broker in that are dedicated to offering better services to their clients. You will earn a decent amount of return as you enjoy fund safety.

The investment company also has trading bonuses for their clients. As we always insist, make sure that you read their terms and conditions to avoid missing out on their requirements. Withdrawal of funds might turn to be a nightmare. Review

Btcswing company has an educational centre. The entity urges investors to gain knowledge to be able to trade independently. The platform views itself as the leading crypto brokerage in the market. The entity also brags it has an excellent professional team.

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The venture claims that it is using technology and the best trading tools. They also guarantee investors that their funds are secure. Unfortunately, the account managers’ information is not available. The firm wants investors to believe blindly that they have what it takes to be the best.

Btcswing Review, Company

Nonetheless, there isn’t a method to verify their statement. The trading broker does not offer customer satisfaction. You should not put your hopes high with an unregulated company. Moreover, Btcswing also claims they continuously perform thorough research on behalf of their clients.

The shady broker claims that it is a reputable broker in the industry. Unfortunately, the platform does not even have much traffic visiting their site. Their company was established in December 2019. They also do lack a trading history.

The crypto broker speaks highly about itself. Their primary focus is allegedly the satisfaction of their clients. Their marketing strategy is top-notch. It is very easy for a novice trader to believe their claims.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Btcswing states that it has a 100% secure trading opportunity for its clients. The minimum amount that you can deposit in this broker is 0.5 BCT. The entity is costly, not the majority of the investor who can afford this amount.

Considering that this venture does not offer the safety of funds, trusting them is unwise. They feature multiple deposit methods on their website. Unfortunately, it is only the BTC method that is acceptable.

Digital currency payment ensures that anonymity is upheld. Therefore, you will not know the wallet in which you deposit money. Additionally, you cannot reverse your payment. The red flags with Btcswing do not stop here.

Moreover, this broker is charging an annual fee of $25 in case of inactivity for 12 months.  Stay away from the reward which this shady broker is offering. It is just another way of attracting more victims.

Once you request a withdrawal, it will take a period of 5 business days to be processed. They claim their withdrawal and deposit process is transparent. Therefore, the company does not have any hidden charges. Do not believe this, as you might be surprised when cashing out.

Btcswing Trading Conditions

Btcswing is offering enticing leverage of 1:300. They claim that they want to make trading easy and flexible for all traders. The company promises investors a profit of 89%. They also have over 50 trading assets.

The entity has a web-based platform and an application. The company has six investment accounts. The trading conditions of this broker are not available. The investment venture is a platform that offers attractive deals to their clients.

Unfortunately, the possibilities of them not fulfilling these requirements are meagre. The venture is only looking after itself. There is no evidence of trading taking place in this entity. Ponzi schemes are on the rise, and they are targeting novice traders in the industry.

Customer Support

Btcswing claims that their support team is always ready to help. You can consult them 24/5 regarding your trading activities. The entity is allegedly based in the Czech Republic. They even do feature their office address.

However, this is an offshore broker that is based in a discrete location. Investors will not be able to track the shady broker down once they exit the market. The company can only be contacted via email.

They do not have a telephone number. Therefore, the chances of getting a response from this entity are very slim. Scammers will only reach you when they want more funds. They will avoid you once you start asking about your money.

Make sure you invest with a reputable entity in the market. You can also research before venturing to ensure that you make an informed decision. Reading what other investors think will save you from multiple risks.

Btcswing Regulation Status

Btcswing is an illegal investment company that is operating illegally. The crypto broker is linked to a shady scam. They are only after investors’ money. You will not make any income with them as they claim.

They have already received a warning from CNMV. The broker does not have a trading history. The company does not have feedback from their clients. Investing with them will be a blind decision.

The company does not offer fund safety to its customers. The entity is another scam that acts like a regulated entity. Unfortunately, this firm is operating on its own accord. Therefore, they do not follow any of the set guidelines or rules of reputable financial watchdog.

Fund safety should be your main priority. Search for brokers that are licensed by the best jurisdiction in the world. Some of the watchdogs are FCA, ASIC, NFA, and CySEC. A licensed broker has to have a specific initial capital before starting their investment activities.

Additionally, investors have an assurance of being compensated if the broker faces bankruptcy. They report their daily transactions ensuring there is no fraudulent activity taking place. Multiple advantages come with investing with such brokers.

Final Verdict

The Spain regulatory body blacklists Btcswing parent company. Therefore, beyond reasonable doubts, this broker is not legit. They will steal all your savings in a blink of an eye. The investment platform is using a fake address to appear transparent.

They also do not have investors’ feedback, which is a huge red flag. The investment venture will lose money, and you should stay away from them. You will not make money with Btcswing. Search for better alternatives.

You can use these reputable crypto trading companies that are transparent. The companies are among the best in the industry. You will have the guarantee that your funds are safe.  Moreover, their financial reports and positive testimonials from their clients speaks volume.

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  • Absolutely agree with this assessment.
    Do not entertain this outfit, I have lost a lot of money with them, and individuals such as, James Brisco, Jason Goldberg and Daniel Lloyd to name but a few you should avoid at all costs, it will cost you big time, do not entertain their promises of wealth and life change, ITS A BIG BIG LIE .
    They are scammers and there’s no doubt about it. pathetic size withdrawals of your own money are just carrots to lure you to invest more money with them. These are the worst types of people you can encounter in life. Their mothers should turnover in their graves.


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