• Robert Allen Covey posted this lie because he couldn’t get over someone that played him at his own game. Me. You’re welcome to the next victim he gets his claws on. He will rape you financially and tell you he did it to make you feel involved. Shame on me for letting him ruin my credit and my name – which was in great shape before he got ahold to them.

  • Robert Allen Covey never could spell or use correct grammar.

    Rob, it’s PTSD. Get your acronyms correct before you try to bury someone with lies. Google works great. You should try it.

    • Robert Allen Covey has lied to so many people and taken so much money that he has criminal charges to deal with now in Louisiana. He has a felony in Florida. He can’t use his own name in most places because he has burned so many vendors and so many customers. Beware of this man and his lies.

  • Look up Robert Allen Covey. Look at his criminal record. Now try to find one on me. Proof in black and white of who is trustworthy and who the liar/criminal is. You’re welcome!

By Marcus

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