CFD Star Review: A Cloned Investment Platform


CFD Star is a replica of Live AI Trading, and the two are identical in design and service aspects. It’s not a coincidence as we believe the two belong to the same group of companies. However, what the platform offers is what makes it different from other forex investment platforms. CFDStar brings you a wide range of services, including asset funding and mutual funds. Here’s a closer look at CFD STAR REVIEW.

About CFD Star

CFD Star Review

From their about us page, we learn that the platform used to go by the name DCF. However, the platform went by the previous name Digit Capital Funds. What has done is copy all aspects of the website. 

Whether they truly offer the services listed is still a mystery. As for trading, the platform does allow users to trade using the available markets. And this makes it a hard sell for us due to their weird nature.

Any platform that clones information from other websites is not one that we advocate. There should be a level of professionalism that comes from forex service providers. When they clone websites, we see a lack of creativity.

For the investor looking for a safe investment platform, worry not. We have come up with a list of the best investment platforms with a proven reputation. By using elaborate plans such as Coin Staking, DeFi, and Masternoding, these are the best options to have.

CFD Star will look and sound nice at the beginning; what about the results? Will the platform deliver its promise of offering quality services? These are the hard questions a user must make before making any final decisions.

We will help you with our perspective and view of Let’s start with the features and available services.

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Available services

The platform offers four distinctive services to investors. These include Asset management funds, equity funds, mutual funds, and goal-based financial planning. 

Asset Management Fund

According to their claim, the platform offers commonly made open economies opportunities for all. The DCFs are focused on real estate, oil, diamonds, gold mining, and other mining operations. We believe the platform is also vested in Crypto Mining.

Equity Funds

There’s a call to investors to invest in their equity mutual fund. With their equity funds, the investor is promised convenience, diversification, and dividend income. On top of all that, the platform promises to deliver superior returns.

Goal-Based Financial Planning

With this plan, investors are allowed to save for multiple financial objectives. In addition, the service allows users to enjoy greater flexibility when it comes to adjusting to market fluctuations. These are good ideas that we hope the platform delivers.

Mutual funds

It’s a service on offer involving an investment vehicle consisting of portfolio stocks and other securities. You get a chance to diversify your portfolio at a low price, thanks to an affiliation with CFDStar.

Available Trading Assets

When trading with this platform, they offer users a wide array of assets to choose from. These assets are divided into six categories. These include CFDs on Indices, CFDs on metals, Commodity CFDs, Cryptocurrencies, Forex Trading, and Stocks.

CFDs on Indices

The platform only offers major indices on their trading rooster. These indices include DAX50, EU50, FTSE100, NI225, SWI20, and more.

CFD Star Trading Assets and Services

CFDs on Metals

The platform provides metals such as Gold, Palladium, Platinum, and Silver for those who love trading on metals.

Commodities CFDs

Investors can go long or short with over 9,000 instruments with low commissions and tight spreads. However, it remains unclear the leverage available on these assets.


The platform offers over 200 cryptocurrencies which include Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition, you can trade your favorite Crypto with other currency pairs. 

Forex Trading

There are more than 40 currency pairs which are divided into three categories. You can trade with exotic, major, or minor currency pairs. 


The platform also offers stocks from over 200 companies. You can expect to trade with the FAANG group stocks alongside other international company stocks.

Current Methods of trading available on CFD Star

There are four methods of trading available on the platform. The four methods include auto trading, leveraged trading, lower capital requirement, and short selling. But, first, let’s take a closer look at each trading method.

Auto Trading

The platform offers software for traders to trade on their behalf. These are automatic trading robots that perform trades at high speeds. In addition, the robots come at a fixed price where investors can subscribe to weekly, monthly, or yearly payment details.

Leveraged Trading

Professional traders commonly use this method when trading. It’s an advantage as it allows users to open several positions than what your capital dictates. As a result, leverage trading magnifies your potential profits.

Lower Capital Requirement

When using this method, you don’t actually need to buy the asset itself. Investors don’t need a large sum to gain exposure to the asset. With CFD Star, investors can trade Cryptos for as low as $100.

Short Selling

The platform uses a short-selling technique that allows members to trade in bearish markets. It means you believe an asset will sell for low and thus, buy it at a lower price.

Business holder

From the disclaimer at the footer of their homepage, we fail to see the real entity holding this platform. There’s no mention of a parent company or a group of users owning the platform. And this is one of the reasons why we doubt the credibility of the platform. 

The platform ought to mention the people working behind it. It gives users the ability to get human touch from the platform. We still don’t know who handles funds or who is responsible for the entire platform.

CFD Star License and Registration

Is Licensed or Registered?

CFD Star is NOT a licensed entity if you check with regulators in Europe. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) does not have this platform as registered. Despite this, the platform claims to have a license from Cyprus.

At the footer of their homepage, the platform claims to be MiFID regulated. There’s also a claim they have access to the Cyprus Investor Compensation Fund. Not unless the regulator’s name has changed, CySEC is the official registration body in Cyprus.

CFDStar is not registered by any official registry, which makes them a risk. The platform does not protect investors from certain risks. No oversight gives them the green light to operate as they wish.

As an investor, we would recommend that you use reliable and regulated entities. The best regulators include ASIC, BaFIN, CONSOB, CySEC, FCA, FINMA, and the SEC. Any platform licensed by the above regulators is a safe option.

Contact and support

Another key element to consider when choosing an investment platform is client support. First, you should determine whether the platform is easy to reach. For example, does not offer live chat support.

The only way of contacting the platform is via email and social media pages. What’s even worse, there’s no contact page, to begin with. So we can see clearly that the platform doesn’t have your concern at heart.

Safety of funds with CFD Star

With the platform not having any license or ways to communicate, the safety of funds is out of the question. The compensation scheme provided by Cyprus Investor Compensation Fund (ICF) is for CySEC Regulated platforms only.

Would we recommend CFD Star?

We have reasons to doubt the ability of CFDStar to provide fair and transparent services. These include;

  • A cloned website usually means a high-risk investment.
  • Lack of a proper license
  • Payment methods not listed. When to withdraw and timelines
  • There’s no insurance cover for deposits made

For those who would want to invest in safe platforms, use expert-backed methods.

Feel free to leave your comment or email us with any suggestions.

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