Clutch Landscaping & Snowplowing Inc. Review


If you want to throw away your money-hire this comapany. | If you have already made the mistake of hiring this company | ***Check your contract-see if they are doing “all” the work you | are paying them for.*** Chances are they are only cutting/trimming | part of your lawn. Look for damage done to your property. If you | have experienced any of these negative habits or others- of theirs I encourage | you to write a review warning others not to hire them. You will only | be wasting your money and your lawn will be the worst looking one | on the street. Buyer Beware!


Name: Clutch Landscaping & Snowplowing Inc.

Country: United States

State: Ohio

City: Brook Park

Address: 5348 W. 161st Street

Phone: 440-884-4001


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By Marcus

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