Crestlake Investment Company Limited Review


This false company is not who they sat they are. They’re scammers assuming the identity of others to proliferate a scam. Everything they represent is a lie…their website IP address clearly shows that. | They offer a substantial loan on a condition that you secure a Loan Guarantee Bond that you cannot obtain in the U.S., and thus are conveniently referred to their so-called Insurance Company referral called Zythos, which is completely fraudulant and has assumed the identity of a legimate company. The catch is that you have to pay for the bond in advance ($100K+), with the guarantee that “IF” the loan doesn’t fund that you get your money back…which will never happen. No matter how desperate or motivated you are, please don’t fall for this. Do your research and you’ll find how idiotic these jerks really are…there’s all kinds of red flags!!


Name: Crestlake Investment Company Limited

Country: Hong Kong


City: Wan Chai

Address: 26, Harbour Road

Phone: 852 8175 2501


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  • If it’s unfortunate that you have lost your
    hard earned money to this platform. However, for future references kindly join the r/scamsupdate community of Reddit.
    Also, you stand a chance to get your money back by contacting 
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By Marcus

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