Cryptodoubler Review: An Exposed Crypto Scam


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Before jumping in and signing up with Cryptodoubler, there are a few things to point out. As the name suggests, Crypto doubler claims to double your investment in more ways than one. How they manage to do so is anyone’s guess. The truth of the matter is that is lying to investors. Proof of their deceit is found within the walls of their website. We have to expose their illicit platform. Get the whole truth in our CRYPTODOUBLER Review.

Cryptodoubler Review

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About Cryptodoubler

On their about us page, they claim to help investors maximize profit. You will notice they don’t dive deeper into the people behind it. Apart from having an aesthetically appealing website, there’s nothing good out of it.

All you get are empty claims and promises that will rip off investors. Most investors use impulse judgment to sign up with such platforms. Before you do so, here are a few red flags to note.

Cryptodoubler is nothing but a scam that targets naïve investors. We have concrete proof showing why is a scam. Three days after its release and complaints are already rising.

The platform even claims to offer $100 to YouTubers for promoting the platform. Claims of having over 40,000 happy clients all over the world are false. Get to know the truth behind this audacious crypto scam.

Account opening procedure

Opening an account with crypto doubler is free of charge, which is another red flag. You would expect a platform to charge a small fee for their services. No one will openly offer 200 percent ROI to investors for free.

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The reason they do so is to attract all classes of investors. Even if you don’t have a clue about Crypto, you can sign up. The end game is to have as many people deposit funds as possible.

During the account opening process, there are the verification documents members send. This is another grey area that we advise against. We don’t see the reason why investors should send their bank statements and credit card details. The platform should send email links or SMS codes for verification.

There’s reason to believe the platform is harvesting banking data from members. They will soon start charging your credit card with online purchases.

Affiliate and referral programs

The affiliate program has one of the highest commission percentages we have ever seen. Once you refer someone to the platform, you get 25 percent of the deposit amount. All this sounds amazing until you hear from actual affiliate marketers.

Most of them have blacklisted the website due to a lack of payment. Victims are also pointing the finger at these affiliate marketers for directing them to a scam. The law will see you as an accomplice to online fraud.

It seems the platform is lying to us regarding the affiliate commission. The disclaimer at the footer of their homepage has an affiliate link. Once you click on it, you find three affiliate plans offering 2, 5, and 12 percent affiliate programs.

This is different from the 25 percent amount you see on the homepage.

Crypto doubler Affiliate programs

Comments and complaints from investors

There’s growing disgust in the online crypto community due to this platform’s features. Victims have turned to social media to vent their anger. Most seem to face the same issues with the platform.

No one seems to withdraw funds or gain access to their accounts. After the 24 hours lapses, the platform freezes these accounts. This is the situation members face with this dubious platform.

Custodian of the business

Another worrying feature of the platform is anonymity. We don’t know the people behind this platform. In an actual sense, members are depositing funds to unknown persons. Anonymity is a risky feature, and we don’t recommend using any anonymous online platform.

The people behind this platform want to remain unknown for obvious reasons. Once the truth comes out, none of them wants their face on the evening news.

Cryptodoubler License and Registration

Cryptodoubler is far from being a legal crypto investment platform. With their IP location in England, we checked with the Financial Conduct Authority. The regulator has not heard of this platform.

We also used the Company House to find details of any company associated with the platform. No records were found as the platform is completely anonymous. You won’t enjoy the protection that comes with a regulated platform. We noticed the website does not have a terms and conditions page.

Users tick the ‘I agree’ part and move on. The terms and conditions page may leave all liability to members. It may also demand that the platform can freeze accounts at any time.

We have seen it happen in more cases than one. Even posting negative comments on social media can have your account frozen. The platform is obviously taking advantage of members.

Domain records ( review)

As we publish this post, the platform is 3 days old. The website went live on April 25, 2021. Their IP location shows Mansfield, England. This is probably the true location of the owner. We don’t have any addresses on the homepage.

This goes to show the extent to which the owner plans to stay hidden. We couldn’t get the registrant’s name which had been redacted with privacy the reason given.

Watch out for YouTubers who claim to have won with the platform. None of them has even tried using the website. The platform is also using paid testimonials on the website. All the comments are from people with no social media profiles.

None of them is found on any media outlet, which is odd. The platform’s owner will do whatever it takes to make it look like a genuine and engaging platform.

Features of Cryptodoubler

Accounts and investment plans

Cryptodoubler Account and Investment Plans

Five investment plans come with insane and out-of-this-world ROIs. The first plan comes with an ROI of 200 percent, and withdrawal is after 24 hours.

Other plans come with 250, 350, 450, and 999 percent ROI. There’s no way on earth any expert or robot can achieve this feat.

These are just over-the-moon claims meant to entice investors into depositing funds. It’s one of the more visible tricks on the website.

Is the Safety of funds guaranteed by Crypto doubler?

The safety of funds is a major concern within the platform and is not available. It fails to offer any defensive mechanism from third-party attacks. When depositing funds, hackers may hijack the process and steal your banking records.

The owner also transfers funds to an offshore bank immediately after deposits are made. Hiring recovery agents won’t help as they have no power to freeze these accounts.

Scam or Legit Cryptodoubler False Claims and Features

Cryptodoubler is a scam waiting to pounce on anyone foolish enough to deposit with them. The promise of a daily ROI of 200 percent is unimaginable.

Our verdict

To protect our readers, we have to add crypto doubler to our scam blacklist.

Make an informed decision and choose reliable crypto trading bots. These bots offer investors the much-needed boost to earning reasonable profit margins.

Our team wishes you all the best.

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