Cryptominfx Review: A Bogus Scam


Cryptominfx is a forex broker that claims to be the future of trading. However, there are several factors to consider before making any approach towards trading. You are definitely at the right place to find out whether or not is a scam or legit. Well, we did thorough research on the platform though they do not provide enough info on their website.

Furthermore you can choose to invest with these legit transparent brokers that have risk management tools. Also they use suitable tried and tested strategies to generate profits to customers unlike Cryptominfx. The platform aims to provide investors with fast and flexible access to market. The services they offer are more than 300+ assets, currencies, crypto CFDs , share CFDs and indices.

Cryptominfx Review, Cryptominfx Company

Also, they offer spreads from 0.0pips. The main trading platforms include a web trader and Meta Trader 4 and 5. The more they do not recommend any level of qualification for you to start benefiting from its services. Therefore you would expect them to have educational content to aid you in understanding the trading world. No educational materials are available and this is another thumbs down for the company.

Trading blindly will never be profiting to you or any trader. Hence general knowledge and education on the trade are suitable for boosting the kind of returns you aspire. The sales pitch is poorly designed and portrays a lot of murkiness.

Cryptominfx Review

Cryptominfx aims to provide a user-friendly interface yet even registration is a hard task. They only seem to be oriented with the funds that you deposit. Since from the beginning you are lured by pop-up messages targeting you to deposit money. Accordingly, they do not have a recommendable level of transparency.

Information of the team behind the company is missing raising doubts on the claims of having a team of experts. Thus not only are your funds at risk but also personal information may fall in the wrong hands causing more problems. You should always find all the details of the people behind the company before wasting your funds with criminals. The kind of algorithm the software uses in generating profits is not known.

Automatic trading is recommendable over humans but trusting the wrong software will lead to massive loss of hard-earned money. Meanwhile, you should at least find three months or more past trade data. Without this then no trade is taking place and your funds are at risk in Cryptominfx. The only beneficiaries are the platform owners and you will not earn a single coin from the platform.

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How Cryptominfx Operates

Cryptominfx will constantly contact you with high attractive bonuses and alerts. Hence once you fall for the catch this is the only interest they have with you and your business with them is definitely over. Scammers operate in a similar manner and what are the odds that you will be treated any special. They do not have any info on the algorithm that the software uses and how it manages losses.

You should fully understand how the tool you want to trust with your funds operates before investing. Additionally, they do not have a demo account that you can use to familiarize yourself with the platform and the kind of services they offer. Cryptominfx is functional 24/5 and you can access the most liquids markets in the world and you can profit from both up as down market cycles.

Furthermore, no trading is taking place on the platform or they are attracting losses. You should be able to see past trade experience for at least three months or more before making your move to invest.

Funds Safety

Cryptominfx only seems to have a focus on the funds that you deposit. Pop up keeps appearing asking you to seize the opportunity and take bonuses once you make your first deposit. They support multiple payment methods; MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal among others. Hence you would expect to find at least some banking information as an accompaniment.

Well, this is not what is available in Cryptominfx the banking data is hidden from traders causing more doubts about their services. Accordingly, there is not a single data showing past trade transactions to assure you traders are making considerable returns. They do not have a refund policy so getting your money back is going to be quite a task.

Cryptominfx Client Feedback

Cryptominfx does not have a welcoming reputation while you do your research on the company. Positive client feedback attracts a high number of customers. Additionally, scammers even pay quacks to come up with fake positive reviews. Hence you should always consider reading legit content that is unbiased.

Scammers like will use stock images of happy traders just to lure you into making deposits. Also, some investment firms even claim to feature endorsements from top celebrities and actors which are all made up.

Contact Support

Cryptominfx has an award-winning customer service yet the kind of award they brag to have won is not recognized anywhere. Accordingly to expect that once they have your funds  Cryptominfx will still contact you is a very high expectation that may not entirely work in your favor. The customer support is functional 24/5 via a multilingual support team allegedly.

They offer three support methods through telephone contact +447451282669 and email [email protected] and via live chat. Cryptominfx does not have any whereabouts address to ease tracking them in case you have the need to. Hence only scammers prefer staying anonymous and there is no guarantee any platform-related queries will be attended to.

Cryptominfx Regulation

Cryptominfx telephone country (+44) is for the UK and even the FCA which is the main regulator in the country. Even the FCA does not recognize this platform so it means that they are operating illegally while generating funds from the public. In addition due to the rise in the number of scammers many countries have made it mandatory for companies to have a regulatory license. Review, Regulation

However, there is a difference between registration and regulation and you should not mistake one for the other. Different bodies in most countries are responsible for issuing regulations. Scammers like Cryptominfx will always try to play smart and you should stay cautious and verify every material with legit sources. does not fall under any regulatory body and the founders of the shady broker risk facing criminal prosecutions thus it’s the reason they hide their data.

Regulated forex brokers showcase a high level of transparency and you can easily find all the relevant data you require. Also, you can easily rely on such investment firms since the styles they use for operation are tested to work for traders. Cryptominfx may easily break trade rules however they choose to since they are not bound to any rules.

Final Verdict

Cryptominfx does not seem to have any trade taking place here and if any the results are not pleasing to most traders. Moreover, if they were really making customers rich the same should be visible through past trade results. Scammers will always promise you unattainable profits and bonuses. But all this is just an attempt to lure you into depositing funds.

Thus you should at all costs warn your friends and families instead of inviting them to avoid Cryptominfx. Until they make further updates and become transparent with innocent traders you should stay far from whatever services they offer.Invest only with transparent forex brokers to gain pleasing profits.

Does Cryptominfx have a License?

No, this is not a licensed company.

Is the location of Cryptominfx known?

No, the company is operating anonymously.

What do people have to say about Cryptominfx?

The company does not have reviews from their customers.

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