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Complaint: I was looking for a couch at walmart’s website. Well, this site popped up as having the same thing but cheaper and free shipping. It’s all bogus. I even emailed them right after I paid them bc I didn’t get to choose my color for the couch. I got a quick response back and they said “no problem they’ll send the correct color.””that said I still have no couch and just like the other guy said

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Website: it said my couch was delivered and it was not. I was home all day . I signed nothing .I even asked the post office if they knew anything They said they never heard of this company. I called the numbers available and they are all disconnected cell numbers. I’m so outraged! I hope these (((REDACTED)))”

Phone: they have this fake postal shipping service and even fake tracking. The couch said it went to the USPS facility before THEY “”delivered”” the couch. Well

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