DBInvesting Review: An Offshore Broker with Absurd Withdrawal Requirements


DBInvesting is a broker that avails educational resources to help investors kick start their trading activities. The materials are free and accessible to all.  However, we are yet to see the documents and attest whether the information is of high quality.

DBInvesting Review, DBInvesting Company

We like crediting an entity when it due. Despite this being an offshore venture, it’s a good thing they want to educate people. However, this is not a green light to deposit funds with them. The entity features many reasons why traders choose them.

DBInvesting brags it has a wide range of qualified trading instruments. It is unfortunate that they don’t state the strategy they are using to earn high profits. The entity is everything else but trustworthy. They have a license but from an offshore regulator.

Dbinvesting.com Review

DBInvesting holds regular competitions. Additionally, the venture also has promotions. We don’t recommend you to accept their offers. This is because there are hidden requirements that you must meet.

The information is usually available in the Terms and conditions we recommend that you take time to carefully read the document. The main problem is that offshore financial watchdogs are lenient compared to reputable regulators. Additionally, this venture is associated with a crook corporate that is a scam.

Therefore, before you get all excited about joining the entity read this unbiased review. The broker has various loopholes. For instance, the entity proclaims it has MT4 trading software. This is far from the truth. The domain name of the platform is less than a year old. They can leave the market without having to face the consequences.

Invest with transparent and outstanding forex trading companies. These firms are genuine and offer the best leverage and spread in the market. Their services are also professionals. You won’t lose funds since they have top-notch security measures.

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DBInvesting Customer Support

The entity guarantees that all its customers get professional support services. The brokers brag it has award-winning 24/5 customer care. Clients can reach them via mail, phone, or live support. The firm states that it puts clients’ needs first. Unfortunately, their withdrawal requirements state otherwise.

Trading Conditions of DBInvesting

The entity brags that it has an MT4 for clients. However, this is a false statement and the venture offers a basic trading platform. The features of Sirix software are incomparable to the MetaTrader. The charts and indicators are awful.

The leverage cap is 1:200 which we don’t recommend to investors. Those that have a high-risk appetite may prefer to test the waters. However, considering the nature of this company we advise you to stay away.

Dbinvesting.com Review, Dbinvesting.com Features

DBInvesting has a tight spread of 0.3 pips. The cost of trading of investors will below. Nonetheless, given the poor features of this suspicious firm we recommend that you refrain from giving access to your funds.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Investors can fund their accounts via Skrill, Credit/Debit cards, and Wire Transfers. The least amount acceptable by the firm is $200. We still find the entity expensive, as there are many entities that accepting even $10.

The minimum amount that clients can cash out is $100. It is an unpleasant requirement you should have the liberty of withdrawing any amount that you wish. Additionally, legit companies do not have such ridiculous requirements.

DBInvesting allegedly does not charge any fees upon withdrawal. The request to cash out is handled within 2 days. Nonetheless, there is a charge of $20 for those that are in promotion. It’s hard to comprehend what the broker meant to say.

The rules that those who accept bonuses must meet are sick. Investors must reach the required volume of trading. Addition of the deposit times 5000 for them to qualify to cash out. It is unfair and impossible to attain.

If you care about your fund safety, avoid this exploitive broker. Furthermore, we find it suspicious that DBInvesting fails to disclose the duration that an account becomes dormant and the fees to be paid.

Regulation Status of DBInvesting

The broker has a license from Seychelles financial body. The regulatory body has not done much in protecting traders against fraudsters. Their requirements are lurking and lenient. Investment firms ought to have a capital of $50,000 before kick-starting their activities.

It is less in comparison with other bodies. For instance, the FCA requires a capital of 730K EUR while the Swiss government needs 20 million Swiss francs. Scammers cannot afford such an amount and this is why they operate illegally or seek licenses in countries that are not strict.

If you invest with DBInvesting you aren’t protected against negative balance. You can lose more funds than you have initially deposited. The Cyprus exchange blacklists the operation of this fraud. The Switzerland watchdog does not make it mandatory for investment schemes to segregate funds.

Therefore, your money can be misused. They can use the funds for personal needs. Moreover, this entity is using a DBFX Trades platform. The people that were running this company are nasty con artists. The Spain regulator blacklisted their website.

The license that the company has does not clear up its name. Furthermore, the corporate that DBInvesting links with had a license from CySEC body but it was revoked due to violation of the law. Whatever this firm is after is not helping traders.

It’s best to invest with a company that has the best interest of traders. Your funds will be safe and you shall enjoy great fund safety. There are many options in the industry. Most offshore firms end up defrauding their customers.

The Domain Insight

DBInvesting.com was established in 2020. The domain shall expire in 2022. The registrar of the broker is from Manacor. The entity has an average traffic of 1,782,885. Unfortunately, we don’t know where most of their customers are coming from.

DBInvesting Clients Testimonials

During our research, we didn’t encounter client reviews on third party websites. The only available testimonials are the ones DBInvesting features on its website. We don’t recommend trusting information from the website.

Clients are claiming they have attained unbelievable results after joining the company. The customer support is reliable. They are being praised for guiding traders throughout their activities. We also learned that the entity is granting trader personal managers.

Clients state that DBInvesting doubles their returns. Their competitors do not stand a chance. The customers promise to refer more people. Unfortunately, there is not a single negative review. The broker moreover features the testimonials in statement form.

They fail to include pictures of the customers. Furthermore, there is no proof of payment. Hence, believing their word of mouth is dangerous. If you know what is best for you avoid this company. They will leave you high and dry.

Final Verdict

DBInvesting is a shady offshore licensed broker. The trading condition of this venture does not make it ideal to venture with. Their withdrawal requirements are absurd and show this platform is unreliable. Avoid the controversial company that is after exploiting innocent people.

The testimonials from their clients should not cloud your mind. We suggest that you take your precious time and search for a more reputable entity. We are not certain whether clients’ funds are segregated because their regulator doesn’t make this a necessity.

Invest with the best forex trading brokers that are well regulated. These entities report their daily activities to the financial watchdogS. Additionally, their Terms and Conditions keep the needs of customers first. You can earn passive income with them! Sign up today.

Does DBInvesting has a license?

The broker is an offshore regulated brokers.

Does DBInvesting have great trading conditions?

No, the broker is overcharging clients and its withdrawal requirements are absurd.

Are investors making money with DBInvesting company?

The only testimonials have no proof of payment. We are yet to see traders that have earned using DBInvesting.

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