Eminent-trading Review: A Bogus Crypto Investment Scam


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A Crypto investment scam eager to defraud investors is Eminent-trading. The platform has, over the past few days, been bashed by the online community. Eminent-trading.net refuses to grant withdrawal requests from members. Within a few days of its grand opening, the platform is now facing several complaints. We have been receiving emails from members asking us to investigate the platform. Our investigative team headed the call and swung into action. Learn what we found out in this clear EMINENT-TRADING Review.

Eminent-trading Review

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About Eminent-trading

The about us page paints a picture of glamor and profitability. They claim to have a team of experienced experts who comb through investment options. According to the homepage, eminent-trading covers successful startups in fast-growing industries.

These include Artificial Intelligence, Crypto, Hardware, FinTech, Mobile, Internet of Things, and Robotics. Once you go through the catalog, you get a feeling this is the right trading partner.

You will be wrong if you believe a word the platform prints on their about us page. Eminent Trading is another rogue online investment platform defrauding investors. What we have is a platform that doesn’t care about the welfare of investors.

All the big words they use are meant to entice investors into signing up with the platform. With so many complaints, the website has a low trust score by leading search engines.

Account opening

The process of opening an account is easy, and it takes less than fifteen minutes to complete. All you have to do is fill in your address, contact, and full names. The process is free of charge, which is contrary to what you would expect.

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With the promise of generating high revenue, you would expect a charge for opening an account. This is done in an attempt to trap all classes of investors. As long as you have funds, you can sign up and deposit funds.

During the first withdrawal attempt, this is when things start getting heated up. The platform claims you must send verification documents. These include bank statements, a copy of your ID, and credit card details.

There’s no reason any website should ask for these valuable documents. They can easily send email links or SMS codes for this process. We strongly believe they are harvesting banking information from members.

Affiliate and referral partnerships

Another way of increasing capital, according to Eminent Trading, is joining their affiliate program. There’s a 5 percent commission for every deposit the referred person makes. Before leading your colleges to sign up, there are a few issues to note.

Eminent trading Affiliate Program

These include authorities and the law seeing you as an accomplice to online fraud. Affiliate members are directing investors to a crypto investment scam. Avoid having a bad reputation and ignore their referral program.

Business holder

Eminent-trading has its company address in Kuwait and a Company Certificate from the UK. Something is definitely wrong as they should have a Kuwait license. Even the link on their Company information doesn’t lead to the actual certificate.

You only land on the Company House UK address. We hit a wall when trying to uncover the actual owner of the platform. They want to remain anonymous.

Complaints from members

There are several complaints on leading social media platforms regarding this platform. These complaints center on the platform’s inability to release funds. Nearly all victims share the same story.

Some claim they are now getting charges on their credit cards for online purchases. This is what happens when you share your banking documents to an anonymous website. Investors should be careful not to have their bank accounts swept clean.

Domain history (eminent-trading.net review)

The website is 113 days old as we publish this post. Their IP location is a dead giveaway as the server is used to host other crypto scams. The website went live on January 7, 2021.

We couldn’t get the name of the registrant as it’s held for privacy reasons. The registrant’s country is also held, but we believe it’s in the Cayman Islands.

All the tricks found on the platform smell of offshore-led crypto scam website.

Eminent-trading License and Registration

Eminent-trading is not a valid crypto investment firm, and they don’t hold any license. The certificate of incorporation is false and doesn’t hold any water. We believe this is a word-edited document with an imprint of the Company House logo.

This is the extent offshore scam artists will go to mislead investors. The certificate registration number does not match any licensed company in the UK.

We also checked with the Financial Conduct Authority and other European regulators. The FCA does not have any crypto investment platform operating under this name. There’s no European regulator that has heard of this platform.

This is a clear indication we are dealing with an unregistered entity. Those who join won’t enjoy the protection that comes from a licensed platform. Once you join, you are at the mercy of these scam artists.

Features of Eminent-trading

Accounts and plans

Eminent-trading Accounts and Plans

Eminent trading offers three account plans to investors. These plans include 20, 40, and 100 percent daily ROI. The platform claims to offer guaranteed daily profit margins with the three plans.

As we mentioned earlier, there’s no financial expert or robot that can achieve this feat. The market is volatile, and prices change without issuing any warning. This is why all their plans are devised to deceive investors.

Contact and support

Although the chat tab claims agents are online, it’s not the case. During our investigation, we couldn’t get an agent. This is another avenue for the platform to harvest email data. You have to fill in your name and email to start the chat process.

It’s more likely the website sells these emails to affiliate marketing teams. This is the reason you get spam emails from products and services you haven’t subscribed to. It’s why you need to stay away or risk exposing your identity to hackers.

Payment methods

The bottom of their homepage shows a list of payment options. We note that the platform ideally accepts E-currencies. Payeer and Perfect Money are the other options for depositing funds. Despite having all these avenues, withdrawing funds is a huge barrier.

No one has come out with proof of withdrawing funds from the platform. This is after the plans on the platform claiming withdrawal is after 12- 24 hours.

Safety of funds with Eminent-trading

With all the facts right in front of us, its clear security of funds is out of the question. The numerous complaints show no one is safe from the platform. Once members deposit, the owner transfers funds to an offshore bank account.

Eminent-trading Deposit and Withdrawal

Hiring recovery agents won’t help as they don’t have the mandate to freeze these accounts.

Scam or Legit Eminent-trading

Eminent-trading is a crypto investment scam defrauding anyone who deposits with them.


The website is already exposed, and we have to add it to our blacklist.

Make the right decision today and invest in tested and trusted crypto trading bots. Go for bots that enjoy the backing of crypto experts.

Our team wishes you a profitable and safe crypto investment experience.

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