Equitycorp Review: Equitycorp.org is an Unprofitable Company


Equitycorp has attractive investment plans that will leave the mouth of many open. The broker has a top-notch marketing strategy. The platform claims it conducts thorough research and commits to helping all investors in realizing their access.

They are offering investment management services to corporate and investors. The venture aspires to provide a long-term solution to traders. The company can meet its success by utilizing experts and sound insurance heritage.

Equitycorp Review, Equitycorp Company

However, we do not recommend this scheme to the public. The online business lacks transparency. They are no trading results or client reviews showing the platform is paying. It emerges as if the firm is a genuine broker, but sadly this is a rip-off.

It is important to conduct serious research on a company before down-paying a dime. Scammers use any tactic to get themselves rich by defrauding others. The domain name of the firm is also young, raising even more red flags.

The venture might not survive in the industry for years. We hope this review is right on time and save investors from making the wrong decision. Moreover, the entity is registered privately. Therefore, one cannot get hands with the founder or his team.

Equitycorp.org Review

The company is infamous, and the traffic visiting the website is enough proof. There is also a low trust score, which should be enough to keep you off Equitycorp. Sometimes Ponzi scheme plays nice by sending clients some money.

Don’t get this twist, as the con artists are trying to win you over. The joy of earning passive income will cloud your though, and once they ask for more money, you shall voluntarily provide. However, hell will break loose the moment traders’ new investors stop registering.

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The company will have no other option but to close down the website.  On the other hand, once they notice investors don’t have much money, the scammers close down their accounts and blacklist them. Con artists are experts when it comes to ghosting their customers.

You can avoid this mystery by investing with the best reputable cryptocurrency exchanges. These platforms have been serving traders diligently and have grown popular. Moreover, their transparency is unquestionable.

Equitycorp only presents a sound theory of how they plan to make you rich. Unfortunately, there is no evidence giving us no other choice but to warn traders against trusting them. There are several accounts but avoid the company.

Features of Equitycorp

The entity assures investors that they can transfer their money wallets instantly. The broker proclaims that it generate incessant daily returns to clients. However, the reviews that we got from investors prove otherwise.

Equitycorp allegedly provides the best security to clients. The data of investors is highly protected. However, the entity is not licensed, and their claims are not valid. The company is after serving its voracious needs.

Equitycorp.org Review, Equitycorp Returns

The broker is driven by one purpose that is to leave you high and dry. You will not receive their 2.5% or 5% returns. Stay away from the venture and look for genuine entities trading forex or digital currencies.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum amount to deposit is $150. It is more than the average industry standard. Many crypto ventures accept even $10. The company allegedly accepts funds via Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Skrill, and Perfect Money.

Not even a single of the mentioned options allows traders to conduct a chargeback. The moment you hit the deposit option, that will be the end of it. The venture will abruptly steal all your money. It takes 7 days for the investment to mature.

Equitycorp promises a return of 2% daily for the platinum account. The VIP contract assures clients of 2.5 daily ROI. They also proclaim that investors will not experience delays when cashing out. Additionally, the broker does not disclose any applicable fees.

Expect anything once you register with the suspicious firm. The venture is currently not paying. They are a Ponzi scheme that has a short lifespan in the market. Watch out and avoid being swayed by their marketers.

Contact Details and Customer Support

Equity Corporate Trustee Limited is the organization that allegedly governs the activities of Equitycorp. The venture operates from New Zealand. There is also an email address and a phone number that investors can use to contact the firm.

The real bearing of the company is unspecified. The scammers cannot reveal their identity to avoid being put behind bars. Nonetheless, the firm states it has the best customer support available around the clock.

The testimonials from their customers indicate that the entity does not reply to questions concerning money withdrawal. Equitycorp is a platform that exploits customers. A legit company will reveal their address. You can even visit the office or call them. Every business treats its customers professionally.

Equitycorp Regulation Status

Unfortunately, the company is a clone that is using the information of a legit broker. The regulatory body of New Zealand has already blacklisted the venture. Equitycorp is accepting investors from all over the universe.

Furthermore, the FMA blacklists this entity. If you still process deposits to their system, you will only have yourself to blame since the entity accepts all traders, then their website should gimcrack with multiple licenses.

Equitycorp does not offer a compensation scheme that puts your money at greater risk. Once they call the shot to shut down the system, you automatically lose access to your funds. Additionally, the money goes to their wallet there is no segregation of account.

Many licensed companies are operating following the law. They take care of their customers, offering the best trading conditions. You stand a better chance of growing your portfolio with them than engaging with anonymous scams.

Equitycorp Clients Feedback

We could only find negative reviews from their past customers. Equitycorp is not paying investors. They are warning other people to refrain from depositing money. The company is cold texting potential clients urging them to sign up.

Moreover, traders that deposit money with the hope of making profits are disappointed. The amount fails to reflect on their account. The support is not helpful, as they do not respond to clients’ queries. The broker does not intend to make you rich.

If you buy their narrative, owe unto you. You will only be helping the con artist grow their pockets. Learn from the mistake of those that have already made huge losses. Equitycorp is an infamous company. They are utilizing any marketing to get the attention of traders.

Final Verdict

The major red flag of Equitycorp is being blacklisted by FMA. Investors who register with the entity risk their safety and losing all their savings. The company will soon shut down, leaving several people devastated. How can you trust an entity that features a fake address?

The owner of the website is also anonymous, and this is because there are offering fraudulent services. Moreover, the complaints raised regarding the poor customer support services of the broker are sickening. You won’t get any benefit by trusting this venture.

Try out some of the legit cryptocurrency trading exchanges that have better rates and lower fees. The companies have a good record of accomplishment, and their clients’ testimonials speak on their behalf.

Does Equitycorp have a license?

Unfortunately, the broker is operating illegally.

What is the location of Equitycorp?

The company is operating anonymously. Their real location remains unknown.

Does Equitycorp offer fund safety?

No. The company displays several red flags. Your information and money are at high risk.

Does Equitycorp offer the best customer support services?

No. The company being a scam will only respond when it is convenient for them.

Are investors making money with Equitycorp company?

No. There is no proof of payment from any of their customers.

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