Fbs.life Review: An Awry Crypto Scam


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Another crypto investment scam trying to rip off investors is Fbs.life. The homepage has a Bitcoin logo with three available investment plans. Sadly, there have been lots of complaints surrounding this platform. All facts indicate that Fbs Life is another online scam targeting unsuspecting investors. We hope this post will shed more light on what it means to deposit funds with FBSLife. What we found out will shock most of you. Find out the truth in this detailed FBS.LIFE Review.

Fbs.life Review

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About Fbs.life

They claim that Fbs.life is a modern, reliable mechanism of earning stable profit. The website claims to apply the latest achievements in science and technology. They also boast of using the best programming systems with high-performance lines.

All they do is use technical jargon to throw off investors from the truth. There’s nothing like a program or robots that can guarantee stable profit margins.

All you get from the website is little information on what actually goes on within the platform. We can reveal for a fact that no one has profited from this venture. Nearly all members have had some friction with the platform.

Most of them can’t figure out why the platform is unable to meet the promise. We know why; it’s all an elaborate scam to entice unsuspecting investors into depositing funds. Please stay away from Fbs.life or risk losing your entire deposit.

Account registration process

Registering an account with this platform is easy, and the process takes less than five minutes. You have to fill in your address, contact, and full names. The account opening process is free, which is another trap set by these scoundrels.

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A platform with such high stable profit claims should be charging users when opening an account. The free feature is a misdirect to ensure more people sign up.

Verification process is another trap set by these scam artists to harvest banking data. When making withdrawal requests, the platform may demand valuable documents. Some clients have been asked to send bank statements, copies of their IDs, and credit card numbers.

We know for a fact that any website can send email links or SMS Codes for verification. Soon, you will find your bank balance empty as these fraudsters will swipe clean your account.

Affiliate and referral partnership programs

There’s not much said about their referral program. We could not find any information on their referral page as it redirects users to the homepage. From what we have heard, affiliate marketers are already blacklisting the website.

They claim that the platform does not fulfill the pledge of paying commissions. Victims are solely laying the blame on these affiliates for directing them to a scam.

Assets available on the platform

Based on their mode of operation, the platform claims to specialize in cryptocurrency. We are still not sure whether the platform has its own cryptocurrency exchange. The details of how they transact to help members make a profit are sketchy.

There’s no real information on who the experts are concerning cryptocurrency trading. All you get is the claim they are a leading cryptocurrency investment platform.

According to the chat we had with one of their representatives, they also deal with crypto mining. The representative claims the platform has its own set of miners that mine BTC. That does not explain how they make high-profit claims in such a short amount of time.

We also have miners, and we know for a fact that mining is an expensive venture. The electricity cost of running an ASIC miner is a huge factor when it comes to mining.

Fbs Life False Certificates License and Registration

Donald is one unlucky member who has been trying in vain to withdraw funds. He deposited $6,000, hoping to get the 100 percent ROI within 24 hours. It’s now been three months, and he hasn’t heard from this platform.

All his efforts to contact the support team have borne no fruit. Each time he contacts chat support, they claim his account is under scrutiny. This is another way they show the middle finger to Donald.

Custodian of the business

It seems that Fbs.life is the platform that owns this website. They claim to reside in the UK, which is not the case. We sent some investors to visit the address and found out it’s a new apartment building.

There’s no tenant as the official opening is not until mid-2021. The facts point to Fbs life being an anonymous website. There’s no way this platform would operate in the UK and fail to get a license from authorities.

Domain insights (fbs.life review)

As we publish this post, the platform is 339 days old. The exact date the website went live was on May 23, 2020. It means the claim of having years of online investment experience is a lie. We also detected that the platform shares the same server as other crypto investment scams.

The website is likely a short-term website. Once they have defrauded more investors, they will shut down and open a new website.

Fbs.life License and Registration

Despite their efforts to post an image of what looks like a certificate, Fbs.life is not legit. Once you click on the license, you are directed to a 404 page. The license is not visible and does not have their name.

We did a thorough check with regulators in the EU region to confirm their status. With the UK being the legal address on the website, we contacted the Financial Conduct Authority.

The FCA is on the verge of issuing a warning against the use of this platform. Other regulators in the EU also plan to ban the use of FBS Life. This will help greatly expose the platform as a scam and avoid any unnecessary more signups.

Features of Fbs.life

Account and investment plans

Fbs.life Accounts and Investments

Fbs.life offers three investment plans, and all come with guaranteed ROIs. The first plan comes with a 20 percent ROI, and withdrawal is after 24 hours. 40 percent is the second plan and comes with a withdrawal timeline of 24 hours.

The third plan comes with 100 percent ROI, and withdrawal is after a day. None of these plans work as no one has come out with proof of profiting with the platform.

Deposit and withdrawal channels

You can only deposit using e-currencies as other modes of payment are not available. The problem remains withdrawing. With no one possibly getting the chance to withdraw, it makes the platform a burst.

Safety of funds with Fbs.life

There’s no safety of funds with this platform as it does not hold any valid documents. Once you deposit your hard-earned money, there’s no way of recovering it. Hiring recovery agents won’t help as the owner transfers funds to an offshore bank.

Scam or Legit Fbs.life

Fbs.life is a scam waiting to pounce on investors. We believe that this is a well-designed plot to defraud unsuspecting crypto investors. We hope that the review will open your eyes and avoid using FBS LIFE.

Our recommendation

Fbs life Features

We have to add this platform to our blacklist due to withdrawal issues and non-existent features.

Make the bold move and sign up with dependable bots that experts have tested. These bots ensure users are safe at all times.

Our team wishes you all the best when it comes to Crypto investing.

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