Forex Profits Ltd Review: is a Terrible Scam


Forex Profits Ltd is another Ponzi scheme invading the industry. The company even fakes its history. Anyone can check when a company made its first digital insight by quickly visiting We do not know why the entity is reckless with such details.

They target novice investors. You cannot find and expert clients wasting time in a losing scheme. Nonetheless, this scam states it offer a secure future to investors. Unfortunately, this firm does not have fund safety. Your money is at great risk.

Forex Profits Ltd Review, Forex Profits Ltd Company

The five years’ experience that Forex Profits Ltd brags about is nothing but a bluff. The venture only wants to appear credible. It takes time to build a great reputation. Furthermore, this platform has nothing to show.

The company does not have trading experience. Additionally, they don’t present their performance. The entity does not conduct any investment services. There is no point in giving them access to your money and information.

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The name of this venture suggests they are offering forex trading activities. However, the platform does not disclose the currency pairs they offer. Additionally, the trading conditions are not clarified. It is therefore impossible to know the leverage and spread to expect.

The investment plans of Forex Profits Ltd are also questionable. It’s possible to exploit the crypto and forex space. Nonetheless, this does not mean you will become rich overnight. It takes time to master the ins and out of trading.

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The company is operating illegally. The firm is not licensed, and investing would not provide fund safety. Investors who join the platform with the hope of making money shall end up disappointed. Scammers never help investors to earn passive income.

Forex Profits Ltd allegedly uses a sophisticated strategy to generate high returns. This is not new to us, as we have reviewed thousands of Ponzi schemes. They will make it appear as though they use advanced technology. Yet, the only thing the platforms have is an active website.

Behind the closed doors, there is no investment-taking place. Therefore, let this company not woe you with their lies. The scam will soon cease from operation at some point. Funds will be trapped in their system.

Investment Plans and Returns

Forex Profits Ltd has 12 investment plans. The minimum amount to start trading is $10.  The venture has crazy profits. If your mind is clouded with the thought of getting rich fast, you will end up becoming a victim of this Ponzi scheme.

The ROI can go as high as 124% within 125 days. You do not require any special skills to see this is a fraudulent entity. There is a global financial crisis. Therefore, everyone could be storming in the website. The traffic visiting the website does not translate to what we expected based on returns.

Forex Profits Ltd also has a calculator that exaggerates benefits. You cannot deposit $10 and expect a return of $28.25. It does not add up. Moreover, we are yet to see proof of people that have earned from this entity.

Forex Profits Ltd Regulation and Registration

The company only has a registration certificate. It might appear as the venture is operating from the UK. Acquiring the documents that the firm has is cheap and fast. Anyone can get a registration form. Nonetheless, what counts is having a license from a regulatory body.

Forex Profits Ltd, unfortunately, is an illegal firm. The people managing this venture are operating without the permission of the authority. They can do whatever they please with your information and money. Review, Features

Additionally, this broker can change the terms and conditions it presents. The entity is solely looking after its own needs. It’s more ideal for dealing with a regulatory body that has a license. The benefits that come with it are numerous.

The platform fails to feature information regarding the bank it safe keep investors funds. There is no segregation of funds. It’s most likely the deposit lands in the con artists’ wallet. Often you find their payment methods do not permit chargeback.

Customer Support

Forex Profits Ltd is allegedly based in the United Kingdom. They feature a random address to deceive investors. The available method of communication is via email. Investors allegedly can also reach the firm via Telegram or live support.

Every business invests heavily in its customer support. They make sure of hiring qualified personnel. If you need to reach a legit platform, you can do it in a matter of seconds. However, when it comes to Ponzi schemes, they will treat you unethically.

Forex Profits Ltd Clients Feedback

The broker has multiple positive reviews on Trustpilot. There is no way of verifying the information comes from their existing clients. Furthermore, the lack of proof of payment does not serve the entity any good.

Moreover, Ponzi scheme companies tend to feature false information. They even go to the extent of hiring people to leave positive remarks. The individuals receive payment at the end of the day. Unfortunately, they misguide you.

The company cannot present performance results simply because they have nothing to show. The firm is not trading crypto or forex. Therefore, make a sound decision and avoid con artists. Learn from the mistakes of others.

The Domain Insight

Forex Profits Ltd is a new firm whose registration occurred in December 2020. The company has not built a positive reputation. The features it has shown they do not intend to stick around. Nonetheless, their domain will expire in 2023.

They still have a long way to go but let not their words deceive you. The anonymous venture will soon exit the market. Once they run out of funds, the firm won’t have an option. The entity has low traffic, and the locale of their client is unknown.

Forex Profits Ltd Red Flags

The platform accepts funds via Perfect Money, Payeer, PayPal, and Cryptos. Before you realize you have been scammed, it will be too late. Forex Profits Ltd does not discuss whether there are applicable fees. The company does not even mention the duration it takes a forex account to become dormant.

All the gathered evidence shows that this fraud is untrustworthy. Additionally, referring someone to this venture knowing it’s a Ponzi scheme. It is unethical. Warn anyone who might be tempted to give the blacklisted entity the benefit of the doubt.

Final Verdict

Forex Profits Ltd assures investors withdrawal requests are processed instantly. However, the entity will withhold payment without facing any action. For all, we know this entity is operating against the law. The entity does not have a good track record.

Invest with legit crypto exchanges that are transparent. The fees are favorable, and the security is also top-notch. There are many legit ways that you can exploit the market. Make sure that you research thoroughly. It will save you so much trouble.

The platform is a pyramid scheme. Forex Profits Ltd collects funds from one client and gives them to the other. The cycle can only go on if funds are coming into the system. You should ensure you trade wisely.

Is Forex Profits Ltd trading Cryptocurrency?

Unfortunately, the company is not trading. It is a pyramid scheme relying on referrals.

What is the Location of Forex Profits Ltd?

The company local is an unresolved mystery.

Does Forex Profits Ltd has a License?

No. The company is an outlaw.

Are the payment method of Forex Profits Ltd secure?

No. The company uses methods that don’t allow investors to issue a chargeback.

Are returns of Forex Profits Ltd genuine?

Are the positive reviews online reliable?

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