Forexdividend Review: An Unrealistic Forex Scam


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Forexdividend claims to offer hourly profit to anyone interested to join their charade. As fate would have it, there are already complaints lodged against the platform. Forex dividend is another forex investment scam pouncing on unsuspecting investors. After receiving an email from one of the victims, we decided to check out What we found out will shock most as this is a risky platform. Investors will, without a doubt, lose their investment. Learn more in our vivid FOREXDIVIDEND Review.

Forexdividend Review

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About Forexdividend

On their about us page, forexdividend boasts of having over 10 years of experience. All these are false claims meant to prove their online status. Our investigation will reveal the actual date the website went live.

We have reason to believe that this platform is in the hands of anonymous persons. In any online investment opportunity, anonymity is the cue to stay away. Our investigations revealed what actually takes place once you invest.

Once you land on their homepage, you see an engaging platform. The designer has done a pretty good job keeping things simple. All you have to do is sign up and deposit funds. The rest is left for the people behind it to make you profit.

That’s how easy they make the investment opportunity sound. There’s no way of profiting from their plans as hundreds of victims can testify. Once you deposit funds, it’s the last you see of your hard-earned money.

Account opening

Signing up with the platform is easy, and the process takes five minutes to complete. You have to fill in the address, contact, and full names. There’s a huge loophole in their verification process which we have a problem with.

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The verification process demands that you send bank statements and credit card numbers. This is no way of verifying an account as they can easily send an email link or SMS Code. We believe they are harvesting banking information from members.

Once these scam artists have your banking information, they can sweep clean your account. It’s easier for them to change your credentials since they have all your documents.

It would be best if you were extra careful with where you send documents. Valuable banking documents could be used even to charge your credit card with online purchases.

Affiliate and referral commission

You need not invest with the platform to earn money; they claim to offer a referral program. Before joining their referral program, there are a few things to note. The platform does not pay commissions for these partnership deals.

Affiliate marketers have already added this website to their blacklist. You will also face the wrath of victims who blame you for directing them to a scam. It’s best to stay away from their illicit referral program, which only enlarges their traps.

Assets for investment

Although the platform claims to use cryptocurrency as its main asset, there’s forex asset involvement. They claim to use crypto as their main avenue for generating income. We don’t know the experience the platform has with cryptocurrency.

There’s no mention of any expert behind the team. This leads us to believe that they only mention crypto to gain attention. There’s a high possibility they also indulge in forex trading.

Forex dividend Affiliate programs

Business owner

The about as page has Jayden Moran, the CEO, and William Simpson as the CTO. Other names mentioned include Danielle Ingram and Samantha Jordan. We can easily spot that these are stock images, and none of the people actually work there.

There’s no social media profile of any of them working on this platform. We even did a check with professional profile pages such as LinkedIn. None of these names appear to relate to Forex dividend.

With members facing withdrawal issues, there’s no way of profiting with the platform. All facts point to this platform openly refusing withdrawals. Once you hit the withdrawal tab, the platform automatically shuts you down.

Members no longer have access to their accounts, and there’s no response from support. This is the dilemma and situation facing nearly all members of forex dividend.

Domain insights ( review)

According to their statistics, they claim the platform has been running for 107 days. As we were publishing this post, the website went live on January 5, 2021. This means they have been online for 112 days.

It’s proof that their 10 year-experience claim is false. The platform is barely five months old and already is getting negative reviews. Investors should learn from other victims and stay away from the platform.

Forexdividend License and Registration

Forexdividend is not a licensed platform and should not even offer any services. With their address showing London, UK, we had to check with regulators in the region. The financial conduct authority has no such platform licensed.

We also checked with the Company House to check if there’s a company related to the forex dividend. Even the Company register has no such entity in existence.

The platform also fails to inform users of their license status. This means they hide crucial information from clients. There’s no way you can trust such an investment firm as they lack transparency.

Without compliance, it means members shoulder all liability. Members also fail to enjoy the protection of regulators. Anyone who signs up is at the mercy of these unscrupulous businessmen. There’s no one to protect you from their harsh investing conditions.

Hallmarks of Forexdividend

Account and investment plans

Forexdividend Investment Plans

Forexdividend offers three investment plans to users. These three investments come with guaranteed daily profit with different ratios. The first investment plan comes with a 20 percent ROI after 24 hours.

Their second plan offers 35 percent ROI after 28 hours. The third plan offers 53 percent ROI after 24 hours. For the third plan, you have to meet the minimum deposit amount of $2,000.

Contact and support

Although there’s a chat tab, it’s of no help once you deposit with them. You will also notice the support page has no direct access to the platform. Members have a message board with no phone number.

This is a tactic used by scam artists to filter messages and know when a member wants out. Once you send a withdrawal request, they immediately shut down your account.

Deposit and withdrawal

Although they claim to offer several deposit options, their main currency is Bitcoin. The platform also profits from affiliate partnerships with Perfect Money. This is another way the platform earns money apart from their false crypto trading.

Safety of funds with Forexdividend

With complaints coming in almost every other week, it’s clear safety of funds is not possible. Once you deposit funds, there’s no guarantee that the platform even invests. With no regulation, members are left to wait for a miracle that doesn’t happen.

Scam or Legit Forexdividend

Forexdividend is a scam waiting to pounce on investors. It would help if you stayed away from it or else risk losing your entire funds. Please stay away from it or become another helpless victim of online fraud. payment options

Bottom line

As complaints trickle in, we have to add this platform to our blacklist as well.

Choose wisely and go for tested tools that enjoy the full backing of the trading community. It’s the safest way to earn reasonable profit margins.

We wish you all the best in your investment journey.

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