FTA Latin Review: A CNMV Blacklisted Platform


Financial Trading Advisors Corporation is better known as FTA Latin, is another risky Crypto investment platform. What we have seen from the platform is undoubtedly one of the biggest Crypto scams of the year. You might feel we are harsh on the platform, but it’s far from the truth. These are facts that show why investing with ftalatin.com is throwing your investment away. Learn more in our concrete FTA LATIN REVIEW.

A Brief Overview of FTA Latin

FTA Latin Review

Once you land on their homepage, you see an aesthetically appealing website. We have to give it to their overall design. And that plays a big part in ensuring everyone gets to sign up. From a normal eye perspective, everything looks okay with the platform.

FTA Latin is incredibly thorough in trying to inform users of their prowess. The target audience is Latin investors from South America. With the claim of being a source of professional advice, they appear as angels ready to help investors.

Fear not; we have the right tools and ways of exposing any risky investment platform. With the platform on CNMV’s list of blacklisted entities, the platform is doomed to fail. It would help if you did not think of interacting with the staff members.

There are other proven ways of investing and earning realistic returns. With crypto, you can start with coin staking, DeFi, or Masternoding. These are some of the proven ways of making money with crypto.

Platforms such as ftalatin.com only give investors what they want to hear. The platform promises heaven only to deliver hell in its place. And that’s the reason why we have to expose the platform. There are several users who don’t have access to their accounts.

It seems the platform is already starting to rub investors off in the wrong way. Most of the victims are venting their anger on social media platforms. One of them is Gustavo, and he lost $4,600 with the platform.

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Account opening procedure FTA Latin

When opening an account with these platforms, be extra careful with the verification process. The registration process looks straightforward at the beginninHowever, At the end, they only ask for your address, contact and full names.

Before long, you have the account ready, and you can deposit. You will receive a call from one of the agents asking you to up your game. According to the agent, the more you deposit, the better your chances of getting a high ROI.

The verification process is what’s wrong with the platform. If you didn’t know, some of these websites are harvesting private data. There’s no way members can freely share their banking documents with unknown third parties.

It’s not the case with this platform. You must send your bank statements, a copy of your ID, and credit card details during the verification process. The platform waits until you want to withdraw for the first time to ask for these documents.

There’s a reason they wait for this exact moment. It’s because, as an investor, you will do anything to withdraw your funds. That includes sending your bank details which they can gain access to with your ID.

Business Holder

It would be best if you avoided anonymous websites. Make sure you check the anonymity of each website. Those with no information on the owner or staff members are a perfect example of anonymity.

FTA Latin is an example of anonymity as the details of staff members remain unknown. We don’t know who handles funds or the people who make calls claiming to be account managers. There’s no one you can link as an associate or staff member of the website.

In such a platform, accountability and transparency remain a huge challenge. We can’t tell who is answerable to customer needs. All we have is a platform that claims to offer financial advice and investment options.

Client Testimonials

There are client testimonials on the homepage from Wilfrido, Carlo, Ulises, and Mario. These are the only positive comments we have seen so far. It comes as no surprise the testimonials are on their homepage.

We haven’t seen any testimonials from any third party. It would have been a sell for us if they had a few comments on Trustpilot and other platforms. These could be made-up stories from downloaded stock images.

FTA Latin Features

Wilfrido claims to talk to other investors, but his profile is not found on Whatsapp. Don’t believe everything you see on the page. Some webmasters create their own profiles to support a client.

None of these people have active social media profiles which is odd. There’s no way that none of the four people are on leading social media sites such as Facebook and TwitteTherefore, and we believe these are made-up comments.

Contact and support

As far as support goes, the platform leaves an email address, phone number, and Whatsapp. These are the avenues of making contact, and we are not happy with their phone line. The call went through, and nobody picked our calls.

As far as sending emails go, none has received any responsIn addition, theThe Whatsapp group is inactive and the user admin reads messages and fails to respond. These are the signs proving the platform doesn’t want any interaction with users.

Domain registry (ftalatin.com review)

You have to look at their domain records to understand their online presence. 280 is the number of days the platform has been active. The registrant’s name has been recorded as FTA Latin. Records indicate the website went live on September 24, 2020. 

The server they have been using is linked with hosting other crypto investment scam. It seems the people behind it work as a team to scam unsuspecting crypto investors. And now, you have the details showing the lack of online presence and reputation.

FTA Latin License and Registration Status

FTA License does not have a license to operate or offer investment platforms. If they did have such compliance, they would easily post their document Unfortunately, we don’t see any documents showing their compliance.

With the platform claiming to reside in South America, we understand why they chose this jurisdiction. There’s no strong presence of a formidable or strong regulatory body. The framework makes it a perfect haven for unregulated Crypto investment entities.

Pros and Cons of FTALatin

Trading Accounts FTA Latin

The platform claims to offer PAMM account; however, we don’t have any information on the features these accounts come witForFor example there’s, no information on the acceptable deposit amount. It means the platform can ask for any amount which is contrary to industry rules and regulations.

Safety of funds with FTA Latin

There’s no way safety of funds available with an anonymous platform. The platform does not offer a safety net to investors. Once you sign up with the platform, it’s the last you will see or hear from it. 

The funds are not kept in a segregated account. Once members deposit funds, it’s likely they transfer these funds to private offshore accounts. Those who hire recovery agents to try and get back their funds won’t even get a penny.

Is Ftalatin.com safe?

These recovery agents don’t have the mandate or power to investigate. The agents can’t freeze the accounts belonging to the website. 

As a precautionary measure, you should only sign up with a platform that offers a safety net. For example, signing up with a platform that offers insurance cover for deposits made.

Final thoughts

Due to the anonymous nature of ftalatin.com, we are adding them to our blacklist.

Make the best decision possible by joining reliable crypto investment platforms.

If you wish to leave a comment, please do so, we will engage.

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