Getzcapital Review: Another Offshore Scam


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Getzcapital is claiming to be number one when it comes to being a valuable broker. Despite these claims, we have proof that this is another offshore broker. The contact details show they reside in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Offshore brokers are notorious for flaunting set industry regulations. Depositing or sharing your personal information with such a website is extremely risky. Thanks to our keen eye, we will reveal all the red flags on the platform. Learn more in this honest GETZCAPITAL Review.

Getzcapital Review

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A brief view of Getzcapital

The broker claims to be the best in everything, which is a bit too much. With their promotional messages, you get a feeling they are over-selling their services. Even though that’s not a huge red flag, the results will show a shady broker.

The platform has an intuitive design with easy navigation. We noticed that the slide on their homepage is also found in most sites belonging to offshore brokers.

Accessible and easy to use platform is the core of their promotional message. We will later reveal why their trading platform is worse than average. The broker is using a design that has already been seen before.

The website’s contact details also match that of another scam. We have a feeling that this website belongs to the same group of online scam artists. Please stay away or risk becoming their next meal ticket.

Affiliate partnership

Getzcapital is also offering an affiliate partnership which does not work out in the end. Affiliate groups have been launching scathing attacks on the broker. Months after signing people to this platform, the broker hasn’t paid the affiliate commission.

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Victims are now blaming affiliate marketers for directing them to a scam. All this is happening as the broker is nowhere to be found. It’ likely the broker is going to shut down the website.

Assets and trading instruments on

Once you land on their homepage, you don’t get all the details on their assets. One of the victims claims that the broker promises five classes of assets. These trading instruments include commodities, Crypto, forex, indices, and stocks.

The broker openly claims to offer leading stocks from the FAANG group. Another red flag is the broker fails to inform users of the trading conditions. No one knows the leverage set for these assets.

Business owner

GetzCapital LLC is the company listed as the owner of this platform. The disclaimer at the footer of their homepage shows the company is an offshore entity. We did a check with the Company registrar and found no such entity on the database.

This is a random name that the broker uses to entice clients. We are sure that Get Capital is just another anonymous trading website. And yes, Getzcapital is the pseudonym of Get Capital.

Domain and online presence ( review)

As of publishing this post, the website is 1,716 days old. The site went live on July 25, 2016, which means they are over four years old. In all that time, there hasn’t been a single positive review on the broker.

We did notice that their IP location is in Singapore, and the registrant’s name is withheld. Another worrying issue is the fact that the IP has seen 5 changes in the past five years. This is definitely a platform with a long list of victims.

Getzcapital License and Registration

Getz capital features

Getzcapital is an offshore broker and has no valid license or registration from any known regulator. The fact that the broker hides this valuable information proves they are not transparent. Claims of being a valuable broker are thrown out of the window due to their lack of compliance.

For over four years, the broker has been trading without applying for a license. That proves they don’t care about the well-being of members.

A legit broker will ensure that they clearly reveal their license details. In most cases, the broker usually posts copies of their license documents for all to see. With the license details available to everyone, you can confirm the details with regulators.

We did check with the SVGFSA to confirm whether this platform is legit. There’s no record of such a broker in their license vault. It means that these are online scam artists.

Pros and Cons of Getzcapital

Account details

Getzcapital offers three account types to anyone wishing to sign up with them. The three include Micro, Standard, and Premium. With the Micro account, the broker sets $100 as the minimum deposit. Before you jump in and say that this is an affordable price, there’s a reason for it.

The broker wants to sign up newbies who don’t have a clue about trading regulations. The industry has set $250 as the acceptable minimum for trading.

Getzcapital Plans

Contact and support

You will notice that the only way to make contact is to send an email or leave a message. There are no direct links such as chat or phone calls. The broker doesn’t have the time to respond to queries as the available channels are not convincing.

As an investor, you need the broker to be available 24/7. Once you write an email or leave a message, the broker might respond in a week. And that’s too late, especially if you have an urgent request.

Deposit and withdrawal

Depositing and withdrawing funds with this platform is mind-blowing. As we expected, depositing is easy, and the process takes less than five minutes to complete. Withdrawing funds from the platform is what makes this platform a mess.

After sending a withdrawal request, the broker blocks access to the account. You will receive an email stating that they closed the account for security reasons. And that’s the last you will hear from this broker.

Trading terminal

Although they claim to use the MT5 trading terminal, the download couldn’t complete. The issue with their link is that most operating systems don’t recognize the publisher. That means the link is a security risk that is best to avert.

Safety of funds with Getzcapital

There’s no safety of funds with a broker who openly defines the regulators. It’s best to stay away from the platform as there’s no security of funds. Getz Capital is not segregating accounts, and the funds go straight to their personal account.

Scam or Legit Getzcapital trading platform

Getzcapital is a scam that investors should ignore. All the evidence points to a recurring scam group trying to penetrate the European market. Ensure you stay away from the platform to avoid becoming the next victim. This is not the platform you would want to have your banking information.

We won’t be recommending a broker that fails to offer any legit trading services.

The industry has potential, and it’s best to use authentic brokers with years of experience. That’s the only way to trade safely.

We wish everyone a safe trading experience.

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