GoEverUps Review: Avoid this Broker (goeverups.com)


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Despite having a clean website design, GoEverUps is a fraud. The platform is already on the blacklist of one of the leading European regulators. Go Ever Ups Group is blacklisted by CySEC as a scam, and no one should engage. The broker claims to reside in Australia and Germany with their IP address found in the latter country. Beware of GoEver Ups as it’s one of those good-looking websites with a risky outcome. Our GoEverUps review has all the details.

GoEverUps Review

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A Brief look at GoEverUps

As we said, there’s no doubt that the website design is enticing. Newbies will easily fall for the aesthetically appealing website without question. The scam artists behind this platform did their homework and designed an intuitive platform.

That’s the only credit that we can give them; red flags are plenty despite the design. Our investigators have a ton of facts that reveal the scam behind this entire platform.

Information is the key to unlocking trading legitimacy and scams. We use the information on their website to track them down and raise red flags. Please don’t get fooled by their sleek mention of trading terms, and it’s what drives their scam ways.

The truth of the matter is that this is a website that has no legitimacy. With CySEC already issuing a warning, we fear the site will shut down with member funds in their pocket.

Affiliate partners

Before joining their affiliate program, you will notice that the page is similar to that of GeverestFX. Both of these websites belong to the same group of investors. Their affiliate program doesn’t pay a penny and leaves partners at the crosshairs of victims.

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The victims will turn to the affiliate member who probably doesn’t know that the GoEverUps is a scam. Stay away from them if you are an affiliate marketer.

Assets and trading instruments

Go Ever Ups Payment Options

Once you land on their homepage, the broker promises access to over 40,000 trading instruments. The broker also offers a professional asset management service which is another scam service. These scam artists allege that you can trade Cryptos as CFDs and enjoy 24/7 trading.

Now that’s another lie as markets close during the weekends. These scam artists want to jump everywhere with commodities, forex, indices, and stocks on their trading roost.

Business owner

You wouldn’t know whether this is a platform that one person or a group leads. The website claims that GoEverUps Groups operate the platform. We did a search using Company Registrars of the countries they claim to reside in.

Australia and Germany don’t have any company listed on their registrar under the above name. It’s why we suspect that this is an offshore broker trying to fit in the Australian and European markets.

Comments and account of events from a victim

During our investigation, we were in contact with Sally, who lost 5,000 Euros with this platform. She made contact after reading some of our reviews regarding offshore scam brokers. It so happens that what she was going through is what other victims face.

For weeks, she has been trying to contact the broker and withdraw some of her funds. She wants to withdraw 1,000 Euros which is not possible. The broker has completely shut her off, and she now can’t access her account.

Domain history (goeverups.com)

Their IP location is in Frankfurt, and the website is 121 days as of publishing this post. We notice that the IP address is similar to FrankfurtFX and GeverestFX. The facts point to a scam group that is in the same area trying to scam investors.

Name of the registrant is unavailable as these scam artists want to remain anonymous. The website went live on December 01, 2020. We hope authorities will track down these scam artists.

Features of GoEverUps

Account Types

goeverups.com account types

GoEverUps is just the same as the scam platforms mentioned above in regards to account plans. The platform offers four plans which include Micro, Standard, Premium, and VIP. Micro account holders can make a minimum deposit of 250 Dollars or Euros.

Most of the accounts share features such as account managers and fifth decimal trading. Notable difference includes spreads and trading products for the high-end accounts.


The industry regulators are against brokers who offer bonuses. What this platform does is come up with a way of offering bonuses without using the name bonus. High-end accounts get fund management which is, in other words, bonuses.

There’s no specific amount, but members will later pay a hefty price for the funds. The broker will not allow any withdrawal unless you deposit the equivalent bonus.

Dedicated account managers

Scam artists will do or say anything to make it appear that they are professionals on the job. What they do is hire call agents who act as professional account managers. You get bounced from one agent to another, especially when it comes to matters withdrawal.

Don’t trust a word these account managers say as they are part of the scam. The account manager will sweet-talk you into depositing more funds in the hopes of making more profit.

Trading platform

There’s a client desktop, and the broker claims their trading terminal is compatible with all mobile devices. We did not get to download their platform as the link is broken. There’s a high chance that the trading platform does not offer advanced trading tools.

You will miss all the important features found on reliable platforms such as MT4 and MT5. Please stay away from their trading terminal as it’s a fraud.

GoEverUps License and Registration

GoEverUps License Ststus

GoEverUps is not a legal trading entity and, as such, poses more danger to users. Once you deposit with them, there’s no guarantee that you will even start trading. CySEC has an alert on this broker, and other regulators will follow suit.

You better stay away, as this is another ridiculous trading entity.

Safety of funds with Goeverups.com

There’s no safety of funds as the broker does not comply with industry regulations. You won’t get any compensation in the event of bankruptcy or insolvency. With the broker already blacklisted, chances are they will shut down soon.

Scam or Legit GoEverUps

GoEverUps is a scam that is waiting to pounce on naïve Australian and European investors. We hope that reading our review has opened your eyes. Stay away from the broker as a CySEC warning is not enough to keep investors.

Avoid making contact with the broker or the above two websites that share a similar approach to scamming investors.

Our verdict

GoEverUps Trading Terminal

We have to ensure that our readers are kept afloat on what’s happening in the industry. There’s no way we will recommend this platform. With a CySEC warning, this is probably a fraudulent broker.

The best way to trade is to have an expert broker with years of experience. These brokers ensure your safety and protect your investments. It’s what separates successful investors from victims of online scams.

We wish everyone a happy and prosperous trading experience.

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