Goldacefinance Review: A Bloated Crypto Scam


Goldacefinance claims to be an effective leader in investment management. To maximize profits while minimizing risks is their area of expertise, according to the homepage. The platform sells itself as a hedge fund with a private investment partnership. We can see they claim to have 10 years of experience on the platform. All these are claims the platform fails to back up with hard evidence. Facts are what make a platform legit. Please find out about it in our detailed GOLDACEFINANCE Review.

Goldacefinance Review

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A Brief look at Goldacefinance background and history

Goldacefinance claims to have started way back in 2000. It all started when two friends tried to make their first investment in Forex. The two people remain unknown even today, which points to an anonymous website.

Investors are depositing funds to an unknown platform which is risky. There’s no telling what the people behind the platform do with the money. One thing’s for sure, and they don’t invest it or hold it for investors.

The platform should be clear on who should be held accountable. We don’t know the people working behind the platform. All we have is a UK address which is not enough for us. Thanks to reaching out to a few investors in the UK, we can determine the truth.

The address is an empty apartment accepting residential tenants only. It seems the physical address on their homepage does not exist. And that begs the question, what more are they hiding from potential investors?

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Accounts and investment Packages Goldacefinance

Goldacefinance offers four investment plans on the platform. These plans include starter, business, premium, and gold.

Starter plan

The starter plan is the most basic package and promises investors 120 percent ROI. Withdrawal with this platform is after 24 hours. The minimum withdrawal amount is $15 with no maximum set.

Business plan

With a 130 percent guaranteed ROI, the business plan is the second package on the platform. Withdrawal is possible after 48 hours, with $100 being the minimum investment amount.

Premium plan

150 percent ROI is what premium account holders get with a minimum depository requirement of $500. Withdrawing with this package is after 48 hours of the initial investment.

Gold plan

The gold plan is the most exclusive plan with the highest ROI of 200 percent. There’s a minimum investment deposit of $1,000 required. Withdrawing with this package is after 72 hours.

Please note that subscribing to any of the packages does not guarantee profits. The result of depositing funds is losing your entire depository amount. No investor has come out with proof of winning with the platform.

Accounts and packages

Are funds safe with Goldacefinance?

With the platform showing no proof of address, we have our concerns. The security of investors should play a huge role in determining the credibility of a platform. From our point of view, there’s no guarantee you will profit from the platform.

Our issues with the platform start with compliance and regulation. The platform clearly has no license from authorities. Lack of compliance means there’s no oversight to protect investors from harsh conditions.

Transaction security is another issue we have to point out. When transferring funds to their account, hackers might attack. The platform lacks DDoS protection and SSL encryption. Your banking information is at risk.

Deposits made don’t get insurance cover as with a compliant investment option. In case the platform winds up, investors won’t get any compensation. That’s a likely scenario with unregulated platforms.

Features of Goldacefinance

Account opening

When opening an account with Goldacefinance, you have to fill in a form. Just like any other platform, the details include address, contact, and full names. The problem with their signing up process is verification.

To verify your account when withdrawing, the platform demands valuable documents. First, they will ask for your bank statements and credit card details. The last step is having members send a copy of their ID.

We don’t know about you, but we are strict with who we share personal documents. There’s no reason for the platform to ask for such documents. Gold Ace Finance should send emails or SMS codes for verification. It’s what other platforms do.

The funny thing is that they ask for these documents once you want to withdraw funds. Opening an account and depositing funds is made easy. Withdrawing funds is what makes this platform a risky option.

Affiliate partnership

With a commission of 15 percent, it has to be one of the highest in the industry. It got us thinking why they would offer such a high commission for an affiliate partnership. The platform wants your help to target naïve investors.

Before making any drastic decisions of joining the hefty affiliate partnership, get to learn the truth. No one has received their commission from the platform. We decided to send a link to ourselves and see whether we could earn any commission.

The platform refuses to release these commissions citing banking issues. Most affiliate professionals don’t want any partnership with the platform. It goes to show how the platform treats the marketing team.

Contact and support

On the contact page, the platform only lists an email address. There’s no other form of direct communication. As an investor, you want the person investing on your behalf to be readily available.

The chat tab doesn’t help matters as it’s a tool to harvest personal data. Craig Mount, a cyber-expert, claims these tools are sometimes used to harvest information. It’s the reason you find spam emails of products you didn’t subscribe to.

Domain records ( review)

As we publish the post, the platform is 124 days old. The website went active on January 23, 2020. IP history shows a different story with 7 changes done over the past 7 years. It means this is a short-term website.

The people behind the platform are using the same server to host similar websites. Most of the websites under the server have low ranking. Even search engines have a low trust score with domains under this server.

Goldacefinance License and Registration

Gold ace finance Features

Goldacefinance is using the license details of Goldace Finance Limited. The director, Mr. Dick Cluckers, insists they don’t have an online investment platform. He was shocked when he found out about

Acting with a license from another platform shows the extent they have gone to fool investors. There’s no doubt in our minds, the people behind it are professionals. Please stay away from a platform using clone registration details.

How Goldacefinance scams investors

The scam starts with promising guaranteed daily returns with high ROIs. There’s no way anyone can meet such obligations, especially with volatile markets. These people are taking advantage of naïve investors.

Once you deposit funds, the account balance will start rising by the hour. It gives the illusion your money is working for you. When the time comes to withdraw, it’s when all hell breaks loose.

No one has profited from this platform. We couldn’t find any positive comments or reviews on the platform.

Our Verdict on Goldacefinance

Goldacefinance Verdict

After checking the platform, we have to blacklist them. The ROI is not possible, especially in today’s crypto market.

As investors ourselves, we can only recommend what we know works for us. It’s the only safe place to invest.

Is Goldacefinance safe to invest?

The platform is far from safe as they use cloned registration details.

Are the ROIs attainable on Goldacefinance?

No expert or robot can achieve this ROI.

What’s the best alternative

We have been looking into Coinstaking, DeFi, and masterniding and seen them to be worthy. Here’s the link

Is Crypto investing safe?

Only if you find the best platforms proven by experts and the crypto community

Kindly leave a comment or email us with any queries on Crypto investment.

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