HaceTraders Review: A Crypto Investment Scare


Here comes HaceTraders, a platform that claims to offer Crypto exchange, investment, and trading. The platform tries to buy its online reputation by claiming to be six years in the industry. Our investigation reveals that this is not the case. Hace Traders is another crypto investment platform trying to swindle client funds. And we must put a stop to this as it’s also a crypto offshore investment platform. Please take a look at our detailed and thorough HACETRADERS Review for more.

When investing in crypto, you need a reliable partner that enjoys the backing of experts and the crypto community. And this is why you need leading crypto investment platforms that have been tested. These platforms are transparent as they help you make wise investment decisions. By using coin staking, DeFi, and Masternoding, you too can get returns. So start making the right investment decisions by joining proven platforms.

A Closer look at HaceTraders

HaceTraders Review

According to their about us page, the platform providers innovative and powerful tools for trading. However, what these tools are and how they manage to improve trading remains a mystery. No one knows how they work or what they bring to the table.

The platform also claims to be an international investment company that resides in the States. With its launch date being October 2016, you would expect the platform to have some solid footing by now.

After asking around, crypto investors in America and Europe haven’t heard of this platform. To add salt to injury, the platform does not enjoy any legal cover from the SEC. And this puts investors at risk of losing their investment.

Apart from having an aesthetically appealing website, that’s far as any positive statement we will make. We do this as it’s a factor in fooling naïve investors into signing up. Most see the imagery and web design and immediately fall for the platform.

Before losing your head, you should make sure to do due diligence when investing. Check whether a platform has any negative reviews. You should also confirm first whether the platform allows withdrawals.

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Accuracy of desktop, mobile, and web platforms

On their homepage, the platform boasts of having 99.99 percent uptime accuracy. What this means is the platform will make successful traders almost all the time. Of course, if this were true, we would all join the platform.

There’s a reason why we don’t, and such a high accuracy level is not idealistic. With the markets, prices change without warning, making the market volatile. So making such bold statements is false information.

Assets and services on offer

When you look at the services they offer, the platform stands out as a legit investment platform. The broker platform seems to enjoy positive comments on Trustpilot.com. However, we don’t believe this to be the case as none of them has made any withdrawals.

HaceTraders also offers loans which makes this platform appear to be a lender. However, despite this service, the platform doesn’t conform to lending regulations. And this is why we are putting a question mark on their lending services.

When investing, the platform states they don’t work as other banks or HYIP systems. On their part, funds are allocated to different sectors of the company’s investment strategy. What these strategies remain a mystery.

Wouldn’t you want to know where your money is put to work?

Business owner

HaceTraders Ltd is a financial investment company founded by a group of professional traders. The statement is found at the footer of their homepage. But, unfortunately, we still don’t have the name of the people operating behind the curtain.

HaceTraders Available Services

From what we can gather, the platform is barely making any statement clear. We should know who runs the company. The name of the CEO or CFO should be open to the public. So what’s to stop these people from shutting down and closing all accounts?

We see a feature we don’t like in their investment service provider. Anonymity is a no-go zone for us, and we don’t recommend it. You will end up losing money with no way of contacting these people.

Compliance, License, and Registration HaceTraders

HaceTraders is not a U.S compliant investment company and does not hold any license. In addition, the platform fails to produce any documents to prove their authenticity. And that’s what makes them a high-risk investment platform.

Without any oversight, nothing is stopping them from introducing harsh trading conditions. It’s probably the reason they don’t state their account features until you sign up. Instead, the platform hides this vital information knowing well the consequences that follow.

Investors end up depositing funds and not enjoying the protection from investors. Moreover, the loans they profess to offer come with hidden terms and conditions. In reality, Hace Traders works like a Ponzi scheme.

The platform should be clear about their license status. You should be able to see their license documents that match the regulator’s website. Without any documents on display, we know for a fact they don’t enjoy regulation.

Contact and support

There’s a chat tab and a Whatsapp button where you can join the group. We went with the chat as it seems fast, with the response taking less than three minutes. During our chat, the representative went by the name of Michael.

You can also reach out via the telephone number, which works most of the time. The person behind it will ask a bunch of questions and likely direct you to an account manager. To get more out of the call, you need to be a member.

hacetraders.com features

The call agent insists the phone number is strictly for members only. And this deals a blow to interested parties as they must deposit first to enjoy some services. We thought contact should be available to all.

Domain history (hacetraders.com review)

You remember we exposed the claim they have been in the business for six years? These are false statements as domain records show a different story. Hacetraders.com is barely a year old, and this means they are inexperienced.

Apart from using false date, their website fails to have SSL encryption making it a security risk. Furthermore, during deposit and withdrawal transactions, third parties can easily gain access to your bank credentials.

Features of HaceTraders

Account types

From the contact we made with Michael, he insists the platform offers six account types. These accounts include beginners, standard, gold, gold plus, Diamond, and Diamond plus. Unfortunately, we don’t get much after that, as Michael insisted we had to open an account.

Deposit and withdrawal

At the bottom of their homepage, there’s a deposit and withdrawal table. On the deposit side, Melia Mangis name is on top with a deposit of $1,483. This was 7 days ago, according to the list. Her status is pending, while on the withdrawal side, most status are listed as successful.

The platform tries to sell the idea that withdrawing is easy. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, and these are random details meant to fool naïve investors. You will notice a week from now, and the list will be the same with no changes.

Safety of funds with HaceTraders

HaceTraders is far from being a secure investment platform. From what we have seen, the platform tries to hide valuable information from members. However, the fact that they don’t inform users of their license status is worrying.

Hace Traders License and Registration

Members won’t enjoy any protection as the platform does not segregate accounts. In addition, there’s no insurance cover for deposits made by members.


To protect our ardent readers, we have to blacklist HaceTraders.

Make sure to join reputable online investment platforms that enjoy the backing of the crypto community. It’s the only safe way to trade.

Are funds safe?

The platform does not insure funds.

Can I profit with hacetraders.com?

No one has come out with proof of withdrawing funds.

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