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I got a FINAL NOTICE yet 1st notice for 2 sports playstation games and 3 dvd movies that I have never even rented, when I called the main office they tried to tell me the ONLY way the store would have rented them was to see my ID first, HAH, we dont even have a playstation, why would we rent games, and I do not watch scary movies, nor am I into sports which this is what they were. So, I went to the store to get this straightened out, I wanted to see the signature on the tickets, this is when I found out that they do NOT require a signature unless you use a credit card, (convenient for them, not for us though), WHAT A RIP OFF, so anyone can be set up like this. THEN, I asked to speak with the employee that rented these out, I was told she only worked there a couple of weeks, and left, (convenient for them again & her). But they still swear it was me that rented these, although they have no more proof I did, than they can proove I didnt. WHAT I SUGGEST IS< GO TO BLOCKBUSTER for your movie rentals, THEY DO ASK FOR ID, or at least your Blockbuster card, there is no way anyone had either to rent these, IF ANYONE EVEN DID. You think that employee might have alot of movies & games in her collection by now? Who knows, But I am suppose top pay the price for ALLL their screw ups. Have left message for regional mgr in Houston to call, although I havent heard from him, the STORE MGR is RUDE, and says she cant help me either, they cant look on store video, as they erase them monthly, and this was last month. nMandinConroe, TexasU.S.A.

2206 I45 North Conroe, Tx Conroe, Texas U.S.A.


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