Jazzrex Review: An Unworthy Crypto Scam


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A short-term website with over the moon claims, Jazzrex is after your hard-earned money. Records show Jazzrex.com has one of the lowest trust scores in the investment world. No one in their right minds should invest with Jazz Rex. Even the name sounds off and does not have anything to do with trading. Our investigations point to a disturbing occurrence of events. What members are facing will shock all of you. Read this detailed and eye-opening JAZZREX Review for more.

Jazzrex Review

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About Jazzrex

On their about us page, they claim Jazzrex is a financial company dealing with multiple investments. They claim their main focus is the forex exchange market and are effectively engaged in cryptocurrency.

Jazzrex.com claims to offer on-time returns and a realistic percentage profit on premium. All this sounds good and might even prompt most investors to go ahead and sign up.

After signing up and depositing funds, that’s when all hell breaks loose. The platform will shut down your account and fail to offer any meaningful services. Despite having an engaging website, the platform offers nothing but pain to investors.

We urge you to stay away from the platform or risk becoming one of their next victims. Claims that withdrawals are instant are false as members will testify to it.

Account opening process

The process of opening an account with Jazz rex is simple and takes less than five minutes to complete. What looks like a free-opening profit-making session quickly turns to information harvesting.

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Withdrawing funds for the first time will require verification. This is where they take advantage of naïve investors and ask them for valuable documents. You have to send your bank statements, a copy of your ID, and credit card details.

We don’t see the reason why anyone would want to open an account with jazzrex.com. The verification process is a process that harvests banking data. These scam artists will use these documents to gain access to your account. We have seen cases where members get messages their account balance reads zero.

Others claim their credit cards are being charged for online purchases they didn’t make.

Attracting other investors

To attract other investors, the platform offers an affiliate program strictly to members. The affiliate link is not found on the homepage but the member’s dashboard. You get a certain commission for every deposit the referred party makes.

Although the commission reflects in your account, no one gets to withdraw it. Another problem is you will be seen as the person who directed others to a scam. Avoid such a reputation and resist joining their affiliate program.

Business owner

The disclaimer at the footer of their homepage shows the platform resides in the Cayman Islands. Jazzrex Investment Ltd is the company with the name on the certificate. This is a cloned document. The certification from Cayman Island shows the owner has something to hide.

There’s no way you can offer investment services in America and Europe and have Cayman Island credentials.

We can see what the owners are trying to do. They want to hide in plain sight and fool all classes of investors. No matter your jurisdiction, you can deposit and fail to get in touch with the owners.

This is an offshore-led scam that anonymous persons operate. The best option is to stay away from such sites.

Comments and complaints from members

Just a few days ago, we received several emails from members of this platform. It led to our investigation as to why none of them have access to their accounts. The owner does not offer any valid reason to block access to their funds.

You can also get to read complaints on various social media platforms. The crypto forum groups have also taken the liberty of exposing this dubious platform.

Domain insights (Jazzrex.com review)

Jazzrex.com features

The server used by these scam artists is synonymous with other crypto scams. According to domain data, the website is barely 115 days old as we publish this post. The exact date the website went live was on January 4, 2021.

IP history tells a different story as it has a 16-year presence. This is proof that Jazzrex.com is a short-term website and will soon shut down. Once they get their fill and notice the exposes, they will close down shop.

License and Registration Jazzrex

Jazz rex is not a licensed entity and does not hold any valid documents. Despite having a certificate of incorporation, it doesn’t count. The regulator, in this case, is offshore,e and they don’t follow strict regulation.

This is why the owner preferred this location as opposed to America or Europe. Without regulation from leading regulators such as CFTC, FCA, SEC, and others, we can’t recommend them.

Anyone who deposits funds with the platform won’t enjoy the protection needed from regulators. Members are at the mercy of this ridiculous platform. The harsh trading conditions give the owner power to shut members out at will.

This would not happen if the platform had proper regulatory oversight. Please refrain from signing up with platforms that don’t have regulation from credible authorities.

Underlines of Jazzrex

Account and investment plans

Jazz rex offers FOUR investment plans to anyone willing to sign up with the platform. The four plans include Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. There’s a promise of getting stable profit margins with each account.

The platform does not meet the promise of maintaining a stable profit margin. There’s no way to achieve a daily ROI of 3.5 to 7 percent with any form of investment. The market is volatile, and prices changes without warning.

Jazzrex Accounts and Plans

Contact and support

For a platform that claims to be at the forefront of trading, it’s hard to imagine they lack chat services. Direct access to the people behind this is restricted to emails and message boards. The response doesn’t come quickly enough, which is a huge problem.

No investor will jump into such a platform that fails to have a phone number. It would be best if you remembered it’s an offshore platform, and communication is necessary for all avenues of investing.

Payment methods

The only mode of payment the platform accepts is E-currency. Withdrawal remains the biggest barrier facing members. None of the members has had the chance to withdraw funds from the platform. For over 100 days, there’s no one with proof of withdrawing.

Bitcoin transactions don’t exactly point to withdrawal from the platform. It could be a link from another online purchase via Bitcoin.

Safety of funds with Jazz rex

With the platform, an offshore-based entity, the safety of funds is a huge question mark. There’s no safety of funds as no one has had the chance to withdraw. The lack of proper regulation makes it a riskier trading platform.

Scam or Legit Jazzrex

Jazz Rex Deposit and Withdrawal

Jazzrex is a complete scam, and crypto investors should avoid it at all costs.

We have to add this platform to our growing crypto investment blacklist.

Ensure you invest with safe crypto trading tools. Go for the best crypto trading tools backed by crypto experts.

Our team wishes you all the best in your crypto trading venture.

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