Jennifer L Zickuhr is actually the Cookie Monster!!!! Henderson, Nevada


Oy- This girl is actually the Cookie Monster. I saw her blue fur peeking out from behind the comforter. She was in bed with my husband! Oh my she has a big blue hairy bush. I know she drew him into our bed by feeding him cauliflower pizza. She drugged him with this pizza. And I bet she put vegetables on it. Including a big dose of marijuana.He was hypnotized by her soft blue fur and her large eyes. Not To mention her voluptuous body from all the cookies. Now my marriage is over due to this cookie monster…. I hear she also occasionally likes to eat brownies as well and the occasional cake. She let my husband like blue frosting off of her. Then I heard she took him gambling at Circus Circus. She spent well over $1000. At the slot machines. She then took him to the swinging donkey strip club. I hear that the men are crazy for her for her.

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  • I saw a dinosaur in love with a unicorn skipping over the Loch Ness monster while flying in my spaceship to visit my sister on Mars.

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