Judge Bonnie Sue Newton ST. PETERSBURG Florida


Complaint: Bonnie Sue Newton was a judge in family court- Divorce ourt – in Pinellas County. Florida from 1979 until over 1993. I had her as my judge in my proceedings. She is a very evil women who should be in jail!!! She lied repeatedly in divorce decrees and did not even award the parties their pre- mrtial property. She also REFUSED to place people in contempt of court for not not makong the other party surrender the court awarded property to ther other party. Judge NEWTON lied in her divorcees and I took the time (over 18 months) to go line item by line item vs. the court transcripts to show actual testimeny of witnesses against HER LIES. The Judical Qualifications Commissions researched the notebook and 500 pages of documentation to see that she REALLY IS AN (((REDACTED___! she is beyond biased and it bit her in the a**! I remember her telling my attorney in court ne time, “Mr.X

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Address: in my courtroom

Website: JUDGE NEWTON put a man who was wheelchair bound/ disabled

Phone: this is how it done.”” Well

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