k. robohm Norman Oklahoma Review


The con starts this way, he approaches as a very wealth but down to earth man with an elderly statesman demeanor. he tells you that he himself is only on Social Security which will be the only true thing he tells you. Every thing else will be a lie. He promises to pay the rent in about 6 months after he closes a big deal then he will pay the back rent and close the deal to purchase the house. He signs a promissory note and throws around a few big names and requires you to sign a non-disclosure like he is very well connected. Time passes and the big day arrives but no money. The deal closed but the money is overseas and will take awhile to arrive. You wait because it will only be a few days a few days turns into a few weeks. The deal changes and now it is a different deal and will only be a few weeks so you wait. this deal also never closes, the money is always in transit from one bank to another during this time you are assured that every thing is fine and the deal will close. He will produce documents that seem to support what he is saying and is very convincing. All this money he claims to control is in trust or tied up in a deal. All of this is a lie! The truth is that he pulls this scam as long as he can then moves on to the next house/landlord. He does this over and over and sets up bogus companies to sign contracts He claims to be a Christian and has lots of activities with the church. All of this is a lie. He is very good at this and according to my attorney has probably been doing this for years. I would not lease, sale or deal with this conman at all, even if he gives you money up front – you’ll never see another dime.

po box 814142 dallas, Texas United States of America



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By Marcus

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