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This former friend of mine I met when we were in high school when she looked like the photo on the left. I had a boyfriend at the time and as she was a couple years younger than me she always used to tell me that I looked up to her and that I was her idol. I graduated, and we lost touch until we ran into each other and by this time I had a husband and a baby. She very quickly became a close friend and practically part of the family. There was once instance where she became uncomfortably close to my husband and I had to speak with her about it. Her response was clueless as if she didn’t know what I was talking about. A couple years went by and I find out she had hooked up with my ex from highschool. I began feeling like something was going on between her and my husband but couldn’t prove it. Not until my friends and family started pointing things out too that I cut her out of my life.She and my husband kept talking and 2 years later I finally find out that my suspicions were correct. They had been “flirting” and “hooking up” and finally slept with each other twice, the last time being when she took him out to celebrate his birthday. She always used to copy my style and habits and previously I just took it as a compliment only to realize that she was just a backstabbing whore who wanted to be me and have what I have.

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  • You’re a fucking joke And may all your ex’s gang up on you so ou lose your daughter you worthless heap of shit.

By Marcus

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