Kowela Review: An Offshore Forex Investment Platform


From a fresh eye’s perspective, Kowera looks like a formidable and transparent investment platform. Once you get to hear the experience of members, you see it differently. Kowela.com provides nothing but pain to investors. Those that have already signed up are ruing the decision. One of them is Mark James, who deposited $2,500 with the junior account. He’s now blocked from accessing his funds. Learn more in our detailed KOALA REVIEW.

A Brief Overview of Kowela

Kowela Review

The platform claims to put its client’s interests first for the best investment experience. These are fancy words that are used for marketing the platform as the go-to platform for investing. Those who make the mistake of not doing due diligence end up becoming victims.

You need to understand the concept of a safe investment environment. Today’s investor is looking for a platform with proven qualities. And that’s the reason most investors are turning to revolutionary investment options. You, too, can profit from Coin staking, DeFi, and Masternoding.

Kowela does an incredible job of coming up with a well-designed website. The aesthetics will even fool the standard investor. It would be best if you had a keen eye to spot some of the mistakes found on the platform.

And this is what we provide, facts and proof as to why investing with Kowela.com is a risk. The platform tries to hide its faults with industry jargon and compelling imagery. There are, however, ways of knowing whether a platform is real or not.

You should avoid interacting with their call agents, who later act as account managers. Those are the people they use to make direct calls to potential investors. Once they rope you in and give you false hope, that’s the last you will hear from them.

Account Types Kowela

Kowela offers six account types to investors. All these accounts come with different features. Let’s take a closer look at these accounts;

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Junior Account

The junior account is the most basic. Members have to deposit $2,500 to start using this account. Some of the features that come with this account include multiple execution orders and weekly signals.

Advanced Account

There’s a minimum depository amount of $10,000 required to start trading with this platform. As a member, you get multiple execution orders with multi-language support. You also get access to multi-asset trading.

Investor Account

Kowela Account Types

With the investor account, you have to make a minimum deposit of $50,000. Members get access to advanced markets, which include currencies and stocks. According to the features, members also get low market pricing.

Trader Account

You get a custom trader account as a member of the Trader investment plan. The minimum allowed deposit is set at $100,000. Members get among them daily technical analysis and live signals.

Trader Pro Account

There’s an Islamic Account option with this plan. The minimum allowed deposit is $250,000, with a customized trading portfolio available. You also get complex charting indicators and market execution orders.

VIP Account

It’s the most advanced account, and you can call it the exclusive account. The minimum deposit is $1,000,000 and targets institutional clients. Members get complex charting and indicators alongside daily comprehensive analysis.

Account Verification process

And this is where things start turning sour as the platform asks for important documents. When opening an account, you need to fill in your address, contact, and full names. That’s not the issue, and the problem is when you want to withdraw funds.

When you click withdrawal for the first time, the platform asks for verification documents. These include a copy of your ID, bank statements, and credit card information. We don’t see the need for all these documents.

If the platform wants to verify the user, they can send emails with verification links. It’s also possible to verify users with SMS codes. There’s a warning from Caleb McIntosh, a leading Cyber-security expert.

He warns that some of these platforms are harvesting banking information from clients. In most cases, they target wealthy investors. Once they notice your deposit amount is high, their next option is to try and change your bank details.

With your banking details and a copy of your ID, nothing is stopping them. Some even go to the lengths of charging your card for personal online shopping. We have seen this many times before.

Available markets for investing

There are four main assets for investing with the platform. These include commodities, currencies, digital assets, and stocks and indices. You can speculate on a range of commodities which include Brent oil, Gold, and natural resources.

Members can trade with over 90 exotic, major and minor currency pairs. Some of the digital currencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. As expected, some of the stocks include those from the FAANG group.

Business Registration Address

The disclaimer at the footer of their homepage shows a different story. There’s the Kingstown St Vincent and the Grenadine address. With this information, we know for a fact that Kowela.com is an offshore platform.

Kowela.com Trading Platform

There are a lot of risks that come with offshore platforms. These include not having proper legal oversight, which works against investors. There’s no way of reaching out if the platform decided to shut down today.

Contact and support

What most investors will realize afterward is that there’s no contact detail on the platform. There’s no forwarding address, just a bunch of social media pages. And this points to a platform trying to minimize contact.

There’s a reason why they have been avoiding contact. With several complaints lodged against them, they want to stay below the radar. It would be best if you were on the lookout for such platforms that hide their contact details.

A legit platform should have available support 24/7 as this is an investment platform. As an investor, you should be able to get a hold of the people handling your funds. With Kowela, this is not the case, and you can only wait and pray for a miracle.

Domain records

There’s a reason we check domain records, and it’s to find out what search engines think of the website. Kowela.com went live on October 15, 2020. The website has been active for 259 days as we publish this post.

What this means is that we are dealing with a platform with no online reputation. Most search engines have low trust scores with the website. Due to the anonymous nature of the website, they rank it low.

Even the server used to host this website has some glaring issues. It seems the server hosts other Forex investment websites from offshore jurisdictions. The name of the registrant has also been redacted for privacy reasons.

Kowela License and Registration Status

With kowela.com being an offshore investment platform, your funds are at risk. Kowela is not a licensed platform and does not hold any legal right to operate. There’s no oversight to protect investors from the harsh conditions.

Investors are at a loss when they deposit funds with an unregulated platform. Even the platform knows this and decides not to inform members of their status. It’s a breach of trust which puts members at a disadvantage.

Kowela.com Features

Without oversight, members are at6 the mercy of the people running the platform. If they decide to shut down, you won’t get any compensation. And that’s a huge disadvantage that comes with unregulated platforms.

Safety of funds with Kowela

As we have discovered, the platform lacks regulation, the safety of funds is out of the question. There’s no safety net provided, such as insurance cover for deposits made.

Please stay away from Kowela.com; we are adding it to our blacklist.

You can also make an informed decision by signing up with reliable investment platforms. 

If you wish to ask any questions, leave a comment or email us. We would be happy to engage.

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