Video Computer StorenP. O. Box 499nPipersville, PA 18947 nLast year I paid a high price ($2,346) for an Everex computer ordered from the above company. The quality of the computer is quite low. The order # is F656130. This order was given a total of $375 rebate (I just re-checked my record). Last year I received, filled out rebate forms and sent to its rebate offices a total of $375 rebate coupons ($100 and $75 rebate coupons for the computer, $50 for monitor, $50 Bonus Rebate and additional 3 coupons for a total of $100 for the printer and the scanner). After sending many calls and letters, I still have not got the first four rebates (total $275) yet. nOn June 3 I sent the most recent letter to the company and requested an immediate reply but still not received. I tried to call its # (1-800-600-8005) and got nobody to talk. nHow can I get my money back? nHow could we get rid off such bad businesses?

Video Computer Store, P. O. Box 499 Pipersville, Pennsylvania U.S.A.


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By Marcus

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