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Complaint: He is very unprofessional for his profession! I was sent a bill for a phone call I made to him that was less than 20 minutes. He asked me to fax information that pertained to our phone conversation and he said “I will review it and call you on Monday””. Instead I recieved a bill. When I called to ask him what I was being charged for his receptionist said he would charge me to talk to him. She gave me his e-mail and suggest that I e-mail him the question. When I e-mailed him asking why I did not hear back from him and why I was being charged his answer was “”I have been swamped….if you like fax me the information again but I will have to charge you””. So then why am I being charged for legal services that I did not receive. His e-mailed response was “”I don’t have time for this””. I have no problem paying for a sevice that I received

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Address: but in this case what service did I get??? A bill and a waste of my time composing e-mails to a really bad lawyer!”


Phone: 603 N. Highway 101, Suite F Solana Beach, California United States of America

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