Lifestyle Resorts Pleasantville New York Review


Lifestyle Resorts is a gang of ripoff con men and women with the intention to scam and defraud innocent people on vacation in a foreign country.LIFESTYLE/.LHVC purposefully orchestrate an elaborate sting to lure unsuspecting people into purchasing a fraudulent vacation club membership while on vacation. n nLHVC/LIFESTYLE purposefully mislead and fail to provide accurate documentation. HVC/LIFESTYLE obsures key information purposefully in documents that would not have this information placed there unless you wre looking to hide it. LHVC/LIFESTYLE contracts are 100% misleadinng on purpose. nLHVC/LIFESTYLE does not provide in writing or verbally their mandated cancellation policy at time of contract. LIFESTYLE/LHVC purposefully circumvents the law by putting key cancellation policy on ” take home disc”” to review when you get home without advising you what is on the disc. nLIFESTYLE /LHVC does not want the buyer to know there is a cancellation policy and counts on the staff to direct buyers from this information purposerfully to commit fraud. nLIFESTYLE/LHVC would have the cancellation policy up front and in writing if they did not want to obsure this information. LIFESTYLE /LHVC has no intention of changing this policy as they count on it to ensure they can defraud without retribution! nLIFESTYLE /LHVC is a fraud! nWe would not like this to happen to anyone else who is unsuspecting.”

Lifestyle Tower,Cofresi Beach, Internet United States of America


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By Marcus

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