Live AI Trading Review: Is Safe?


Magnified profits, a personal manager, and portfolio diversification is what Live AI Trading claims to offer. Yet, despite using these heavy words, the results leave everyone guessing. We have been receiving complaints from members who are losing funds right left and center. Even the personal manager is to blame, and they only ask members for more deposits. So we had to dig deeper and find out the real problem. Learn more in our clear LIVE AI TRADING REVIEW.

A Deep Analysis of Live AI Trading

Live AI Trading Review

The moment you land on their homepage, you start seeing AI dummies on the slides. There’s an effort to sell this platform as one that uses AI technology to advance trading. And this makes it an appealing platform for many.

What naive investors don’t know is that this is a well-planned scenario. You get to deposit funds, and the platform keeps it all. There are several complaints already on several regulator’s desks. Soon, the platform will be added to the regulator’s blacklist in Europe.

To stay ahead of the investment and trading scene, you need to have adequate platforms. Moreover, these alternatives have to enjoy the backing of the investment community. With transparent platforms, the safety of funds is a guarantee.

Live AI Trading fails miserably in providing support to investors. And this is the reason why we must expose the platform. Every user should be aware of the risks that come with investing with

There’s no way you can profit with their AI technology. We believe they are just using these words to pull in investors. At the end of the day, there’s no proof that their platform provides any security cover.

Algo Trading Option

The platform offers algorithmic trading or automated trading bots. We still don’t see a demo feature where we can test the robot. Members have to use the robots in live accounts, which is at a disadvantage.

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Using AI technology, the platform claims to fuse Cryptohopper’s Unique A.I. According to their statement, and this feature allows the robot to backtest all strategies. And this does not come anywhere close to testing bots using demo accounts.

Investors should have the chance to test a bot before fully committing. And this is why we believe the platform is quick to sell its services without proper control. No one gets the chance to test the platform beforehand.

Everyone only uses the robot when using live trades. Furthermore, their accuracy is way off. There are other proven bots with high accuracy and allow users to test them before purchase. These are the types of bots you should use.

Asset Management  Services

According to the platform’s about us page, the services are specifically for algo and robot traders. However, the accuracy of their robots remains a huge question as no one can testify to it. And this is why we must expose the platform for its lack of transparency.

Investors also get the promise of getting equity and mutual funds. The platform also offers goal-based financial planning to members. According to the platform, members can save for multiple financial operations.

There are several services under this platform, chief among them being Mutual Funds. Other notable services include Live A1 Asset Management Fund and Equity funds. It begs the question of whether this platform acts as a lender.

And this is where we notice that the platform has veered off course. Goal-based financial planning means members save funds under the platform. If you don’t see the shift in perspective, that’s on you.

Available Assets and Trading Instruments

Live AI Trading Trading Instruments

We can spot six different assets which users can use to trade on the platform. These assets include CFDs on Indices, CFDs on Metals, and Commodities CFDs. In addition, three other trading instruments include Crypto, Forex, and stocks.

There are more than 40 currency pairs divided between major and minor pairs. The platform claims to offer global assets to members. You can trade FAANG Group shares as well as other leading Crypto pairs.

The platform has changed from offering AI trading strategies to a lending and savings institution. To add salt to injury, the platform does not hold a valid license. Debt funds and hybrid funds are also up for grabs according to the platform’s features.

Business proprietor

With their phone number having a UK code, you would expect them to reside there. However, we believe they are using a virtual phone number to attract European investors. The names of the people operating and running the platform remain unclear.

What is clear is Live AI Trading is an anonymous investment and trading website. The anonymous nature makes it a risky platform for all. You won’t see any seasoned investor going for their antiques.

The lending services are used to target naive and wealthy investors. With hopes of saving you from financial losses, members will blindly sign up. We are here to expose the bitter truth regarding the use of LiveAI Trading.

Contact and customer support

Imagine the platform’s using AI technology, and they fail to offer direct access to support. Instead, you can only send an email or wait in line for them to pick your calls. The platform should by now offer investors with ample support services.

There’s a good reason why the platform fails to offer direct support. The owners are afraid of the backlash they would receive from members. No one wants to take the blame for the lack of withdrawals. It also makes it easy to ignore emails and calls without contacting members.

Features of Live AI Trading Services

Payment Methods

We only see the platform’s claim that they offer secure payment methods. Those who made contact have been depositing funds using various channels. Most use bank and wire transfers, while others use E-Wallets.

The major problem facing all members is the fact that no one gets to withdraw funds. Your funds remain with the platform. Those who save with the platform also end up losing their entire savings.

With the platform not having any safety net, there’s no one to turn to for help.

Personal Account Manager Live AI Trading

These are not professional fund managers, and they are call agents. The call agents earn commissions for every deposit you make. It’s their duty to call and sway investors into depositing funds. You will note that there’s no mention of a name or entity working under account management.

Registration, License, and Compliance Live A1 Trading

Live AI Trading is not licensed or registered by any regulator. The fact that they don’t appear on the Financial Conduct Authority’s registry says a lot. Once you deposit funds with such a platform, you need to understand the risks. 

The lack of oversight means the platform is free to impose any conditions they choose. It means all liability will fall in the hands of members. There’s a high chance their disclaimer is using false information.

According to them, members are protected by the Cyprus Investor Compensation Fund. However, it’s not the case as there’s no proof of it.

Safety of funds with Live AI Trading

Live AI Trading License and Registration

The platform does not guarantee the security of funds and the investor. Please stay away from it or else risk losing your entire funds. You don’t get to enjoy a safety net in the event of bankruptcy or insolvency.

Final Thoughts on Live AI Trading

As all things remain clear, we have to add to our blacklist. Would you mind staying away from it or risking becoming their next victim?

The best option is to choose transparent investment options. These options include Coin Staking, DeFi, and Masternoding. 

Feel free to leave any comments or email us with any queries.

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