Marcus Campbell: Stay away from the fraudster to earn money


Marcus Campbell is a known personality in Affiliate Marketing. Campbell is known for his charismatic and soft-spoken attitude who claims to have more than 10 years of pursuing affiliate marketing. It is believed that he’s made a fortune during the process. To be precise, I must say the known personality for wrong doings, ya!? Yeah right that’s what you heard! Let’s see the product reviews in detail:

Simple Sites Big Profit :

Simple sites big profits is owned by Marcus Campbell. A training platform that claims an earning of 137/day using simple 3-5 paged websites. To earn money from simple sites, it is necessary to use affiliate marketing, CPA and paid traffic. If you’re a beginner , you probably think its possible but to understand the process, one needs to learn the process of each concept inside the whole system.

So, how does it work?

One needs to learn and master the following steps :-

Build a website: As soon as you sign up with simple sites big profit, you’ll be guided by the Blue host that includes installation of wordpress and related plugins for setting up your website. Building a website is the easiest part of all but creating contents can be a big challenge mostly for the newbies who are expecting quick results. Marcus is a professional who knows that people are bound to be lazy to learn all these stuffs so he offers done-for-you-websites as one of the upsells. 

Affiliate Marketing concept is the easiest concept to monetize your website wherein you put your affiliate links to your recommended products and inturn you earn commissions. People think that affiliate marketing is a simple technique but in real it is quite complicated and Marcus knows this very well. So he introduced CPA tactic too.

Cost per Action (CPA): Affiliate marketing has different methods one can use. For instance, around 8% of affiliate market programs utilize PPS (Pay per sale) method, around 18% of the affiliate programs apply CPA( Cost Per Action) method and the rest around 74% programs use the other methods like CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPM (Cost Per Mille).

Marcus system uses all of the 3 methods: PPC wherein you’ll get the commission by recommending the product, CPA wherein  you’ll get the money by driving leads to the website that offers commission and CPC wherein you’ll be using the paid traffic with simple sites.

Traffic generation: This system needs the paid traffic so as to rank a 3-5 page website on a search engine. This is the main reason why Simple Sites Big Profits don’t focus on Organic Traffic . It teaches you how to leverage the paid traffic which means that you need a really expensive budget for advertising fees.

Here’s why most people complain about Marcus Campbell’s system, I being one of them : 

I am sorry to say, but Marcus Campbell continues to lie.

If you go through his link , you’ll see Marcus explaining what you’ll get with the purchase of his system.

I ordered his system and I never understood what he’s explaining in this video. This video is an absolute lie from Marcus. In this video, Marcus is showing you digital DVD’s that you’ll get and he is taking them out of the box that will be similar to the black box that I had received. The box which is shown in the video is blue in color. When you’ll get your box, it consist of only one CD that loads a program to your computer. You will also get the manual that is really painful to read . Though I am not that super great in English grammar but the CD was appalled by improper use of words like weather and whether, heir and here, etc. That is all you will get in your box.

Like me, if you are cut off from this site in 30 days after loading the Cd; you will not have the contact number of Marcus aswell. I never thought that I was in need to write down his number until I lost the use of the software that Marcus had sent . I can no longer trust this guy and want readers to be aware of. Marcus is really losing it by not paying attention to his customers!

Marcus Campbell’s High Ticket niches Product Review: A Scam


High Ticket Niches Product is a get rich quick scheme that’s only out to support the founder monetarily and not you! Don’t fall for the hype of this program. If you want to waste your time and money then only go for this program.

What is High Ticket Niches? 

Marcus Campbell created a high Ticket Niches Program that’s supposed to help you out with affiliate marketing and start earning money online from it.


If you buy the product, its said that Marcus himself will choose the profitable niche that will guarantee you to become as successful as him. After choosing the profitable niche, Marcus will then pick out a domain name, shall hook you up with plugins, site content and tools. You also get Simple Sites Big Profits program that have ready made websites and everything you need for affiliate marketing business as claimed by Marcus.

What you get with High Ticket Niches?

After some digging in the program, I could say that High Ticket Niches isn’t worth your money. $2000 is a lot of money to get affiliate marketing business up and to be honest you can start affiliate marketing business for free.


The whole program was created only to help Marcus make money! Choosing a high ticket Niche is just more of a hype to make you believe this system is going to do all work for you. These readymade sites will not rank in the search engines due to duplicate content and whatnot. 

Will the High Ticket Niches really help you earn money online?

Truthfully said, this program will not make you earn money online instead its just out to take your money. Marcus is asking you for almost $2000 for an affiliate market product which in turn can be done free of cost. Making money online, especially with affiliate marketing takes time and work , so everything you see within High Ticket Niches is just hype! I highly recommend not to waste your time and money for the product!

Affiliate Marketing Dude Review:

Affiliate Marketing Dude is a training program created by Marcus Campbell. The focus is on getting people and helping them to set up small websites that make money. Video tutorial training is provided including access to tools, plug-ins, live training, niche ideas and many more.  Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online especially for beginners. One simply needs to promote products online for other people and earn commissions when you help them in sales. I have been involved with affiliate marketing since 3 years and feel glad to review this course since I know the tricks of the trade. There’s a saying first impression is the last impression and my first impression of Affiliate Marketing Dude was pretty bad. When initially I came across the website, it looked like a poorly constructed program. 

You need to take a glimpse of forum here. You’ll get to know how inactive the forum and live chat is.


And there seemed to be lack of support and interaction amongst members on this platform. Also one thing that caught my eye was a link to preorder Simple Sites 2017 here….! Is this some kind of joke! I am writing the review in 2019 and the link shows of 2017…!


This proved my point that the website is pretty outdated. Marcus you got to hire some employees to keep your platform updated, ya. 

The Cost: To put a price tag on digital products like this needs guts. In my opinion, around $1000 cost of the product seems to be really high for me. It would be really nice to know the success rates of people who buy into this $997 product. This is the one where Marcus picks a niche for you that he feels has a potential.

Paying for a niche? Bad idea: After coming across one of the reviews, the person had brought up really a nice point. One might not want to buy the High Ticket Niches Product where he picks a niche for you. It might sound interesting and tempting, but I foresee problems. And the main problem is that if someone gets involved in a niche and thinks that it is profitable but do not have interest in , they end up quitting atlast. 

Conclusion: Overall, I don’t recommend this program. To put to rest, the quality you are getting here just doesn’t seem to be at par and isn’t going to make you touch the ladder of success.

Blog Profits Network Review:

Marcus Campbell’s Blog Profits Network depends heavily on the software. As part of the training course, the customers are expected to download, install and use the software. But this software doesn’t work. I downloaded it and tried to install it but it just wouldn’t install without errors. 


The software popped up an error message that read, “an error occurred while trying to copy a file : Click Retry to try again, Ignore to proceed anyway, or Abort to cancel installation.”


So I clicked retry but the same error popped up again which eventually made me click ignore as I wanted the software installation to go through and not get cancelled.

So, I decided to proceed with using the software as is. This time the error message was different. It read, “ 0 52:1 ‘$’ is undefined.” Then, I thought, “Oh crap! This is it” but I was absolutely wrong. The software opened up with an interface after I clicked the ok button on the error window.


So, I decided to explore a bit. On it, Marcus Campbell tries to market a new domain name service through an affiliate link. Another link that read, “Open Google Keyword Planner” caught my attention.


Out of curiosity, I clicked on it and a warning screen appeared with a message that read, “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate. The security certificate presented by this website is insecure. Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server. We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website.”