MaxPrimeFX Review: A Shady Forex Broker With Several Websites


MaxPrimeFX is one of the worst forex brokers in the market. The people behind this operation are running two identical websites just to increase their chances of scamming someone. There is nothing genuine about nor the identical These individuals are only in the market to steal people’s funds.

Unfortunately, they are doing a great job trying to put on a professional. They have a website filled with lies just to attract customers. In reality, these are not professionals. We doubt they know anything about providing professional brokerage services.

MaxPrimeFX Review, MaxPrimeFX Company

Luckily, the best professional forex brokers know what they are doing. They remain committed to servicing customer investment needs. Their only mission is to satisfy client investment requirements. 

To avoid companies like MaxPrimeFX, ensure you do enough research. Fortunately, we are here to help you identify such scammers. Therefore, without further ado, here is our review of MaxPrimeFX. Review

MaxPrimeFX calls itself the fast lane to maximising your profit. The company promises access to most financial markets at the lowest costs. The assets this company provides include forex, stocks, crypto, and binary options. While this may be good, you can see through the lies this company is touting.

First, your profits depend entirely on your trading activities. You need perfect execution to gain any profits in the market. Therefore, no broker should promise to make you a profitable trader. Furthermore, this company provides some of the worst trading conditions.

For example, the trading platform available to clients is subpar. This platform has poor execution speed and lacks functionality. You should only invest in companies that provide the best trading platform in the market. That way, you will never miss out on any trades.

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Worse though, this company claims to provide copy trading services. However, there is no introduction to any of their professional traders. We have no idea who they are or what their trading history looks like. Therefore, clients may end up copying trades of armature traders. That is how you lose money in the market.

MaxPrimeFX Customer Support

We do not know of a professional company that does not provide customer support. Well, this is exactly what we have here. The only way to get in touch with customer support is by emailing them at [email protected]. There is a live chat option that is just there for aesthetics. It does not work.

Therefore, it is safe to conclude that this is not a professional company. The founders do not want to hear from people claiming their money back. Once you invest here, you will never hear from the founders again. They will disappear without a trace.

Moreover, customer support is an essential service. You should not have to beg for it, especially in a company that is handling your funds. You deserve to have your queries answered at any time.

MaxPrimeFX Trading Conditions

There are four major investment plans to choose from on These include the Basic, Silver, Gold, and Custom accounts. Interestingly, this company does not tell us anything about the trading accounts. This lacklustre presentation is common in fraudulent websites. After all, the founders only care about getting people to send money.

However, it gets even worse. Once you invest, you will undoubtedly receive the worst spreads in the market. The spreads easily go above 100 pips. You do not need a seasoned professional to tell you how absurd this is. There is nothing good about this company.

At such spread levels, you will be paying more than 100 times the industry standard. You should not have to pay more just to trade using a subpar broker.

Payment Options

The design of this company’s operations screams scam. The only payment option available to clients is Bitcoin and Ethereum deposits. This is a payment option that scammers like using. This is because it is very easy to steal people’s funds using cryptocurrency payments. Scam Review, MaxPrimeFX Plans

For starters, crypto transactions are permanent. Hence, it is impossible to recover your funds. Additionally, crypto transactions are between abstract addresses. As such, it is hard to trace your funds to a particular person. We always warn against using this payment option. Only use it when you are sure you are dealing with a trustworthy firm.

MaxPrimeFX Regulation Status

MaxPrimeFX claims to be a registered and regulated company. We had to confirm this. The company claims to have clients from over 130 countries. Among those includes the United Kingdom, Turkey, Indonesia, Spain, Portugal, France, Japan, China, Germany, Italy, and Sweden.

We checked on various regulators’ registries to see whether we could find this company. We started with the FCA as it is the easiest to use. Interestingly, that bore us no results matching this company. This was the same for all the other regulators. This company does not appear on any of their records.

Therefore, this is an unregulated operation with no license. You should never invest in unregulated companies. It will always end in a bad way. Moreover, such companies are illegal in the eyes of the law. Once they exit the market, they will not return client funds.

The People Behind the Company

It is very common for criminals to hide their identities. Therefore, we are not surprised that there are no identities to associate with this website. The founders are completely anonymous. They do not want us to know who they are. Additionally, there is no mention of the address of their headquarters.

As such, it is impossible to track these people down. You should never send your money to anonymous individuals. That is how people lose funds on the Internet. Moreover, revealing the identities of the founders only helps gain the trust of the clients. Professional companies will always do it because they understand the importance.

Fake Information On

There is a lot of fake information on this website. For starters, the company tells us they have over six years of experience in the market. Well, that is a colossal lie. This website’s footprint only dates back to the 12th of April 2021. The company only has a month in the market. It takes longer for any company to master brokerage services.

Additionally, the website has several fake customer testimonials. We can tell they are fake because MaxPrimeFX is using stock images. Anyone can buy these images and use them as they please. These are not real people enjoying the company’s services.

Evidently, this company is willing to lie to attract customers. These are not the individuals you want handling your money. There is no telling what more they are willing to do to steal people’s funds.

Final Verdict

This is an illegal operation without a license. No regulator is overseeing its operations. The founders are free to do anything they want. There is no way we can recommend such a company to you. They cannot assure you of your funds’ safety.

Furthermore, these people are hiding their identities. This suggests that they are up to something terrible. They are only in the market to steal people’s funds. That is why they are using fake information and running several scam websites.

For your peace of mind, avoid MaxPrimeFX like the plague. Only invest in legitimately regulated forex brokers. Only such companies can keep your funds secure as you invest.

Does MaxPrimeFX have a License?

No, Unfortunately this is an offshore venture

Is the customer Support of MaxPrimeFX Sound

No. The characteristics displayed by this offshore entity make us doubt the quality of their services.

Are fund safe at MaxPrimeFX

Your money is not safe. The illegitimate broker does not segregate funds.

Can I issue a chargeback with MaxPrimeFX

No. They only accept crypto payments making it hard to trace them or get your money back.

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