MillenniumCryptoMining Review: A Risky Platform


MillenniumCryptoMining is the platform claiming to offer a reliable crypto-mining infrastructure. However, judging by the comments we have seen, it seems the platform is swindling funds from investors. For those new to cloud mining services, you need to be extra careful where you invest. Millennium Crypto Mining is a perfect example of why it’s important to do due diligence. And that’s why we are here for you. Read this clear and detailed MILLENIUMCRYPTOMINING Review.

About MillenniumCryptoMining

MillenniumCryptoMining Review

The platform claims to provide Turn-Key Solutions with the best tariff. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, as we have concrete evidence showing why MillenniumCryptoMining is a fraud. Once you deposit funds and start using their cloud mining service, it’s the last you will see of it. 

Millennium Crypto Mining is enticing users with its website design. According to the homepage, they claim to get the results done. However, some clients are angered by the results.

After buying hash power from the platform, they were expecting to make a profit after three months. Instead, when the vesting period ended, most of them were locked out of their accounts. And they still can’t withdraw funds even to this day.

To get a head start in the crypto world, you need to invest in reliable and transparent platforms. Therefore, it’s best to go with Coin Staking, DeFi, and Masternoding as part of the profit expansion process. Today’s successful crypto investor is using these methods to grow sustainable profits.

What we can offer is the truth regarding Millennium Crypto Mining; avoid it at all costs. The platform is without a doubt a problem for Crypto miners. But, once you deposit funds, the platform, that’s the end of it.

Available services

MillenniumCryptoMining offers six different services. These include Crypto Consultancy, Mining, servers, Mining hardware, tax consultancy, and related services.

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Crypto consultancy

Millennium Cloud Mining also claims to offer crypto consultancy services. These include answering all questions relating to crypto. It’s funny they mention this as their customer support is weak.

Crypto Mining services

The platform offers miners crypto mining services. It’s their primary service, better known as cloud mining service. For those who can’t afford to buy miners, you can purchase or rent hashrate from the platform.

Crypto-Related services

What these services remain a mystery to us. There’s no indication of what other services the platform offers to investors. And that sums up the whole experience with

Energy Consultancy for Mining Solutions

There’s the call to have crypto mining lower their energy cost. The platform claims to have a solution to it. An efficient energy structure is what this platform claims to bring to the table. Unfortunately, there’s not much to go on with this service, leaving us with more questions than answers.

Mining serves and racks solutions.

If you have your own mining hardware, the platform offers mining servers. In addition, the platform promises active tracking and energy cost minimization. Sadly, not everyone agrees with their services.

Becoming a member

There are traps set by the platform to harvest banking data from users. Those who make deposits with FIAT are the main target. Once you register, the platform will wait until you decide to withdraw funds.

Withdrawing funds for the first time requires a verification procedure. It’s during this procedure that the platform asks for verification documents. These documents include a copy of your ID, bank statements, and credit card details.

If you ask why they want these documents, the platform maintains it is to protect funds. We don’t understand this process as they can send emails with links or SMS codes. Why the platform is going to this extent remains unknown.

Manish Anika is a cybersecurity expert and warns users from engaging with such platforms. The terms of service don’t allow the platform to sell private information. And yet, once you send them your email contact, you start getting spam emails from marketing agents.

What’s clear is that the platform is selling your information to the highest bidder. In most cases, they will sell your information to affiliate marketers. As a result, you will notice a rise in emails from products and services you haven’t subscribed to.

Business owner

Millennium Crypto Mining Services Offered

Apart from claiming to have extensive business, the platform fails to mention the key players. You are signing up and depositing funds to an anonymous website. No Crypto expert in Spain has heard of this platform.

And this is another reason why we have our doubts regarding the use of this platform. Anonymity is a serious risk as there’s no way of contacting the owners. So it would be best if you had the name of the person responsible for the platform and your investment.

Customer support MillenniumCryptoMining

There’s an expectation from cloud mining service providers to meet. Therefore, each service provider should be available on call. Surprisingly, the platform doesn’t have any live chat or direct contact. Instead, you can only send an email and wait for a response.

You don’t get any guarantees that the platform will heed your call. There’s a high chance the platform will ignore your contact. The only time they respond is when you inquire as to an interested party to their services.

Domain records ( review)

Thanks to domain records, we can tell when a website started operating. Records indicate the website has been active for 1,334 days as we publish this post. The exact date the website went live was on November 10, 2017. 

Their IP address is in Madrid, which confirms their physical address. We still have questions as to whether this is their actual whereabouts. The platform could be using this avenue to target naive investors from Spain and regions close to it.

Pros and Cons of MillenniumCryptoMining

Delay in releasing payments

If you have invested with the platform, withdrawing funds should be a concern. The platform will keep your money for over three months. Only a handful of users have managed to withdraw funds with the platform.

These users were among the first members of the platform. Some of them own mining equipment and sell their hashrates to other users. Those who joined recently don’t get to enjoy this perk. The platform holds withdrawals without giving a reason.

Low Profitability Miners MillenniumCryptoMining

Although the platform claims to have their own miners, they bring in almost zero profits. The platform is unable to get recent miners that offer more hash rates. And this is the reason miners get less profit.

With profits dwindling, the platform is genuinely unable to share profits. In a month, some users claim to get $10 in profit from mining Bitcoin. That’s almost #120 in a year; considering they block withdrawals, it’s not worth it. 

MillenniumCryptoMining Mining Equipment

Safety of funds with MillenniumCryptoMining

Security of funds is out of the question with this platform. No one gets to withdraw funds on time, and the platform does not segregate accounts. You also don’t get any security cover for deposits made.

The platform ought to provide insurance cover for users who deposit funds and vest for a certain period. That’s the only way to ensure the safety of funds. Hiring recovery agents to get back your funds is a lost cause.

These agents don’t have the mandate to freeze accounts or track down transactions.

Bottom line

Judging by what we see, the only way to protect our readers is to add MillennumCryptoMining to our blacklist. 

The only way to invest safely is to use transparent platforms with a proven track record.

If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to email us.

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