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Nebeus Loan is a fully-fledged Cryptocurrency platform with several services under its wing. It offers a wide array of services, including crypto wallets, crypto-based loans, trading crypto, and savings accounts. The platform has a stable online reputation with a few disparaging comments. Overall, the platform seems to offer reliable services. With the platform fairly new, crypto users will want more information on the platform. Many crypto investors haven’t heard of it. Learn more in our detailed and thorough NEBEUS LOAN Review.

Nebeus Review

A proven way of investing in Crypto is what every investor is looking for. Finding the right partner to help with your crypto investment can be a daunting task. That’s why we have found the best option for crypto investment. These platforms have been tested and come highly trusted by the crypto community. Make the right decision and start using credible platforms that improve your chances. It’s what successful crypto investors have been using over the years.

About Nebeus Loan

Nebeus Loan is a new crypto platform that experts see as easy to understand and use. It’s also a wallet that allows users to store Crypto and Nebeus tokens. The platform started by offering lending services through P2P.

Later, the platform integrated with SPEA payment options. In 2017, they started rolling their third platform, which included Ethereum. By 2018, the platform was welcoming its 40,000 users marking a milestone.

Over time, has integrated MasterCard Pay in Pay Out and automated KYC. By early 2020, the platform incorporated Visa Pay in Pay Out. The platform went a notch further and introduced cash-in-cash out at retail points.

It was the same time that mobile top-ups were enabled, making it a one-of-a-kind crypto platform. According to their mission, they want to bridge the gap between cash and Crypto.

Available services on offer

The platform offers five major crypto services to investors. These include a crypto wallet, buying and selling crypto, cold storage, crypto loans, and savings accounts. What investors want to know is whether it’s worth jumping in.

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With scam artists prowling the crypto world, it’s better to know the facts. Just like most crypto platforms, has its pitfalls. Everything is not rosy,, and they do have some issues to work on.

Benefits of taking out Crypto Nebeus loan

With this platform, users get a substantial loan-to-value (LVT) ratio. How low is their LVT ratio? It’s one of the lowest and comes in 72 percent, climbing to 80 percent. The platform offers one of the highest LTV ratios in the market.

Flexibility is also available as users can extent loan terms. You can pay the entire value of the loan at your convenience. This is another selling point of their loan services. Is it viable, and won’t clients refuse to make payments?

Before jumping in, you need to do your homework. Although it looks and sounds amazing, there are some hidden terms and conditions. It’s best to educate yourself regarding the Crypto world. Finding the right platform means knowing your way around the terms and conditions.

Get a crypto loan provider with a high loan-to-value ratio. It’s where Nebeus beats all other platforms, thanks to their high ratio.

Cost, fees, and speeds

User Experience

With the wallet offering free cold storage for Crypto, coins are securely kept offline. The platform does not charge fees for cold storage. Investors should note that there are fees when making transactions.

Depositing is free, but withdrawal comes at a fee of around 2.5 percent + 0.80 EUR. When calculating in crypto, the fee comes to 0.0005BTC for withdrawing Bitcoin. That’s a bit on the high end, making withdrawals costly.

Transfer fee is another grey area where investors need to understand. Transferring fees between users on the platform is free and instant. Other transactions come with a 24 hour waiting period. Delays in moving Crypto are at times longer depending on how busy the blockchain is.

There’s no limit as to how much your wallet can hold. The platform, however, sets maximum daily/monthly deposit limits.

Limits depend on the verification levels of your accounts. The minimum deposit is set at $250 per month, and the highest is $550,000 monthly.

All crypto exchanges apply fees on each transaction. Crypto trading incurs a fee of 0.30 percent on the traded amount. There are no commissions for trading or inactivity. It’s the same as using an online broker in terms of fees. The advantage is that no one incurs inactivity fees.

Customer Support

From our experience with the website, there was no way of directly contacting support. And this is a huge concern. Any exchange platform should provide direct access to investors. With this platform, you can’t email, make a call, or chat with live agents.

It’s one of the reasons we are afraid to open an account. The only available option is submitting a support ticket which might take ages for a response.

Creating an Account with Nebeus Loan

Signing up with the platform is easy, and the process takes less than ten minutes to complete. You need to fill in your email, name, and password. The platform also requires users to state their Country of origin.

According to their terms and conditions, the platform is owned by Rintral Trading SL. The terms and conditions state the mother company is incorporated in Spain. Investors in America won’t be allowed to sign up.

Educational resources

Nebeus Pricing

The platform does an impressive job of having an insightful educational page. You can find the educational material in their support section. Here, users get useful how-to guides including how to navigate the website.

Most users have a problem with the number of coins supported by the platform. Nebeus only supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Nebeus Token. It leaves too much to be desired.

Nebeus Loan Loan License and Registration

No, Nebeus does not hold any valid license from any recognized financial body. Even FINRA does not recognize this platform. The platform claims to follow banking standard ALM and KYC guidelines willingly.

There’s a claim that they self-policy which is a huge concern. Even though Crypto is not regulated, loan service providers must have some regulation. Without any regulation, we reserve our right to sign up.

Another issue with the platform is the lack of a backup option. With 98 percent of coins stored in cold storage, backup is not available. And this can prove a huge security risk in the event the website faces attacks.

Hackers will try their luck by attacking the wallets when users deposit or withdraw. When this happens, users will likely lose their coins. The platform itself might fail to account for coins when in cold storage.

Platform available on Nebeus Loan

You can access the cold storage wallet on all devices. The platform supports Android, IOS, and web-based devices. Even crypto banking options are available on these devices. Users can use the wallet on all these devices.

When it comes to the country, the platform offers its services, and they boast of 100 countries. The truth is that the platform is not available to American citizens. It’s due to the lack of proper regulation.

Pros and Cons of Nebeus Loan

The pros include having an all-in-one crypto wallet, bank, exchange, and lender. 98 percent of client coins are held in cold storage. It minimizes theft from crypto heists and other security loopholes.

There’s a two-factor and authentication method that comes with a unique PIN for withdrawal.

Some of the cons include having no regulation, which is a major concern. There are limited crypto options; the platform only supports three coins.

There’s a minimum withdrawal limit set at $1,500, with all withdrawals carrying a fee.

Safety and security of funds with Nebeus Loan

Renting Crypto with Nebeus

When it comes to security features, does not disappoint. A 2-factor authentication method validates all transactions. To get a wallet, you need to verify your account within 3 days. Members have to submit an ID, Photo, and utility bill with proof of address.

Our Verdict

From our view, Nebeus is a complete Crypto platform; without regulation, we suggest you exercise caution. Most users are going for loans and not the other services. It’s recommended for crypto loans as it uses its charm for this service.

Our experience shows these platforms are the best for crypto investment. They offer sound services and have a proven track record.

It’s time you make the bold decision and use recommended platforms tested by experts.

Can I hold FIAT currency with Nebeus

Yes, users can hold EURO, Pound, or USD in their wallets

Who owns Nebeus

The two guys who own Nebeus are Konstantin Zaripov and Sergey Romanoviskiy. Nebeus was founded in 2014.

Can I transfer funds from Nebeus to PayPal?

For now, members can only use debit and credit cards to withdraw funds.

Can I send funds from Coinbase to Nebeus?

Yes, you can. Choose the send option in your Crypto wallet and fill in the information. A QR code is used to verify the transaction.

How does Nebeus make money

The platform makes money by interest and fees on loans and transactions

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