Niwix Review: a Blacklisted Crypto Scam


Niwix is a scam that will leave many high and dry. The brokers allegedly only deliver the best results. It has shares infamous companies.  Therefore, they enjoy low risks and high ROI. The alleged organizations are also trustworthy.

The entity does not show any visible proof of trading. Additionally, the venture states it has partnered with Bitcoin,, Bit ExchanGe, Crypto Forest, and ICO Agency. Unfortunately, this ploy has been used in the past by many fraudsters.

They feature false information to cloud the minds of traders. Investors will think that the entity is solid. However, the sad reality is that the broker is operating on its own accord. Hence, they don’t have a license or partnership with the above corporates.

Moreover, the venture is also launching a Niwix digital currency. The reputable and legit cryptocurrency exchanges have not listed this token. The biggest mistake an investor can make is investing in a worthless coin.

Unlike Bitcoin, you cannot trade with a scam currency. It does not have value in the market. Therefore, it only leads to huge losses. We strongly advise you don’t purchase Niwix coin. There are thousands of legit tokens in the market. Review

Niwix makes its income by engaging in various services. The venture proclaims it’s a private firm operating independently. They work together with companies that mining cryptos, transport raw materials, gold, diamond, and nickel, buying and selling digital coins.

The platform diversifies its risks. Moreover, the broker brags that it has been in the industry for several years. The experience has won them multiple advantages. It increases their returns and ensures stable returns.

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Unfortunately, Niwix does not show any proof or trading results to redeem its reputation. The entity expects us to believe their lame words. Once you check the platform registration, the status surprise will kick in.

The company was registered in May 2020. The domain will expire in 2022. The experience that the entity is bragging about is vague. Scammers claim that they want to resolve the drawdown facing the crypto market.

However, they don’t achieve the stated mission because their only focus is defrauding clients. If you care about your safety walk away from this company. The platform features false information. It proves they will do anything to win the hearts of investors.

Features of the Broker

The company does not show a clear picture of how they generate high ROI. They mention the names of big companies but this is not enough proof. The firm lacks transparency and without seeing their performance we recommend you look for better alternatives.

Niwix claims to be a multi-national platform. Nonetheless, they are violating multiple regulatory rules. The entity does lack a license that can prove its legitimacy. Their clients don’t stand a chance of increasing liquidity. Review, Niwix.or g Features

Moreover, the suspicious entity is capable of withholding payment. The venture claims that Bolton corporate wants to reach more audiences. Therefore, it formed Niwix to cater to small investors. The corporate owns the majority of the entity’s shares.

The ICO of their token has already stated. Investors can purchase the coin via Litecoin, Ethereum, or Bitcoin. The value of 1 NWX is 1 Pound. The minimum transaction that you can purchase is 100 NWX.

The ICO of the token was supposed to end on May 20. However, up to now, the currency is not featured in CoinMarketCap. This is enough proof that the tokens are worthless. The company realized that it was not making sales. Therefore, it decided to up its game and launch worthless coins. The road map of Niwix is a complete joke. The platform has not achieved any milestone.

Regulation Status of

The platform is an offshore platform. The alleged investment scheme violates the rules of several regulatory bodies in the industry. There is no certainty with an unregulated firm. The firm can choose to disappear from the market without giving notice.

Investors will wake up one day and fail to access the website. Ponzi schemes advertise their fraudulent activities heavily on social media. Their focus is to win more sales. Niwix claims to be based in Estonia. Therefore, it must comply with EU law since Estonia is a part of the European Union.

Furthermore, the Italian government has issued a warning against Niwix. The CONSOB blacklist the entity from offering financial services to its citizen. If you proceed to venture with the scam you will have yourself to blame when the obvious happens.

The broker should deposit capital of 730K EUR before kick-starting their operation. The funds are usually used to compensate investors in case of insolvency. The regulatory body also ensures investment firms are transparent.

The brokers must present the account managers’ information. Moreover, their operational area must also be revealed. Last but not least an entity must present its daily report to the financial watchdog. It helps in ensuring that they don’t conduct illegal activities with the investors’ funds. I best to check on brokers whether it is regulated.

Contact Details

Niwix Ltd and Pro Token OU manage the company. The office address of the entity is Harju Maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna Linnaosa, Roosikrantsi tn 2-K419 10119 Estonia. The venture can only be reached via email.

They don’t have a phone number which eliminates a quick response. Additionally, such brokers tend to ignore the emails of clients. The venture is after exploiting traders. Therefore, offering professional and reliable support is not their mission.

Niwix is a scam that generates a fake address to appear transparent. Once you start going after them you will be surprised. The corporate names that the entity features are also anonymous. After conducting thorough research we found them nowhere on the face of the earth.

Why trust such a shady platform with your personal data? You risk exposing your information to scammers and they can sell it to a third party. Invest with legit companies and knows the importance of offering professional support.

Is Niwix Legit or Not?

The platform is not legit and does not offer fund safety. The venture is accepting funds via cryptocurrency. Therefore, you will not know the owner of the address that you deposit funds. Moreover, the platform does not have a license.

Niwix is not working with a bank. You risk the safety of your money by engaging with this broker. The company is able to abuse the rules of trading set by the financial watchdog. They are using false information to win over customers. Stay away from this obvious Ponzi scheme.

Final Verdict

Niwix is a company that cold calls potential investors. These con artists are convincing and once you buy their financial narrative you will end up giving the money. The manipulative scammers are tactical. Furthermore, they have perfected their experience of stealing from innocent clients.

Sharing your personal data can result in the con artist stealing your identity. It can lead you to more trouble. The Ponzi scheme shall keep on asking for more money from you. If you make losses they will want funds to recover the lost amount.

Additionally, they still want more funds even after making profits. Unfortunately, once you request a withdrawal you shall only make losses. Instead of wasting time with Niwix we recommend you trade with reputable cryptocurrency trading companies. They have established themselves with great accomplishments over the years.

Is Niwix Licensed?

No. The CONSOB regulatory body blacklist the venture.

What the location of Niwix?

The broker features a fake address. Their real locale is anonmyous.

Can I get quality customer support from Niwix?

No. The entity does not have qualified support.

Are fund safe at Niwix?

No. Find a legit company that has a license.

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