Pacitrade Review: A Disrespectful Ponzi Scheme


Pacitrade is a riveting investment platform. The company purports it is dealing with crypto trading activities. However, the variety show this is a nasty scam that does not offer investment services or products.

The platform alleged spotlight is to generate passive income for its clients. The customers can use the time they would have been trading for other purposes. Unfortunately, we do not believe the entity is after making anyone rich. They will exploit you, leaving you high and dry.

Pacitrade Review, Pacitrade Company

Pacitrade proclaims that it provides a risk-free experience. Additionally, clients can also diversify their risks by exploiting multiple cryptos. There are also multiple plans that one can choose from depending on their taste.

Sadly, this Ponzi scheme does not trade digital currencies or any other assets. The company nonetheless brags it uses the latest technology. It is a confusing platform that allegedly also ventures in energy. They do not shed light on their specialization.

You can trade with the best cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. They are dedicated to providing the best services. They feature multiple assets, and the testimonials from their customers prove their legitimacy. Review

The kind of returns Pacitrade is offering is beyond what their competitors present. This shows that the company is to no good. They will leave clients high and dry once the scammers realize no returns are coming their way.

The least amount of money to cash in is $50. The platform offers a daily ROI of 0.085 that translates to 4.7% within 55 days. The illegal firm violates rules set by the government to protect traders. Multiple red flags surround the venture.

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Pacitrade interface is poor, and once you try to learn more about their business, you shall be redirected to the homepage repeatedly. Furthermore, the broker only accepts funds via BTC. It is dangerous to deposit via cryptocurrency, especially when dealing with anonymous schemes.

Please do not get us wrong; cryptocurrency payments have endless advantages. You can send money instantaneously. The transactions cost are also less compared to fiat currency. However, scammers misuse digital coins by concealing their identities.

You won’t be able to know the person that receives the funds. Pacitrade is a proven scam. The real owners of the platform are also anonymous. Once this platform exit the industry, there is nowhere to run to. How can you go after people that their location is unknown and their faces unrevealed?

Pacitrade Mode of Operation

Unfortunately, the technique that Pacitrade is using is undisclosed. The broker is not trading and cannot certain paying customers. Eventually, the number of investors signing up will reduce drastically. The company won’t be able to process the withdrawal.

The platform will close down. The money of the trader will be trapped in the venture. You can avoid this by staying away from Pacitrade. Multiple entities are providing professional services in the market.

Pacitrade Locale and Support

The actual location of the broker is an unresolvable mystery. The platform does not care to leave an address behind. Imagine providing your phone number, email and verifying your data to these crooks.

The company provides an email address and a phone number to purport that the firm is operating from the USA. Unfortunately, the information is false. You will not be able to trace the venture.

Pacitrade is targeting traders from across the world. Approach them with caution. They are tactical, and endless phone calls shall follow once you provide your data. The moment you deposit money, the firm will blacklist you.

Look for a venture with sound customer support. An entity that will not walk out on you when you need it the most. The broker is surrounded by uncertainty. Therefore, make sure that you trade with cautiousness.

Regulation and Registration

Having being based in the United States, the broker ought to comply with the NFA. The company is an outlaw that does not care about anyone’s needs. Pacitrade does not present a financial statement to validate the results it advertises.

Additionally, the company is not working with a bank. The money investors’ deposit goes straight to the con artists’ pockets. There is no segregation of accounts. The entity lacks transparency, and its legitimacy is in question.

The people that are running the organization are doing it behind the closed door. The financial watchdogs ensure that the people running an investment scheme are qualified. There is no professionalism in Pacitrade.

You need to be wary of anonymous brokers. Most of them do not survive long in the industry. You will only leave a deficit figure in your pocket if you choose to give them the benefit of the doubt. Trade wisely!

False Clients Testimonials

Pacitrade uses an obvious ploy to deceive investors. The broker insinuates that people are making money using this venture. There are several contradicting statements left behind. Newbies claim they have earned massive returns from this broker. Review, Testimonials

All the testimonials perceive this as an ideal broker with the capacity to generate high returns to clients. The reality is that you are only going to get losses if you trust this scam. Some fraudsters even go a further mile of paying people to review them on third-party websites.

Do not be surprised if you encounter adverts online or on various social media platforms. At the end of the day, the markets will receive their cut and carry on with their business. Unfortunately, you will encounter losses.

Is Pacitrade Legit or Not?

All the evidence shows that Pacitrade is a Ponzi scheme. Their mode of payment does not create confidence. Investors cannot issue a chargeback with this broker. The investment plans are also exaggerated and way beyond what other companies are offering.

Additionally, we are yet to receive information showing clients are earning from this firm. The entity allegedly outsources payment daily. Hence, we should be able to see several people claiming to receive funds.

Moreover, it an undebatable fact that all digital currencies are volatile. Therefore, it is impossible for traders not to feel the impact. You can earn money using cryptocurrency, but there are both good and bad times. The fluctuation in price affects everyone.

Pacitrade states there are no charges. However, it is only a naive person who can believe an anonymous firm. They are capable of withholding your money. You cannot report them to the authority. This is because the venture is an outlaw operating on its own accord.

The legitimacy of the venture is in question. The entity only speaks big words and makes unattainable promises. Moreover, once it comes to providing the necessary evidence, Pacitrade shies away. They have nothing to prove.

Final Verdict

Pacitrade is a platform that does not professional customer support. The entity is a Ponzi scheme that collects funds illegally from clients. They even feature fake testimonials to win over more people. The broker will do anything to get more customers.

Their benefits are luring but false. The exploiting entity shall only leave you high and dry. The domain name shows that the company does not have a trading history. The founder should have tried winning the confidence of investors by displaying their results.

You should only trade with reputable cryptocurrency exchanges. These companies are the best in the world and even featured in Coinmarketcap. Additionally, investors should exploit the market by select trustworthy and transparent firms.

Does Pacitrade have a license?

Unfortunately, the broker is operating illegally.

What is the location of Pacitrade?

The company is operating anonymously. Their real location remains unknown.

Does Pacitrade offer fund safety?

No. The company displays several red flags. Your information and money are at high risk.

Does Pacitrade offer the best customer support services?

No. The company being a scam will only respond when it is convenient for them.

Are investors making money with Pacitrade company?

No. There is no proof of payment from any of their customers.

Are the positive reviews online reliable?

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