Pionex Review: A Credible Crypto Exchange Platform


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Pionex is the world’s first Cryptocurrency trading platform with in-built trading bots. For traders interested in using automated Crypto bots, this is the platform of choice. Pionex.com is a Singapore-based platform that operates under the BitUniverse Company. It goes to show how reliable the platform is thanks to the experienced team. With this platform, you get a total of 12 bots to work with. These bots offer a different array of strategies fit for every market. Learn more in our detailed PIONEX Review.

Pionex Review

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About Pionex

Founded in 2019, the platform is one of the best markets for crypto bots. We find the platform highly engaging and have received several praises from users. Once you land on the homepage, you realize that the platform is easy to use.

Navigating through the website offers users an appetite for trading. All information is available thanks to the easy web design, and you won’t get lost.

Even though the broker is not well known, they do have a high ranking and trust score. The platform is already a best seller in Asia and parts of Europe.

Crypto traders hail the bots for various algorithms and compatibility with market conditions. The platform offers bots that capture every possible market condition. With over 10 bots to choose from, it makes the platform one of a kind.

Automate your trading

The reason why bots are the best go-to for trading is the automatic feature. Even newbies who don’t have a clue about crypto trading can use these bots. With the automatic feature, you can leave the bot to trade on your behalf.

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Pionex offers some bots that trade 24/7 on behalf of the user. It’s a match made in heaven as you only wait for the bot to make a profit for you. Automatic crypto trading bots will help all classes of investors.

With a volume of approximately $30 daily volume, pionex.com is a force to reckon with. The platform does not charge any monthly fees, unlike other bot service providers. As a trader, you only get a charge of 0.05 percent trading fee.

It’s one of the most affordable platforms to use. The bots accommodate all classes of investors. Depositing and withdrawing fees depend on the terms and conditions of your wallet provider.

Pionex supports 5 exchanges. There’s no trial period as the bots are free to use. Members can test the bots using demo accounts and get to see them in action. It’s an incentive from the developers to test the bots before making any commitments.

These robots offer users a chance to see them in action. It gives the user confidence to search for which bot works best for them. These bots offer multiple currency support with partnership programs available.

Available Crypto Trading Bots on Pionex

Pionex.com review

Dollar-cost Averaging

It has to be one of the simplest strategies for trading. Data shows 90 percent of traders would be in a better position if they used this strategy. Most traders use this strategy to invest long-term in Bitcoin and Ethereum. It’s also less risky when investing in Altcoins, making it a favorite strategy amongst crypto traders.

Grid Trading Bot

The bot profits from the up and down price movements in the market. Traders set a price range, and the bot does the rest. Grid trading bot makes it easy to gain passive and stable profit with low risk.

With the volatile crypto market, this is one of the best bots to use as it helps avoid emotional decisions. The maximum number of grids to set is 150 but, the platform plans to increase this to 500. 30 bots per trading pair is the maximum number of grids allowed for separate trades.

Infinity grid bot

A premium version of the grid trading bot, infinity grid bot offers a perfect example of safety. With this strategy, traders don’t have to worry about exceeding set grid parameters. It helps users buy low and sell high and ensures the number of assets remains the same.

Leveraged Grid Bot

The strategy is new in the market and leverages investments to magnify profits. It combines the lending market scene and allows users to leverage the principal for higher profit. Once you set the parameters, the bot will immediately start trading on your behalf.

Leverage Reversed Grid Bot

This strategy multiplies invested assets by leverage and directly amplifies profit margins. It’s a combination of leverage and uses the notion ‘sell first, buy later.’

Margin Grid Bot

It combines typical grid strategies with the lending market and allows traders to lock in their assets. Traders get the chance to lock up their funds as collateral. A trader can also long or short with a margin grid bot.

The bot is ideal for advanced traders who profit from the trending market. These traders don’t have to risk their long-term holding position.

Reverse Grid Bot

The strategy helps users accumulate coins when prices drop. Traders sell their prices at the current level and repurchase them when the prices drop.

Spot Futures Arbitrage Bot

With coin prices surging 15 percent and more, most traders use the arbitrage bot to catch crypto volatility. The availability of perpetual futures contracts makes the crypto market ever volatile.

Trailing Take Profit Bot

This is a perfect strategy for those who sell assets and find the price continuing to rise. It would be best if you used this bot to avoid this scenario. The strategy helps traders sell close to the top of a pump thus, maximizing profits.


It’s a sophisticated way of buying and selling than simply executing single trading orders. Whales use the strategy to execute large orders without affecting the market price.

Features available on Pionex

Features of Pionex

Ease of use

Black and white colors prevail as the background of Pionex.com. Even a novice will find all links with ease. Buttons are highlighted with the Orange color, and the interface and app are user-friendly.

Exchange platforms

Pionex is offering five exchanges at the moment. These exchanges include Binance, BitFinex, BitMex, Huobi, and OKEx.

Operating system

Pionex offers traders on the go the chance to continue trading. The app is compatible with Android and IOS devices. Traders can also use the platform’s web portal and get the same services. Both of the versions are bug-free, making it a commendable trading platform.


The platform is showing growth potential. There’s no denying the fact that traders are looking for a variety of trading strategies. With over 12 bots, you can rest assured of making reasonable profit margins.

Security with Pionex

Throughout its history, Pionex has not seen a case of a data breach. They provide a safe environment for traders as they aggregate liquidity from Binance and Huobi. With the platform enjoying the backing of BitUniverse, security should not be a concern.

Is Pionex.com Licensed or Registered?

Opening an account with Pionex

Pionex is a registered platform making it a user-friendly option. Traders rest assured there’s oversight within the platform.

Scam or legit Pionex

The platform is completely legit and offers sustainable bot solutions. We give it a four out of the five-star ranking.

Bottom line

We highly recommend using Pionex.com when choosing bot strategies. Get to enjoy several crypto-led bot strategies when trading with Cryptocurrency.

For those looking for bots when dealing with Forex, we have you covered. Check out the most recommended forex bots.

Our team wishes you the best in your trading journey.

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