Prance Gold Review: is Another Crypto Ponzi Scheme


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Prance Gold is a crypto company that is claiming to provide a wide range of crypto mining and trading opportunities. The website of this company,, also tries to convince the users to trust the platform due to its numerous useful features. 

There are many other such crypto companies that have turned out to be just a common Ponzi scheme. Therefore, we will be reviewing Prance Gold in detail in this article so that you can make a smart choice about whether you should invest in it. 

What is Prance Gold?

Prance Gold is mainly operating in the crypto industry. also gives detailed information about the working procedures of the company and why it was established in the first place. The company is claiming to have offices in about nine countries all over the world. 

The primary reason behind this kind of expansion in such a short amount of time is the fact that Prance Gold has been facing registration and licensing issues in China. Even though it is claiming to be registered with international regulatory authorities, further research shows there is no proof of such claims. 

Owner of Prance Gold states that Andre Gerald is the CEO of the company. The marketing videos of Prance Gold also show a man pretending to be Andre Gerald. However, external sources and even the videos also indicate that the man is actually an actor. 

There are no social media profiles of Andre Gerald who might be associated with Prance Gold. It points to the fact that the company is hiding the name of the people behind this platform. It is a very common practice among different types of MLM schemes and crypto Ponzi schemes. 

Generally, people are willing to trust the companies that provide solid background information and history of the team behind the Prance Gold. However, this company is trying to gain benefits from this exact tactic and providing fake information to seem like a legit platform. 

Prance Gold

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Domain Insights

Prance Gold is presenting itself as a popular name in the crypto industry. However, the registration of shows that the website was registered in February 2020. It simply means that this is a new company and not a well-established platform like it is claiming to be. 

The analysis of the website shows that Japan is contributing the highest amount of traffic to Moreover, the default settings of the website also show that the company is mainly targeting users in Japan as all of its settings are in Japanese. It is likely that the company is lying about having offices in multiple countries. 

Joining Prance Gold

Prance Gold is asking for a massive amount of at least $1000 investment from the users. This is a huge amount, especially when you consider the fact that is a new platform. You can submit this payment in the form of both USD, bitcoin, or tether. It means that the company is trying to collect as much payment as it can, so it is accepting payment in various forms. 

Income Structure of Prance Gold

The income structure of Prance Gold makes it clear that it is nothing more than a simple crypto Ponzi scheme. The business model of the company is similar to any other Ponzi scheme that tries to get as much investment as possible before its eventual collapse. promises the following profits to make people invest in the platform:

  • Spend $1000 to $4999 to get a profit of up to 300%
  • Spend $5000 to $9999 to get a profit of up to 400%
  • Invest $10,000 to $29,999 to get a profit of up to 500%
  • Invest $30,000 or more to get a profit of up to 600%

The company claims that it will be providing you with 0.9% profits per day. However, the entire business model is extremely confusing. For instance, at one place, the company is claiming that you will have to keep investing in the company at different stages. 

It simply means that Prance Gold wants its affiliate members to keep providing funds so that the company can keep operating. It does not seem to have any kind of sustainable model through which it can generate funds via external sources.

Therefore, you should not invest in this Prance Gold. Instead, a reliable option for you will be to invest in crypto cloud mining companies. These mining companies provide safe and secure mining services so that you can generate a large number of profits via reliable and efficient crypto mining.

Residual Commissions

Residual commissions play an integral role in The website claims that the members of the company will be able to make a large amount of money on the following basis:

  • Recruit at least one affiliate to earn residual commissions on three-team levels
  • Recruit at least two affiliates to earn residual commissions on five team levels
  • Hire at least three affiliates to earn residual commissions on ten team levels
  • Hire at least four affiliates to earn residual commissions on fifteen team levels
  • Recruit at least five affiliates to earn residual commissions on twenty team levels
  • Recruit at least six affiliates to earn residual commissions on twenty-five team levels

Other Bonuses

Prance Gold is claiming to provide a wide range number of other bonuses like monthly volume bonuses and rank rewards to attract more users. However, the company fails to provide any substantial information about these kinds of bonuses. It is highly possible that is only claiming to have these features and bonuses to entice people in investing in the company. 

Even if you generate some money from Prance Gold, it will not be substantial, and you will have to keep reinvesting in the company. This kind of investment is not suitable because you will not be making any substantial profits in the long run.


The background of Prance Gold shows that it is a highly suspicious platform. You cannot trust this company to provide any substantial profits. Moreover, it is highly possible that the company is lying about being a well-established company in various countries. 

Instead, all of the present evidence points to the fact that is running out of Japan. It is a crypto Ponzi scheme that is trying to make people invest in the company by making false promises. 

The business model of Prance Gold is not sustainable because it heavily relies on the fee of the affiliates. The company is asking for a huge amount of at least $1000, which is a too big amount for such kind of crypto company. is also claiming that it is registered with major regulatory authorities. 

However, there is no proof of such claims. There are no records of this company in Japan’s Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission or in the databases of other such financial regulators. This points to the fact that is lying about being a legitimate platform. 

Therefore, it can be concluded that Prance Gold will eventually collapse due to lack of recruitment. If you invest in this company, you will end up losing a lot of money as you will be giving at least $1000. 

If you do not want to waste your money on scams like Prance Gold, you should consider checking out the crypto mining companies. These companies have been operating in the crypto industry for a long time now. As a result, they can provide reliable mining services so that you can generate a maximum amount of profits. 

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